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Rev. 03/01/02 (Buff) Rev. 03/14/02 (Salmon) Rev. 04/02/02 (Cherry) Rev. 04/02/02 (Tan) (not distributed) Rev. 04/03/02 (2nd White) Rev. 04/03/02 (2nd Blue) Rev. 04/09/02 (2nd Pink) Rev. 04/16/02 (2nd Yellow) Rev. 04/17/02 (2nd Green) Rev. 05/14/02 (2nd Gold) HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS screenplay by STEVEN KLOVES based on the novel by J.K. ROWLING No portion of this script may be performed, reproduced, or used by any means, or quoted or published in any medium without the prior written consent of Warner Bros. WARNER BROS. © 2002 4000 Warner Boulevard WARNER BROS. Burbank, California 91522 All Rights Reserved

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  • Rev. 03/01/02 (Buff)Rev. 03/14/02 (Salmon)Rev. 04/02/02 (Cherry)Rev. 04/02/02 (Tan) (not distributed)Rev. 04/03/02 (2nd White)Rev. 04/03/02 (2nd Blue)Rev. 04/09/02 (2nd Pink)Rev. 04/16/02 (2nd Yellow)Rev. 04/17/02 (2nd Green)Rev. 05/14/02 (2nd Gold)


    screenplay by STEVEN KLOVES

    based on the novel byJ.K. ROWLING

    No portion of this script may be performed, reproduced,or used by any means, or quoted or published in anymedium without the prior written consent of Warner Bros.

    WARNER BROS. © 20024000 Warner Boulevard WARNER BROS.Burbank, California 91522 All Rights Reserved

  • FADE IN:



    2 OMITTED 2


    Harry pages through a SCRAPBOOK, stops on a MOVING PHOTOof Ron and Hermione. SQUAWK! Harry jumps. HEDWIG pecksat the LOCK slung through her cage door, then glowers atHarry.

    HARRYI can't, Hedwig. I'm not allowedto use magic outside of school.Besides, if Uncle Vernon --

    At the sound of the name, HEDWIG SQUAWKS again, LOUDER.

    UNCLE VERNON (O.S.)Har-ry Pot-ter!

    HARRYNow you've done it.

    4 INT. KITCHEN - DAY 4

    While AUNT PETUNIA puts the finishing touches to aPUDDING of WHIPPED CREAM and SUGARED VIOLETS, UNCLEVERNON struggles with DUDLEY'S BOW TIE, all the whileglowering at Harry.

    UNCLE VERNONI warned you. If you can'tcontrol that bloody bird, it'llhave to go.

    HARRYShe's bored. If I could just lether out for an hour or two --

    UNCLE VERNONAnd have you sending secretmessages to your freaky littlefriends? No, sir.


  • 4 CONTINUED: 4

    HARRYBut I haven't gotten any messages.From any of my friends. Not one.All summer.

    DUDLEYWho'd want to be friends with you?

    UNCLE VERNONI should think you'd be moregrateful. We raise you since youwere a baby, give you food off ourtable, even let you have Dudley'ssecond bedroom... purely out ofthe goodness of our hearts.

    DUDLEYI thought he got the secondbedroom because Mum was afraidhe'd turn us into dung beetles ifyou put him back in the cupboardunder the stairs.

    AUNT PETUNIA stops cold, exchanges a dark look with UncleVernon, then sees Dudley extending a finger for thepudding.

    AUNT PETUNIANot yet, popkin. That's for whenthe Masons arrive.

    UNCLE VERNONWhich should be any moment. Now.Let's run through our schedule onemore time. Petunia, when theMasons get here, you will be --

    AUNT PETUNIAIn the lounge, waiting to welcomethem graciously to our home.

    UNCLE VERNONGood. And Dudley?

    DUDLEYI'll be waiting to open the door.

    UNCLE VERNONExcellent.

    (turning on Harry)And you?


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 2.

  • 4 CONTINUED: (2) 4

    HARRYI'll be in my bedroom, making nonoise and pretending I don'texist.

    UNCLE VERNONToo right you will. With anyluck, this could well be the day Imake the biggest deal of mycareer.

    DOORBELL RINGS. Instantly, Uncle Vernon shoves Harry outof the kitchen and into the hallway.

    UNCLE VERNONUpstairs! Hurry!

    5 OMITTED 5


    Harry enters, turns, and stops dead: a tiny CREATUREwith bat-like ears and bulging green eyes is jumping onhis bed as if it were a trampoline. This is DOBBY.

    DOBBYHarry Potter! Such an honor itis!


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 5/14/02 3.

  • 6 CONTINUED: 6

    HARRYWhat... Who are you?

    DOBBYDobby, sir. Dobby the house elf.

    HARRYI see. Not to be rude oranything, but this isn't a greattime for me to have a house-elf inmy bedroom.

    DOBBYOh, yes, sir, Dobby understands.It's just that, Dobby has come totell you... it is difficult, sir...Dobby wonders where to begin.

    HARRYWhy don't you sit down?

    DOBBYS-s-sit down?

    Suddenly Dobby BURSTS INTO TEARS. LOUD TEARS. Harrypanics.

    HARRYShhhh! I'm sorry. I didn't meanto offend you or anything --

    DOBBYOffend Dobby! Dobby has heard ofyour greatness, sir, but never hashe been asked to sit down by awizard, like an equal...

    HARRYYou can't have met many decentwizards then.

    Dobby shakes his head, then without warning, LEAPS off thebed and starts to BANG HIS HEAD FURIOUSLY ON THE FLOOR.

    DOBBYBad Dobby! Bad Dobby!


    Uncle Vernon pours champagne for MR. and MRS. MASON. AsDobby's HEAD BANGING sounds from above, all eyes shift tothe ceiling. Uncle Vernon chuckles nervously.



  • 7 CONTINUED: 7

    UNCLE VERNONDon't mind that. It's just the...cat.

