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I find myself relying more and more on national mentors who always seem to be ahead of the curve, who have inventive ideas, and who are not shy about sharing what works best when working with students and teachers. If you are developing your professional learning network (PLN), bring the names and website addresses of the people in the profession who influence you most, and I will share my library heroes. We can also discuss best practices for keeping track of all that information and tips for actually following through and implementing some of the great ideas that a good PLN generates. Presented at the 2013 Kansas Library Conference by Martha House


  • 1. School Library Hero Worship KS Library Conference 10/10/13

2. Your Heroes Three Tech NinjasLucas Loughmiller@kslibraryguy Zite App Elementary Librarian TechChef4U Shannon Miller 3. Criteria Solid ContentSensible Working Librarians Upbeat Inspiring 4. Heather Braum Professional Learning Network Plan 5. Paige Jaeger Library Door This hyper-connected generation loves technology, but unfortunately, it is not a panacea for high performance. 6. Karen Hornberger Living in a Library World Practical instructions for making your library work. Her work on eBook management in Destiny is going to be very, very important to me. 7. Kristin Fontichiaro Ms. Fontichiaro has been sucked into the Maker Movement and Badging, with mixed results in my opinion, but when she talks about school libraries and school library issues, nobody is better. Her work on Common Core implementation is unsurpassed. 8. Karen Jensen Teen Librarian Toolbox is a collaborative site networked with VOYA magazine. Featuring lots of book reviews, it is upbeat and sometimes serves in place of an expensive therapist for me. 9. Sue Fitzgerald The Unpretentious Librarian knows her way around smore and promotes her middle school library like a pro. 10. Susan Oxnevad A professional developer who earned the Martha House Stamp of Approval with her post on SAMR this summer. 11. Zoe P. Midler She blogs infrequently but when she has something to say, it is pure genius. Her post Embedded Librarianship with Google Apps made me sit up and take notice. 12. Nikki Robertson She is an unabashed self-promoter, something I usually dislike, but she has too much energy and too many good ideas to ignore. Though I often have to take a nap after looking at her blog, The True Adventures of a High School Librarian, I also steal from her when I can. 13. Gwyneth Jones Another exhaustingly energetic woman, The Daring Librarian won my heart with her Comic Tutorials on various subjects. 14. Pam Harland The librarians behind the Sanborn Regional School District are not promoting themselves at ALL. They just do good work. The summer reading program they put together and their library guides are fantastic. 15. Emily Ford I dont have a staff to develop awesome LibGuides, but Hunterdon Central Regional High School DOES. Emily Ford is one of four. I am not ashamed to float along in their wake. 16. Michelle Luhtala In Bibliotech.me, Michelle Luhtala is like the sophisticated hostess of a salon. Yes, she has original ideas that she expresses very well, but she excels at introducing me to interesting people in the field. 17. Richard Byrne If I check no other sites, I make sure to check this one. Free Technology for Teachers is on top of what is going on in educational technology. I ruthlessly ignore most of whats here, but if it is relevant, it is RELEVANT. 18. Jennifer LeGarde The Adventures of Library Girl is passionate yet sensible and eminently realistic. Though she now works for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, I still love her. 19. Buffy Hamilton Buffy is THE high school librarian in my opinion. She is this shining beacon. She left school libraries for a bit, but now she is back working at Norcross High School. Any of her webinars, blog posts, or really, anything she produces, are worth your time and attention. 20. Doug Johnson Sometimes, I think Doug Johnson is the only guy on the internet who really understands how effective good libraries and technology can be together in schools. His Blue Skunk blog has very useful and practical information about how to really make things happen. 21. Joyce Valenza The most prolific working librarian on the internet, there must be at least three of Joyce Valenza. She writes for School Library Journal, effectively managed the Springfield Township High School Library for years, and has now joined the Rutgers School of Communication and Information. 22. Keeping Track of It All 23. Balance AbsorptionCreationBoldly ExploreRuthlessly NarrowInterest OrientedGoal OrientedPassiveActive 24. Tools Feedly #tlchat Daily Professional Organizations Occasional WebinarLibrary 2.0 (and MOOCS, Apps, old school classes and workshops, books, magazines: Booklist and MacWorld and remember to read outside the profession . . . . )