harry potter unit12 art and literature hero: harry potter

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Harry Potter Unit12 Art and Literature

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  • Harry PotterUnit12 Art and Literature

  • Hero:Harry Potter

  • J. K. RowlingWho writes the story?

  • The Sorcerers Stone

  • The chamber of secrets

  • The Prisoner of Azkaban

  • The Goblet of Fire

  • The Order of Phoenix

  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince year6

  • Harry Potters good friendsRon Weasley Hermione Granger

  • Read fast and find out the topic of each paragraph: The world of JK Rowling Something about Harry before he knows anything about magic. Harrys most important lesson. Harry has to fight against bad wizards and do the right thing.Paragraph 1 :Paragraph 2:Paragraph 3:Paragraph 4:

  • 1. Why is Harrys life miserable before he goes to Hogwarts?

    2. What does Harry learn about at Hogwarts?Read carefully and answer the following questions:

  • Sample answer 1: Harrys life before he goes to Hogwars is miserable because his parents are dead and the family he is living with treats him badly.Read carefully and answer the following questions:

  • Sample answer 2: He learns how to face the real world and how to be happy and successful: that he needs to be strong and brave that he needs friends that it is difficult to do the right thing that life is more complicated than he thought the power of love and goodness the importance of ones lifeRead carefully and answer the following questions:

  • True or faultHarry Potter is a world-famous writer.Harry Potter was born in a family and grew up with his mother and father.3. Harry Potter is a boy with a scar on his forehead.4. Harry goes to an ordinary school.

    5. Harry learns a lot about the real world at Hogwarts.6. Harry discovers that it is easy to do the right thing. RowlingHarry Potter was the son of a wizard and grew up with his aunt and uncle.Harry goes to a special school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.not easy

  • Language PointsFill the blanks and analyse the clauses: Together with his friends, Harry learns (1) it is not always easy to do (2) is right. You must believe in (3) you do and (4) you are (5) you want to succeed in the world the magical world of Hogwarts and the real one. (6) someone is born and (7) a person looks like are not as important as (8) he or she grows up to be.


  • Language Points Words and expressions:1.welcome adj./n./v. 1 a welcome change / rest / sight / visitor welcome to sth./to do sth. Welcome to our school! Wrong: Welcome you to our school. You are welcome to borrow my bicycle.

  • Language Points 1A: Thank you. B: You are welcome 2a hearty, a warm, a cold etc. welcome Lets give Mr Jackson a warm welcome.. 3 We welcome friends to our home. We were welcomed at the door by the children.

  • Language Points2. Seem 1) seem (to be) +adj. The little girl always seems (to be) happy. What seems easy to some people seems difficult to others. 2) seem like It seems like years since I last saw them. 3) seem to do I seem to have caught a cold.

  • Language Points2. Seem 4) It seems that / as if It seems as if it is going to rain. It seems that he has known everything. 3. used to be (get) used to There used to be a tall tree in front of you house. I am not used to the life here, but I think I will get used to it soon.

  • Discussion (group work):What magical powers do you want to have? Why?Encourage yourself !

  • If you think you can , then you can. If you can dream it , you can do it. No pains , no gains. Faster, Higher , Stronger

  • Work hard to get what you want ! Dont depend on daydreams.Wish you success !

  • Homework:Recite the last paragraphFind out more proverbs to encourage yourself and your classmates.