    DUDLEYCat? What cat?

    UNCLE VERNONOur cat, tiger.


    Dobby gets back to his feet, wobbling, eyes spinningdizzily. Harry regards him with a mixture of concern...and wariness.

    HARRYAre you... all right?

    DOBBYDobby had to punish himself, sir.Dobby almost spoke ill of hisfamily, sir.

    HARRYYour... family?

    DOBBYThe wizard family Dobby serves,sir. Dobby is bound to serve onefamily forever. If they ever knewDobby was here...

    Dobby shudders in fear, then looks up, WHISPERS urgently.

    DOBBYBut Dobby had to come. Dobby hasto protect Harry Potter. To warnhim.

    (in a fierce whisper)Harry Potter must not go back toHogwarts School of Witchcraft andWizardry this year.

    HARRYNot go back? But... I have to.

    DOBBYThis is a plot. A plot to makemost terrible things happen. IfHarry Potter goes back to schoolhe will be in great danger.



  • 8 CONTINUED: 8

    HARRYWhat terrible things? Who'splotting them?

    Dobby makes a funny CHOKING and GAGGING noise.

    HARRYOkay! I understand. You can'tsay --

    Too late. Dobby grabs the bedside lamp and startsbeating himself about the head and YELPING LOUDLY.


    Uncle Vernon is in the midst of telling a joke.

    UNCLE VERNONThey arrive at the ninth holeand!--

    DOBBY'S YELPS INTERRUPT, ringing out from above.

    MR. MASONSounds as if that cat of yours hasdragged something in with it,Dursley.

    UNCLE VERNONNot to worry. I'll sort it out.


    Harry wrestles the lamp away from Dobby.

    HARRYStop! Stop!

    FOOTSTEPS THUNDER on the landing. Quickly, Harry grabsDobby by the pillowcase and pitches him into thewardrobe... just as the door FLINGS OPEN.

    UNCLE VERNONWhat the devil are you doing uphere! You've just ruined thepunch line of my Japanese golferjoke. One more sound and you'llwish you'd never been born, boy!

    He stomps flat-footed from the room and SLAMS THE DOOR.Harry lets Dobby out of the wardrobe.



  • 10 CONTINUED: 10

    HARRYSee why I've got to go back? Idon't belong here. I belong inyour world -- at Hogwarts. It'sthe only place I've got...friends.

    DOBBYFriends who don't even write toHarry Potter?

    HARRYWell, I expect they've been --hang on, how do you know myfriends haven't been writing me?

    Guiltily, Dobby takes out a STACK of LETTERS.

    DOBBYHarry Potter mustn't be angry withDobby -- Dobby hoped if HarryPotter thought his friends hadforgotten him... Harry Pottermight not want to go back toschool, sir...

    HARRYGive me those. Now.

    Dobby frowns sadly, then DASHES out the door.Panicking...


    ... Harry flies desperately after, Dobby bouncing like aping-pong ball down the stairs and into the kitchen. AsHarry races in, he finds Dobby on the counter, waving hisarms. Aunt Petunia's masterpiece of a pudding RISES,then floats into the living room, HOVERING over theMason's heads. The Masons don't see, but the Dursleys --goggle-eyed--do.

    HARRYDobby... Please... No...

    DOBBYHarry Potter must say he's notgoing back to school.

    HARRYI can't. Hogwarts is my home.



  • 11 CONTINUED: 11

    DOBBY(a tragic expression)

    Then Dobby must do it, sir. ForHarry Potter's own good.

    Dobby SNAPS HIS FINGERS. The pudding PLUMMETS...straight onto the Masons. They stand blinking, coveredhead to foot with whipped cream and sugared violets. TheMasons exit. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia race afterthem.

    UNCLE VERNONI'm sorry. It's our nephew. Verydisturbed. Meeting strangersupsets him, so we kept himupstairs...


    The Masons RACE out of the house, the Dursleys FOLLOWING.

    AUNT PETUNIAWe have ice cream...

    The Masons get into their car and drive off, just as aSHRIEKING SOUND splits the sky. An OWL SWOOPS down, andDROPS a LETTER at Uncle Vernon's feet. He picks up theletter, opens it. As he reads it, a mad gleam dances inUncle Vernon's eye. He turns and races back inside thehouse. Aunt Petunia follows.


    Uncle Vernon runs back into the living room, extends theletter to Harry.

    UNCLE VERNONGo on. Read it.

    HARRY'Dear Mr. Potter. We havereceived intelligence that a HoverCharm was used at your place ofresidence at twelve minutes pastseven this evening. As you know,underage wizards...'

    UNCLE VERNON'... are not permitted to performspells outside school.'



    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 4/9/02 8.

  • 11B CONTINUED: 11B

    UNCLE VERNON (CONT'D)(snatching the letter)

    You didn't tell us you weren'tAllowed to use magic at home.Slipped your mind, didn't it?



    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 4/9/02 8A.

  • 11B CONTINUED: (2) 11B

    UNCLE VERNON (CONT'D)Well, I've got news for you, boy.I'm locking you up! And if youtry to magic yourself out, they'llexpel you! You're never goingback to that school! Never!



    Uncle Vernon fits IRON BARS to the inside of Harry'swindow.

    Drills a METAL FLAP to the base of the bedroom door.

    Fits a FAT, GREY LOCK to the door itself. Soaking withsweat, he casts Harry a nasty grin and pulls shut theDOOR. It closes with the DULL CLANK of a cell.


    Harry stares gloomily out the window. The METAL FLAPRATTLES and Dudley's pudgy hand slides a BOWL of TINNEDSOUP onto the floor. He grins cruelly through theopening.

    DUDLEYI know what day it is.

    HARRYWell done, Dudley. Finallylearned the days of the week, haveyou.

    DUDLEYToday's your birthday. And nobodycares.

