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Horror Film ThemesBy: Erica, Bruna Chris and Tyriq

The themes found in are used to scare, thrill and entertain the audience. Horror films centre around the dark of life; the strange, forbidden and alarming events. Themes are the common form of horror films; they are something that is some of the typical themes of horrors include:

RevengeHauntingDemons and exorcismSerial killersReligious BeliefGhostGoreThemes notably turn into sub genres within horror films.

Example of theme: Serial KillerFilm: Scream (1996)

Film: Psycho (1960)Film: Halloween (1978)

Theme: Demons and Exorcism

Film: The Exorcist (1973)Film: The Conjuring (2013)Film: The Possession (2012)

In our opening our two main chosen themes are revenge and possession.

Themes of our opening