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Super Hero hero Story . Made by that one kid in that one class. The story about Philip J. Fry. Hero, Soldier, delivery boy, Moron. Fry has a superhero life as the great Captain yesterday. Frys stylish outfit as Captain Yesterday. Fry has the amazing powers of. Super strength - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Super Hero Story

Super Hero hero Story Made by that one kid in that one class

The story about Philip J. Fry

Hero, Soldier, delivery boy, MoronFry has a superhero life as the great Captain yesterday

Frys stylish outfit as Captain Yesterday.Fry has the amazing powers ofSuper strengthConfusing enemy's with his stupidness.Just above average speed.

His everyday lifeFry works at planet express as a delivery boy for his distant nephew Hubert J. Farnsworth.Fry has a best friend named Bender Bending Rodrguez. He is a bending unit robot. Fry has a girlfriend named Leela. Leela is a one eyed mutant who's parents are mutants in the sewers under New New York.

Fry and bender ( an odd friendship yet they are best friends)

Fry and Leela, (need less to say she stands up for Fry when he cant which is most the time

The New Justice Team Together the three of them made the amazing trio called The New Justice Team.They get all there power from a miracle cream given to them by the human lobster Doctor Zoidberg.Never the less they still saved the city of New New York many times from danger.

Picture of The New Justice TeamThe disband of the groupThe team disbanded after they were forced into sealing things for a criminal mastermind known as The Zookeeper. Zookeeper found out The New justice Teams real identity from Leelas blabbering father(who is a mutant that lives under New New York with his wife, Leelas mom).The Zookeeper kidnaped Leelas parents and made the Justice team steal museum valuables for himAfter they beat The Zookeeper they quit being superheroes

Zookeeper has a legion of animals at his control which assist him in his crime

What do they do now?Fry, Bender and Leela live normal lives working for Professor Farnsworth.When I say normal I mean the complete opposite as there delivery's take them to alien planets and put them in weird situations. The End