    Dudley SNAPS SHUT the flap. Harry sighs, takes the soupand a bit of stale bread, and crosses to Hedwig.

    HARRYIt's no good turning your beak up.It's all we've got.

    Harry feeds a piece of bread to Hedwig... as we...




  • 13 CONTINUED: 13


    Harry leans against the wall. Asleep. There is a gentleTAPPING SOUND. Harry opens his eyes and is stunned tosee... RON WEASLEY staring through the bedroom window.


    RONHiya, Harry.


    An OLD, TURQUOISE-COLORED FORD ANGLIA floats in midair.Ron leans out the back window. His brother FRED sits inthe driver's seat. Fred's twin George is in thepassenger seat.

    HARRYFred? George? What're you doinghere?

    RONRescuing you, of course. Where'syour trunk?


    Stuffed with clothes, spellbooks. The trunk CLOSES, SNAPSSHUT. Harry drags the trunk to the windowsill, watches Rontie off a fierce knot on the bars of Harry's window.

    RONStand back.

    Harry steps back. Ron turns, nods to Fred.


    Fred STEPS ON the accelerator.


    The Ford Anglia FLIES UP into the air, the rope SNAPSTIGHT, and -- CRUNCH! -- the bars are TORN from thewindow. Bricks and bars RAIN DOWN onto the lawn below, amangled mess.


    Uncle Vernon WAKES...

    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 3/1/02 10.

  • 14thru16

    OMITTED 14thru16


    Harry pushes the trunk over the sill into the Anglia'sboot, then scrambles through the window himself, when...SQUAWK!


    Harry clambers back, grabs Hedwig's cage, swings it ontothe ledge, when... BAM! The bedroom door CRASHES OPEN.

    UNCLE VERNONPetunia! He's getting away!

    As Harry leaps for the windowsill, Uncle Vernon CHARGESFORWARD and SNATCHES his ankle. Harry tumbles into thedarkness, one hand gripping Hedwig's cage, the otherreaching out and... CATCHING Ron's at the last possiblesecond.

    Uncle Vernon puts both hands to Harry's ankle, pullsharder. Ron braces himself, pulls back. Harry hangs,stretched high over the lawn, directly above the mangledsteel bars.

    CLOSEUP: Harry's hand begins to slip from Ron's fingers.

    INSIDE OF CAGE: Hedwig PECKS feverishly at the LOCK.


    RONHold on, Harry!

    UNCLE VERNONOh no, boy! You and that bloodypigeon aren't going anywhere!

    CLOSE-UP: Harry's hand begins to slip away from Ron's.


    Hedwig SWOOPS into the sky, WHEELS BACK and hammers herbeak into Uncle Vernon's hand. He ROARS, stumbles backand... Ron and George pull Harry into the air.

    RONPut your foot down, Fred!



  • 17 CONTINUED: 17

    Like a rocket, the Anglia sails into the stars. Harryglances back, sees Aunt Petunia and Dudley join UncleVernon at the window. As Hedwig races up, soaring justbeyond the car window, Ron turns to Harry.

    RONBy the way, Harry. HappyBirthday.



    As the Anglia drops through a pink sky, a haphazard messof a HOUSE, built around a towering central chimney,appears below. By the road, a lopsided SIGN reads: THEBURROW. FLUMPH! The car touches down in a WHIRLING CONEof dust, scatters a group of chickens, and fishtails to ahalt. The boys spill quickly out of the car. FREDWHISPERS urgently.

    FREDHurry! Let's nip inside beforeMum wakes up!


    The boys sneak inside, gently close the door. Harrystops. Magical objects surround him: A CLOCK displaysdifferent chores for each family member. A pair ofNEEDLES knit a sweater by themselves. And a stack ofPLAYING CARDS that. A stack of PLAYING CARDS SHUFFLEthemselves, providing a cooling breeze for Ron's agingrat, SCABBERS. Ron shrugs, averts his eyes self-consciously.

    RONIt's not much.

    HARRYI think it's... brilliant!

    Ron looks up. Sees Harry's mesmerized face. Slowly...GRINS.


    The boys nearly jump out of their skin. MRS. WEASLEYstands in the doorway. Furious. She smiles sweetly atHarry.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 12.

  • 19 CONTINUED: 19

    MRS. WEASLEYHarry! How wonderful to see you.

    (back to the boys)Beds empty! No note! Youcould've died! You could've beenseen!

    (again, to Harry)I don't blame you, of course,dear.

    RONThey were starving him, Mum!There were bars on his window!

    MRS. WEASLEYYou best hope I don't put bars onyour window, Ronald Weasley!

    (softening instantly)Care for a spot of tea, Harry?

    GINNYMummy. Have you seen my jumper --

    A small, RED-HEADED GIRL appears. Sees Harry. And...SQUEALS. Dashes back up the stairs. Ron frowns.

    RONGinny. Been talking about you allsummer. Dead annoying, really.

    GEORGEDad's home!

    The front door OPENS and ARTHUR WEASLEY enters. A tallman with red hair, his robes look dusty and travel-worn.

    MR. WEASLEYWhat a night! Nine raids! Nine!

    HARRY(to Ron)


    RONDad works at the Ministry ofMagic. In the Misuse of MuggleArtefacts Office.

    HARRYThe Misuse of Muggle Artefacts...?


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 13.

  • 19 CONTINUED: (2) 19

    RONThat's when wizards bewitchsomething to drive Muggles mad.Shrinking door keys, that kind ofthing. Dad loves Muggles. Thinksthey're fascinating.

    Mr. Weasley hangs up his cloak, turns. Blinks.

    MR. WEASLEYWell now. Who are you?

    RONHarry, sir. Harry Potter.

    MR. WEASLEYGood Lord, are you really? Ron'stold us all about you, of course.When did you get here?

    MRS. WEASLEY(darkly)

    This morning. Your sons flew thatenchanted car of yours to Surreyhouse and back last night.

