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How to Build your Teaching Website. Using School In Sites. Navigating to Log In Screen. Ben Hill County Schools Site. Fitzgerald High School Site. Where to Login. How To Login. Enter your school e-mail address Enter the password that was e-mailed to you (first time users only) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How to Build your Teaching Website

How to Build your Teaching WebsiteUsing School In SitesCNavigating to Log In ScreenBen Hill County Schools Site

Fitzgerald High School Site

Where to Login

How To Login

Enter your school e-mail addressEnter the password that was e-mailed to you (first time users only)Change your password to something you will remember (I would keep it the same as your school computer login- First time users only)If you forgot your password you can click on Forgot your password and it will be e-mailed to you.How to change your password

Click on change passwordPut in a new passwordConfirmClick on Change Password

How to use a tutorial video

Two Options:Every section has a video tutorial in the top right corner. When you click on Video Tutorial it open in a new window so you can toggle back and forth. You also have the option to go to Video Training Library and search by topic. How to Get Started

Click on Page Settings on the far left side of the screen.You can change the names of the sections available for students/parents.IMPORTANT: Make sure you check the status box so that it will show. *Only click in the boxes of what you want to show on your website.Make sure to click Save.Adding information to each section

Click on any section in the left hand column to work on. Only sections that are activated in the page settings (see previous slide for information) will appear on your website. Tips for File ManagerCreate specific categories/folders to house assignments/files.The website accepts a wide variety of file types for documents, images, audio, video, or other types of files including flipcharts. A list of acceptable file types are located within file manager. Rename PDF files so that they are specific and shorter than those assigned by Adobe.PDF is a more universal file type which can be accessed by various users. All users do not have Microsoft Office including Word, Publisher, Excel, etc. If you convert your files to PDF you can be assured they can be accessed when students are not on campus. Calendar

You can add any assignments, tests, etc. to your calendar by clicking on the date you want and filling in the information for that particular day.

You can also add a description or link any necessary forms to events you add.

Sponsors, Directors, and CoachesYou will have a teacher website and a website for your activity, club, or sport. If you get calendars to me I can update your calendars for you with events. BHCS is not responsible for information on external sites, however it is a good idea to link sites to your page so that parents can be directed to one place and go from there. General Tips for your WebsiteAlways log out of your website.Your changes are instant, even if you cant see them--- The Public Can!Use the spellcheck inside school in sites.