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<ul><li> 1. How Free technology can help to make you a better math student<br />By: Steve Beaulieu Current High School Math Teacher &amp; Boise State University EdTech Grad Student<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. You have 60 seconds to answer 20 questions<br />Remember those timed tests?<br />Using current technology provides many ways to learn basic math operations <br />Sophisticated softwareprograms<br />Free websites<br />Apps for you IPOD or smartphone<br /> 3. Here are some free web based resources<br />National Library of Virtual Manipulatives<br />AAA Math<br />A Plus Math<br />Math Playground<br />Create a Graph<br />Graph It<br />Stem and Leaf Plotter<br />There is a wealth of free resources available online <br />Plenty more here<br /> 4. Do you ever get stuck on your math homework at home?<br />Did you know some textbooks have online tutorial videos that coincide with each lesson<br />They also have interactive quizzes that give you immediate feedback online<br />What resources?<br />Online Tutorials <br /> 5. You Tube<br />There are many you tube tutorial videos available pertaining to many different math concepts<br />YouTube Simply Adding Fractions<br />You Tube can be a great resource<br />Simply adding fractionsClick on image below to start.<br /> 6. Ever heard of Slideshare?<br />It may be helpful to view a presentation on some material you may have missed or not quite understood from class<br />Search for helpful presentations at<br /><br />View this presentation quadratic equation<br /> 7. Learning Advantages to Online Videos and Other Web Based Learning Material<br />Learning can happen at the learners pace, you can pause and stop videos<br />For some learners online material provides a less threatening environment<br />Videos provide learners with an opportunity to present learning<br />Online learning can be used to meet specific individually based needs<br />Online learning may lead to an increases motivation and or positive attitude toward learning<br /> 8. References<br />Karpinnen, P. (2005). Meaningful Learning with Digital and Online Videos: Theoretical Perspectives.AACE Journal, 13(3), 233-250.<br />Shephard, K. (2003). Questioning, promoting and evaluating the use of streaming video to support student learning. British Journal of Educational Technology, 34(3), 295-308<br /></p>