    MR. WEASLEYDid you now! How'd it go?!

    (catching his wife's eye)

    I... I mean... That was verywrong, boys. Very wrong indeed.So, Harry. You must know allabout Muggles. Tell me, whatexactly is the function of aparking meter?

    Harry is about to answer, when he notices an OWL (ERROL)soaring toward the kitchen window. To Harry's horror,the owl doesn't pull up. It just flies... SMACK!... intothe glass.

    MRS. WEASLEYThat must be Errol with the post.Fetch him, will you, George?

    George takes the unconscious Errol, absently lays him ona draining board, and takes the LETTERS clutched in hisclaws.

    GEORGEIt's our Hogwarts letters! Andlook. They've sent Harry's as well.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 14.

  • 19 CONTINUED: (3) 19

    MR. WEASLEYDumbledore must know you're here,Harry. Doesn't miss a trick, thatman.

    FRED(reading his)

    This lot won't come cheap, Mum.The spellbooks alone...

    MRS. WEASLEYWe'll manage. Right then.There's only one place to get allof this.



    OMITTED 19Athru23


    Everyone has gathered in front of the large fireplace.

    MRS. WEASLEYYou first, Harry dear.

    Mrs. Weasley offers Harry a FLOWERPOT. At the bottom isa layer of VERY SOFT DUST. Harry frowns in confusion.

    RONHarry's never traveled by FlooPowder before, Mum.

    HARRYFloo Powder?

    Just then, Ron's older brother PERCY enters.

    MRS. WEASLEYPercy. Would you mind goingfirst, so Harry can see how it'sdone?

    PERCYCertainly, Mother. Don't worry,Harry. It's simple enough.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 15.

  • 24 CONTINUED: 24

    Percy takes a pinch from the pot, pitches it into thefireplace and BRIGHT GREEN FLAMES ROAR HIGH. To Harry'samazement, he calmly walks... straight into them.

    PERCYDiagon Alley.

    Percy VANISHES. Tentatively, Harry reaches into the pot.

    MRS. WEASLEYRemember to speak clearly, dear!

    RONAnd mind you get out at the right grate!

    HARRY(nodding, unsure)

    D-Dia-gon Alley!


    The SOUND is DEAFENING as Harry hurtles forward,squinting against the sting of WHIRLING SOOT and the mad,flickering lights of passing fireplaces. He falls faceforward...


    ... onto a stone hearth. Dizzy and dirty, Harry reclaimshis shattered glasses. He's tumbled into a wizard'sshop, but a decidedly creepy one. He starts to exit,when a WITHERED HAND in a GLASS CASE catches his eye:The Hand of Glory. Nearby, an OPAL NECKLACE gleams:Caution: Do not touch. Cursed--Has Claimed the Lives ofNineteen Muggle Owners to Date. Oddly transfixed by itall, Harry drifts toward the exit, when...


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 16.

  • 26 CONTINUED: 26

    DRACO MALFOY and his father, LUCIUS MALFOY, appear beyondthe front window, approaching the shop. Harry glancesabout, spies a LARGE BLACK CABINET and slips inside. Ashe pulls the doors closed, a TINY CARD swings INTO VIEW:Crushing Cabinet.

    Malfoy and his father enter. A stooped man (MR. BORGIN)emerges from the back room. IN THE CABINET, Harrywatches, unaware that the walls around him are... SLOWLYCLOSING IN.

    MR. BORGINMr. Malfoy! What a pleasure tosee you again. If I may, just intoday --

    LUCIUS MALFOYI'm not buying today, Mr. Borgin.But selling.

    MR. BORGINSelling?

    LUCIUS MALFOYYou have heard, of course, thatthe Ministry of Magic isconducting more raids. There areeven rumors of a new MuggleProtection Act...

    Lucius unravels a roll of parchment, hands it to Borgin.

    LUCIUS MALFOYI have a few... ah... items athome that might prove embarrassingif the Ministry were to call.Certain poisons and the like...

    MR. BORGINHmmm... yes. I see...

    INSIDE THE CABINET, Harry realizes the walls are CLOSINGIN. His eyes shift upward. The ceiling is DROPPING.

    Draco drifts to the Hand of Glory, reaches out, when...the HAND GRABS HIM. Draco shrieks, manages to slip free,then calms. He eyes the hand with malicious glee.

    DRACOCan I have this?



  • 26 CONTINUED: (2) 26

    MR. BORGINAh, the Hand of Glory. Insert acandle and it gives light only tothe holder. Best friend ofthieves and plunderers. Your sonhas fine taste, sir.

    LUCIUS MALFOYHopefully my son will amount tomore than a thief, Mr. Borgin.Though if his marks don't pickup --

    DRACOIt's not my fault the teachershave favorites. That HermioneGranger --

    LUCIUS MALFOYI would have thought you'd beashamed that a girl of nowizarding family beat you in everyexam.

    MR. BORGINIt's the same all over. Wizardblood is counting for lesseverywhere.

    LUCIUS MALFOY(deadly)

    Not with me.

    INSIDE THE CABINET, Harry's knees are up under his chin...

    Borgin checks off one last time, then returns theparchment to Lucius. Satisfied, Malfoy nods.

    LUCIUS MALFOYVery good. I'll expect you at themanor tomorrow. Come, Draco.

    They exit. As Borgin slips into the back room, theCrushing Cabinet's doors FLY OPEN and Harry leaps free.Inside, the walls, floor, and ceiling SNAP SHUT! Borginreappears, blinks curiously at Harry, then watches himRACE out the door.


    Once outside, Harry fits his broken glasses to his face,eyes a STREET SIGN: "KNOCKTURN ALLEY."



  • 27 CONTINUED: 27

    The vendors here clearly cater to the Dark Arts:SHRUNKEN HEADS, POISONOUS CANDLES. One window teems withSPIDERS.

