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The scene starts with diegetic dialogue of a voiceover with a character describing events that have happened in their house. The tone of the voice creates a sense of fear in the person however we cant see anyone, so cannot see the emotions on their face. A little sinister doll then appears on screen. The doll appears to have wounds on her face , which creates a feeling of danger and leaves the viewer ill at ease. The close up on the dolls eye makes it look like she is looking at us and could imply the doll has life in it.

There is then a long shot of 3 characters who all look uncomfortable. We see this from the girl in the middle constantly fidgeting and playing with her hands which then forms a duality with the viewers emotions watching this scene.

There is then a long shot of the doll, wearing a white long dress which is normally presented as innocence and purity, however this contrasts with horror films as it adds a sense of danger and a threat as the character wearing it is normally a little girl who has evil in her or is possessed.

There is then a flashback of events that happened involving the doll. As the match on action shot shows the two girls coming in their flat a note is found on the floor. A music sting then starts whilst a close up of the note reads out miss me? the note has been written in red crayons. The crayons are associated with children so this could mean the ghosts or demands are children. Also the colour red means danger and blood which could be a theme of death which might occur in the film.

There is then a long shot of the dark corridor which creates a mystery and a unknown atmosphere. There is then a tracking shot as the two girls walk down the corridor to find the doll on the floor, looking up at them. A close up of the dolls hand shows a red crayon in it. This tells us the doll wrote the note but we dont know how.

Another match on action shot shows the two girls entering the room the doll is sitting outside of. The room is dark but is trashed which creates fear. The music sting becomes louder and more aggressive. A point of view shot looks around the room and sees all the scribbling on the walls with the same red crayon.