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  1. 1. A nanny and domestic services referral company 877-553-4231
  2. 2. How to find a great Housekeeper Finding a great Housekeeper in San Diego can be a difficult task. Using a reputable agency to screen is a great tool to be sure you are finding the most qualified talent.
  3. 3. Resources available (options) Here is a list of resources that can be used as options when hiring a San Diego Housekeeper: Print advertising (Union Tribune) Craigslist Penny Saver Referrals Local organizations like churches and community centers
  4. 4. What questions to ask Why do you enjoy Housekeeping as a profession? What other types of positions have you had? What was the reason you left each positions? Do you still have a relationship with the families you worked for? Can we check your references? What do you think your strongest talents are as a housekeeper?
  5. 5. Make sure to run a background check Run a standard background check including the following: San Diego County Misdemeanor and Felony Any other counties applicable National Criminal File or FBI Database search 7 year address history DMV-Department of Motor Vehicles Search Sexual Offender Registry check Social Security Verification
  6. 6. Have this person worked with children Ask questions that pertain to this persons experience with children if you have children in your home. Make sure to understand their ability to assist and shop for kids and care for their belongings.
  7. 7. Use a professional resource If you do not have the time to conduct your own search contact an agency like Crunch Care. We have locations in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and have been in business for 10 years. 877-553-4231