    AGED WITCH (O.S.)Not lost are you, my dear?

    Harry wheels, looking into the mossy teeth of a decrepitWITCH. She holds a tray of HUMAN FINGERNAILS.

    HARRYI'm fine, thanks. I'm just --

    HAGRIDHARRY! What d'yer think yer doin'down 'ere?


    Hagrid knocks the tray from the cursing Witch's hands,then seizes Harry by the scruff of the neck and steershim away.


    Hagrid swats at Harry's sooty clothes.

    HAGRIDYer a mess! Skulkin' 'roundKnockturn Alley. Dodgy place,Harry. Don't want no one ter seeyeh down there. People'll bethinkin' yer up ter no good.

    HARRYI was lost, I -- Hang on. Whatwere you doing down there?

    HAGRIDI was lookin' fer a Flesh Eatin'Slug Repellent. They're ruinin'the school cabbages.

    HERMIONE (O.S.)Harry!

    Harry looks up, sees HERMIONE GRANGER standing at the topof Gringotts' white steps. She runs down to meet them.



  • 28 CONTINUED: 28

    HERMIONEHello, Hagrid. Oh, it's wonderfulto see you two again.

    She stops then, cocks her head curiously at Harry, thentakes out her wand and points it directly between hiseyes.

    HERMIONEOculus Reparo.

    Instantly, Harry's glasses are mended.

    HARRYI need to remember that one.

    HERMIONEC'mon. Everyone's been so worried.

    Hermione leads them to Gringotts, where Hermione's rathernervous-looking Muggle parents stand with the Weasleys.

    MR. WEASLEYSo you're dentists! Fascinating!I understand other Muggles quitefear you? Why is that?

    MRS. WEASLEYOh, Harry. Thank goodness. Wehoped you'd only gone one gratetoo far. Come now. We're off toFlourish and Blotts.

    HERMIONEIsn't it thrilling! GilderoyLockhart's going to be there! Wecan actually meet him! I mean,he's written almost the wholebooklist!

    As Mrs. Weasley and Hermione dash off, Harry frowns.


    29 OMITTED 29


    CLOSE-UP: GILDEROY LOCKHART. A handsome, golden-hairedwizard with stunning pearl-white teeth. He miles, winksat the camera.



  • 29A CONTINUED: 29A

    DOLLY BACK to reveal that the image of Lockhart isactually a MOVING PHOTOGRAPH propped in the window. APLACARD declares: HERE TODAY! SIGNING COPIES OF HISAUTOBIOGRAPHY, MAGICAL ME... GILDEROY LOCKHART!


    Harry and the others thread their way through aCHATTERING THRONG of MIDDLE-AGED LADIES, all craningtheir necks for a view of Lockhart, who sits signingbooks at the rear of the shop. At the sight of him, Mrs.Weasley pats her hair.

    MRS. WEASLEYThere he is!

    RONMum fancies him.

    For this, Mrs. Weasley gives Ron a jab in the shoulder.A SHORT MAN WITH A CAMERA bumps past.

    SHORT MANOut of the way! This is for TheDaily Prophet!

    Instantly, Lockhart looks up, flashes a smile, when...

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTIt can't be Harry Potter?

    The crowd WHISPERS excitedly as Lockhart dives forward,seizes Harry's hand and turns him toward thephotographer.

    GILDEROY LOCKHART(under his breath)

    Nice big smile, Harry. Together,you and I rate the front page.

    (as the CAMERA FLASHES)Ladies and gentlemen! What anextraordinary moment this is!When young Harry here stepped intoFlourish and Blotts this morningto purchase my autobiography,Magical Me -- which, incidentallyis celebrating its twenty-seventhweek atop The Daily Prophet'sBestseller List -- he had no ideathat he would, in fact, be leavingwith my entire collected works!Free of charge!


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 21.

  • 30 CONTINUED: 30

    As the crowd CLAPS, Lockhart catches the eye of a FLUNKYand, before Harry knows it, a towering stack of books isshoved into his arms. Mortified, Harry mumbles quietly.

    HARRYThank you.

    Slipping free, Harry drifts back into the crowd and, redwith embarrassment, drops the books into Ginny'scauldron.

    HARRYYou have these. I'll buy myown!--

    DRACO(appearing, sneers)

    Bet you loved that, didn't you,Potter? Famous Harry Potter.Can't even go into a bookshopwithout making the front page.

    GINNYLeave him alone! He didn't wantall that!

    DRACOLook, Potter. You've got yourselfa girlfriend!


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 22.

  • 30 CONTINUED: (2) 30

    LUCIUS MALFOYSilence, Draco! Ah... Mr. Potter.I don't believe we've met.

    Lucius Malfoy extends his hand, as if offering to shakeHarry's, but instead gently plays his fingers over thefringe of Harry's scalp, revealing Harry's LIGHTNING BOLTSCAR. At his touch, Harry withdraws, ever so slightly.

    LUCIUS MALFOYForgive me, Mr. Potter. But yourscar is legend. As, of course, isthe wizard who gave it to you.

    HARRYHe was a murderer.

    LUCIUS MALFOYYes, a pity about your parents.Curious that you yourself shouldescape with a mere flesh wound.Curious, too, that you speak ofhim in the past. Surely, youdon't think He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is gone forever.

    HARRYHis name is Voldemort.

    Those within earshot gasp as Harry utters the word.

    LUCIUS MALFOYYou must be very brave, Mr.Potter, to dare speak his name.Or foolish.

    HERMIONEFear of a name only increases fearof the thing itself.

    Lucius Malfoy's eyes slide, find Hermione staringdefiantly.

    LUCIUS MALFOYYou must be Miss Granger. Draco'stold me all about you... and yourparents. Muggles, aren't you?

    Mr. and Mrs. Granger nod nervously. Lucius Malfoy canbarely disguise his distaste for them. Arthur Weasleyhurries over.



