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Horror film porter

Horror film porter By Ashley Thomas

The title is it in fire colourThis look like the earth in hellIt has the date when it coming out

The image is looking at you. You want to go watch. This because you want see. What he does in this film.The title is lighting and darkIt has the copyright thing and the date it coming out He has a chainsaw 3

The title is in black and white. The text in red. To make it come out on the black background .It look like it in doom day in the background It has the copyright thing and what date when it coming out. With the symbol it make you want to go see what happen in the film

It is making more exciting It have the copyright thing on it and the date it coming out. You can go to Facebook find it.It look like it is a jail of hell. This the hand stick out of the cages.The title is on a knife. It make it look like he is going to kill you. It tell you if its in 3D or 2D What common features in the advert All have date for release some have copyright all have some red text, all have dark colours for atmosphere, blood is a common feature. R.I.P with graves tone is another common feature. Summary of aspects of research used in final productionI liked the red text and included it in my own research. Also I included gravestones and lots of blood. The mask on Texas chainsaw interested me so I included that in my research. I experimented with different text and chose bloodthirsty after looking at silent hill, as it looked like it was starting to drip blood. Horror Poster The Images

Im going to use some of these images because the last one looks like my image I have in my head.I'm going to put my friends head on the little robot I'm going to put this image on a gravestone Colour Im are going to use in my poster

The reds are for the blood The gray is for the gravestone The black is for the background colour This is for the moon colour Colour scheme The text I'm putting in my porterBloody night mare This font is bloodyBloody night mare Bloody night mare Bloody night mare This font is beurkThis font is bloodthirstyThis font is gooeyFlat plan

I put the title at the bottom. Because it looks good The black background brings out the colour i have used in the title and the moon.I used bloodthirstyfont because it looks like blood dripping down

Bloody night mare