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  • 1. Motion Things are in motion all around you. When something is in motion, it is moving. motion What is moving here?
  • 2. Speed Objects move at different speeds. Speed is how fast something moves. Both of theses objects are moving. How can you tell if one thing is moving faster that another? Which one is moving faster?
  • 3. How Thingsways. Things may move in different Move An object may move in a straight path. It may move in a curved path. It may go in a circle. It may even move in a zigzag.
  • 4. Time for our thinking caps!! Lesson Review When something is in _______________, it is moving.speedmotionmovement
  • 5. How can speed of objects be different?Objects move at different speeds; some move faster and some move slowly.Some objects jump high, whole other objects jump low.NH
  • 6. What does the speed posted on the sign tell drivers?It tells them when to stop.It tells how big their car is.NH It tells how fast they can drive.
  • 7. What are some different ways an object can move?CircularCurvedZigzagStraightAll included
  • 8. How is motion different from speed? All objects in motion are moving. The speed of an object can be fast or slow.
  • 9. Tell about the motion in this picture.