  • 30 CONTINUED: (3) 30

    MR. WEASLEYRon! Harry! It's mad in here.Let's go outside.

    LUCIUS MALFOYWell, well, well -- ArthurWeasley.

    MR. WEASLEY(stiffly)


    LUCIUS MALFOYBusy time at the Ministry. Allthose raids. I hope they'repaying you overtime.

    Malfoy reaches into Ginny's cauldron, removes a very old,battered copy of A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration.

    LUCIUS MALFOYObviously not. Dear me. What'sthe use of being a disgrace to thename of wizard if they don't evenpay you well for it.

    MR. WEASLEYWe have a very different ideaabout what disgraces the name ofwizard, Lucius.

    LUCIUS MALFOY(glancing at the Grangers)

    Clearly. The company you keep,Weasley. And I thought yourfamily could sink no lower.

    Mr. Weasley moves to hit Lucius Malfoy. Hagrid stepsforward, puts a firm hand on Mr. Weasley's shoulder.

    HAGRIDIgnore 'im, Arthur.

    Mr. Weasley backs away. Lucius Malfoy tosses Ginny'sBATTERED TEXTBOOK back into her cauldron.

    LUCIUS MALFOYHere, girl. Take your book. It'sthe best your father can give you.

    Lucius and Draco exit. Hagrid looks at the Weasleys.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 5/14/02 24.

  • 30 CONTINUED: (4) 30

    HAGRIDNo Malfoy's worth listenin' ter.Rotten ter the core, the wholefamily...

    As Harry watches Draco and his father go, we --


    30A OMITTED 30A


    Amid a neat line of cars, the Anglia sits at a decidedlyodd angle, as if its driver were not the most skilledmotorist.

    31 OMITTED 31

    32 INT. KING'S CROSS - DAY 32

    The Weasleys and Harry -- pushing large TROLLEYS -- dashunder the LARGE CLOCK which reads two minutes to eleven.

    MRS. WEASLEYOh dear! The train'll be leavingany moment! All together now!

    Hurrying, they race to PLATFORMS NINE AND TEN. Quickly,Percy, Fred and George stride briskly toward the stonebarrier that divides the platforms -- and simplyDISAPPEAR.

    MRS. WEASLEYGo on, Ginny. You know what todo.

    Ginny, looking a bit nervous, rushes toward the barrier,closes her eyes, and sleds...


    ... out onto the other side. As she gazes at theHOGWARTS EXPRESS, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley materialize at herside.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 5/14/02 25.

  • 32A CONTINUED: 32A

    MRS. WEASLEY (O.S.)Come, Ginny. We'll get you aseat.


    Ron glances at the clock.

    RONWe better hurry.

    Harry nods, leans into his trolley and -- CRASH! -- hitsthe barrier and bounces back into Ron. A GUARD glowers.

    GUARDWhat in blazes d'you two thinkyou're doing?

    HARRYSorry. Lost control of thetrolley.

    (to Ron)Why can't we get through?

    RONI dunno. The gateway's sealeditself for some reason.

    As Ron presses his ear to the barrier, the CLOCK CHIMES.

    HARRYThe train leaves at exactly eleveno'clock. We've missed it.

    RONCan't hear a thing.

    (a sudden thought)Harry. If we can't get through,maybe Mum and Dad can't get back.

    HARRYMaybe we should go wait by thecar.

    RONThe car!


    Pushing their trolleys madly before them, Harry and Rondash to the car, load their belongings into the Anglia'sboot.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 26.

  • 33 CONTINUED: 33

    HARRYThis is mad. We can't drive toHogwarts.

    RONWho says we're driving?

    HARRYYou don't mean -- Ron, no.

    RONLook, who knows when Mum and Dadwill get back. And we've got toget to school, haven't we? Andeven underage wizards are allowedto use magic if it's an absoluteemergency. Least that's what Fredand George always say...

    HARRYSomething tells me we're going toregret this.

    33A INT. ANGLIA - DAY 33A

    Ron TAPS his WAND on the dash and the Anglia burbles tolife.

    HARRYNo offense, Ron, but are you sureyou know how to fly this.

    RONNo problem.

    Ron SHIFTS. With a GREAT JOLT, the car lifts from theground.

    RONThere. See. Now I reckon all wehave to do is find the HogwartsExpress and follow it. Simple.

    Harry nods, not entirely convinced. He peers out thewindow. Down below, TWO PEDESTRIANS stare in disbelief.

    HARRYUh, Ron. I should tell you. MostMuggles aren't accustomed toseeing a flying car.


    Ron presses a TINY SILVER BUTTON on the dashboard andthey... DISAPPEAR. Down below, the baffled pedestriansblink.

    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 27.


    CAMERA STARTS IN the clouds, passes through, findsScotland's stunning green. The Anglia's ENGINE PUTTERSsoftly, when -- POP! - the car reappears. Ron jabs atthe silver button.

    RONUh oh. The Invisibility Boostermust be faulty.

    CAMERA ZOOMS ALONG the ridge of a cliff. Thecar reappears from above, gliding away FROM CAMERA.

    RONAny sign of the train?

    HARRYThere! Up ahead! Look...

    Along a STEEP BRIDGE, a single line of TRAIN TRACKSappear.


    Ron SHIFTS, GLIDES DOWN, until the Anglia is only a fewfeet above the tracks. The boys peer ahead, looking forthe train.

    RONIt must be around heresomeplace.

    Behind them, through the Anglia's rear window, theHogwarts Express APPEARS, closing fast. Harry and Ronperk up. Smile.

    HARRYDo you hear that?

    Then, at precisely the same moment, Harry and Ronregister the DIRECTION of the sound. They glance at eachother, turn as one and see the train GROWING HUGE in therear window.


