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1. 05.04.2015HOOSIER DESK Jasper Arts and Culture Complex JASPER,INDIANALANDSCAPE CONCEPTS4- LAWNIGARDEN .POTENTIAL COURTYARD2. CENTRAL COURTYARD"! =5'~', v div, _I ( . .51'--r**' %/ *' .4!Ground inc. 4. POTENTIAL COURTYARD In order to bring natural light into portions of the complex some selec- tive demolition is neces- sary lf the central bay of the eastern portion of the complex were to be removed,it would be possible to create another open space This courtyard would be designed to respond to the programs of the ad- iacent buildings,wheth- er they be an outdoor library space,an art event space.a maker space",a res. din. f-al courtyard.or 5L: lV~' thing not yet iir igir-~? 5. The potential area indi cated as lawn and gar den borders the com- plex on the north sideand _is adjacent to the parking lot,This area could serve as an ad- ditional entrance to the complex and feature a different type of quieter landscape that responds to its specic site.The character could be that of a simple lawn with an elegant row of trees.an outdoor dining patio. or even a carefully de- signed edible garden 6. Mill StreetConceptual Space Planning .t 4th Street 3 t_ , _,.. Y _,9~. ; *_". .__, _,. _.__, . .1 ' " stmaiiel sum I' sun .ue .. WW Recervmu Young Mlth._ '.. '. izauiuyng Admts % 7 j __ i .wow Computers * I _ l room. - 3 Offlcesl IStaff ,. , . .K4 E- i oM A A l _vi . . A .. A r JASPER CULTURAL CAMPUSJUNE 8, 2015StlF~lrLl . t.m. .., m .er .V 03? i .pedormanceii N![ W I i v 5,, g Room Roomi .- .i _. ..A -V.I , .- I ' Exteriontrt/ MedIaW, i|l iii .l.. l Central .i,A ' A 2 Adults vi ' Courtvard ii -.1. I- ~ ' ~ 6000 r .'.,.mm Q_ 5, .ixm i amp My ,_I. . .2.