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Horror Film A2 Media

Horror Film A2 MediaBy Nathan Edser

Genre Mind Map

Abandoned Building SynopsisTravis and his friends decide to investigate an abandoned building rumoured to be haunted! He and his friends are exploring the building when a door shuts on Travis and he becomes stranded from the group. On his venture out of the building he begins hearing strange noises. He begins to feel like hes being followed and comes to the realisation that he isnt alone!

Abandoned House Possible NamesEchoDesertedDamnationSinned House address

Stalker SynopsisAfter a messy breakup from a long term relationship Katy is living the perfect suburban life with her new boyfriend Joel. However after she begins to receive threatening messages from a mysterious figure she begins to feel like she's being watched and slowly descends into a world of paranoia.

Stalker Possible NamesFollowerThe Watcher