    Ron SPINS THE WHEEL, puts his foot to the gas and -- atthe last possible second -- whips the Anglia out of thetrain's path. The car WAFFLES, TOPPLES upside downbriefly, before...



  • 34 CONTINUED: 34

    ... TILTING onto its side. As it jets under the bridge,Harry goes SLIDING DOWN ACROSS HIS SEAT, into the door,and... OUT. Dangling upside-down from the open door, hewatches the Hogwarts Express ZIP PAST and, in one window,glimpses NEVILLE and SEAMUS, mouths open in astonishment.

    RONTake my hand!

    Harry's grips Ron's hand, eyes the train steaming farbelow. It's quite a drop. Harry's fingers begin to LOSETHEIR GRIP.

    RONHold on!

    HARRYI'm trying! Your hand's allsweaty!

    Straining, Ron yanks him inside, levels off the car. AsHarry falls heavily into his seat, he BUCKLES his safetybelt.

    HARRYI think we found the train.



    RONWelcome home, Harry.

    Harry smiles at the sight of it, when... the AngliaGROANS.

    HARRYJust out of interest, Ron. Haveyou ever landed a car before?

    RONWell... no. but, until a fewhours ago, I'd never taken off inone either.

    With that, the car LURCHES, the nose DROPS, and...

    RONUh oh.



  • 35 CONTINUED: 35

    ... Harry, Ron and car go pitching through the night. AsRon rakes the GEARS, they hurtle madly toward the CASTLEWALL.



    Ron SHIFTS desperately. The Anglia LURCHES up, barelyclears the castle wall. Harry and Ron exchange a look ofrelief, when... the car GROANS again, LURCHES...downward.


    Down below a GIANT WILLOW TREE looms. Ron SHIFTS.Nothing.


    Harry reaches over and, together, he and Ron SPIN THEWHEEL. It's useless. The car is heading straight for thetree. Desperately, Ron WHIPS OUT his wand and WHACKS THEDASHBOARD.


    The wand SNAPS IN TWO and -- CRUNCH! -- car meets tree.Harry blinks. They hang dreamily, BALANCED on theHIGHEST LIMB.

    RONMy wand! Look at my wand!

    HARRYBe thankful it's not your neck.

    THWUNMP! Something HEAVY HITS Harry's door, sends aSHUDDER through the car.

    RONWhat's happening?

    Slowly, they look up and, in disbelief, watch one of thetree's branches PULL BACK, CURL INTO ITSELF, and comeLASHING FORWARD like a MASSIVE FIST. THWUMP!



  • 35 CONTINUED: (2) 35


    The Anglia tilts crazily, slides backwards and FREE-FALLSthrough the air and... LANDS on lower grid of branches.

    RONWhat kind of tree is this?

    Before Harry can respond, the tree begins to PUMMEL THECAR from all sides, tossing Henry and Ron about likepopcorn. WINDOWS SHATTER. Heavy DENTS appear on theroof above Ron and Harry's heads. Then the car FALLSagain...

    ... SLAMMING HEAVILY TO THE GROUND. Instantly, thetree's lower branches shoot through the front and rearwindscreens and, gaining purchase, begin to SHAKE THE CARBACK AND FORTH.


    The tree PITCHES the car into the air. As the AngliaSLAMS DOWN again, bobbing on its SQUEALING SHOCKS, theENGINE BURBLES BACK TO LIFE. Harry LOOKS UP, peeringthrough the shattered windscreen. The willow's branches,as one, rear back, ready for one last punishing blow.Harry CRIES OUT.

    HARRYReverse! Reverse!

    Ron SHIFTS, the CAR SHOOTS BACKWARDS, and the willowPUMMELS THE TREAD-MARKED GROUND they just vacated.Safely clear, the doors fly open, the seats tip sideways,and Ron and Harry are ejected. As they hit the ground,their trunks fly from the boot, Hedwig's cage rockets outthe back window, and Hedwig herself flaps into the night.Taillights blazing angrily, the BATTERED car speeds off,fishtailing into the Dark Forest.

    RONDad's going to kill me.

    They hear a TREMENDOUS GROAN, turn back, and see theWhomping Willow assume its natural form, waiting for itsnext victim.


    Filthy and bruised, Harry and Ron drag themselves up thesteps. Behind them we see the mountain of student trunksand caged pets already brought up from the train.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 31.

  • 36 CONTINUED: 36

    HARRYA house elf shows up in mybedroom, we can't get through thebarrier to Platform Nine and ThreeQuarters, we almost get killed bya tree... clearly someone doesn'twant me here this year.

    FILCHWell, take a good look, lads...

    They stop. ARGUS FILCH stands at the top of the landing,his cat -- MRS. NORRIS -- twitching her tail at his feet.

    FILCHThis night might well be the lastyou spend in this castle.


    CLOSEUP: The Evening Prophet ENTERS FRAME. The HEADLINEreads: FLYING FORD ANGLIA MYSTIFIES MUGGLES. Below thefold a PHOTO shows Harry and Lockhart at Flourish andBlotts. CAMERA PULLS BACK, PROFESSOR SEVERUS SNAPEstands at his desk, newspaper in hand as Harry and Ronstare with dread. Filch lurks in the doorway, eying themwith pleasure.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 32.

  • 37 CONTINUED: 37

    SNAPEYou were seen! By no less thenseven Muggles. Do you have anyidea how serious this is? Youhave risked the exposure of ourworld. Not to mention the damageyou inflicted on a Whomping Willowthat has been on these grounds forhundreds of years.

    RONHonestly, Professor Snape, I thinkit did more damage to us.

    SNAPESilence! I assure you, were youin Slytherin and your fate restedwith me, the both of you would beon the train home tonight. As itis --

    ALBUS DUMBLEDOREThey are not.

    Harry and Ron turn. ALBUS DUMBLEDORE stands in thedoorway. Alongside him is a distinctly annoyed PROFESSORMcGONAGALL.

    HARRYProfessor Dumbledore. ProfessorMcGonagall...

    SNAPEHeadmaster, these boys haveflouted the Decree for theRestriction of Underage Wizardry.As such...

    ALBUS DUMBLEDOREI'm well aware of our bylaws,Severus, having written more thana few myself. However, as Head ofGryffindor House, it is forProfessor McGonagall to determinethe appropriate action.

    RON(rising gloomily)

    We'll go and get our stuff.

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLWhat are you talking about, Mr.Weasley?



  • 37 CONTINUED: (2) 37

    RONWell, you're going to expel us,aren't you?

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLNot today, Mr. Weasley. But Imust impress upon both of you theseriousness of what you have done.I will be sending owls to both ofyour families tonight. And youwill each get a detention.

    Snape casts a look of pure venom at Harry and Ron.

    DUMBLEDORESplendid. Now, I suggest wereturn to the feast. There's adelicious-looking custard tart Iwant to sample.

    Rising, Harry spies an ENVELOPE on the floor. Taking it,he reads the back: "KWIKSPELL. A CORRESPONDENCE COURSE INBEGINNER'S MAGIC." It's addressed to "MR. ARGUS FILCH."

    HARRYMr. Filch. You dropped this...

    Filch turns, eyes the envelope with embarrassment, thensnatches it from Harry's hand and stuffs it into hispocket.

    38 OMITTED 38


    The Whomping Willow sulks in the courtyard, SLINGS strungabout its injured branches. CAMERA CRANES OVER thecastle walls, REVEALING the exterior of GREENHOUSE THREE,where students hurry inside for the beginning of class.


    As Harry and Ron enter, SEAMUS, NEVILLE and some of theother Gryffindors hover nearby.

    NEVILLEDetention. On the first day?

    SEAMUSThat must be some kind of record.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 34.

  • 40 CONTINUED: 40

    HERMIONEI should think you'd countyourself lucky that's all you got.

    RONI should think you'd mind your ownbusiness.

    They glare at each other. PROFESSOR SPROUT, a squatlittle witch, TAPS her wand on a stack of POTS.

    PROFESSOR SPROUTWelcome to Greenhouse Three,Second Years. Today, we will bere-potting Mandrakes. Now, whohere can tell me the properties ofthe Mandrake? Yes, Miss Granger.

    HERMIONEMandrake, or Mandragora, is usedto return those who have beentransfigured to their originalstate. It's also quite dangerous.The Mandrake's cry is fatal toanyone who hears it.

    PROFESSOR SPROUTExcellent. Ten points toGryffindor. As our Mandrakes areonly seedlings, their cries won'tkill yet. However, they willknock you out for several hours.That is why I have provided eachof you with a pair of earmuffs.If you would then...

    Ron frowns. He's gotten a BRIGHT PINK FLUFFY pair. Whenthe class is ready, Professor Sprout leads them to theGARDEN AREA. She grasps one of the TUFTY PLANTS beforeher... and pulls. Harry gasps. Instead of roots, asmall, muddy, extremely ugly BABY pops out of the earth,leaves growing right out of its head. Neville's eyesROLL BACK. He FAINTS.

    Professor Sprout plunges the BAWLING CREATURE deep into aPOT, removes her earmuffs, and the others follow suit.Everyone save Neville, who lies stretched on the ground.

    PROFESSOR SPROUTHm. Looks as though Mr.Longbottom neglected his muffs.



  • 40 CONTINUED: (2) 40

    SEAMUSNo, ma'am. He's just fainted.

    PROFESSOR SPROUTVery well. We'll just leave himthen. Come now. Four to a tray,plenty of pots to go round...


    Percy enters in the company of PENELOPE CLEARWATER, justas NEARLY HEADLESS NICK glides by.

    PENELOPE CLEARWATERThere's Nearly Headless Nick.

    PERCYHello, Sir Nicolas.

    NEARLY HEADLESS NICKHello, Percy. Miss Clearwater.

    At the Gryffindor table, Hermione has her nose buried inGilderoy Lockhart's Travels with Trolls. Ron runs gobsof Spellotape over his BROKEN WAND, shakes his headgrimly.

    RONSay it. I'm doomed.

    HARRYYou're doomed.

    FLASH! -- a LIGHT BLINDS Harry. He blinks, finds a smallboy (COLIN CREEVEY) standing before him with a CAMERA.

    COLINHiya, Harry. I'm Colin Creevey.I'm in Gryffindor too.

    HARRYHello, Colin. Nice to meet --

    COLINThey're for my dad -- thepictures. He's a milkman, youknow, a Muggle, like all ourfamily's been until me. No oneknew all the odd stuff I could dowas magic till we got my letterfrom Hogwarts. Everyone justthought I was mental.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 3/1/02 36.

  • 41 CONTINUED: 41

    RONImagine that.

    COLINSay, Harry. D'you think yourfriend could take a photo of meand you standing together? Ya'know, to prove I've met you?

    Harry glances at Ron. He looks positively homicidal.Mercifully, just then, OWLS STREAM into the Hall.

    DEAN THOMASPost is here!

    One after another, the birds swoop gracefully down,clutching letters from home. All except one, who plopsbeak-first into Ron's soup. Errol.

    RONBloody bird's a menace -- Oh...no.

    SEAMUSHeads up, everyone. Weasley'sgotten himself a Howler.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 3/1/02 37.

  • 41 CONTINUED: (2) 41

    NEVILLEGo on, Ron. I ignored one frommy Gran once... and it washorrible.

    Ron looks pale. Clutched in Errol's beak is a DAMP REDENVELOPE. Hands shaking, he takes it, opens it, and...MRS. WEASLEY'S VOICE THUNDERS, sending plates and spoonsrattling.


    (softening suddenly)Oh, and Ginny dear.Congratulations on makingGryffindor. Your father and I areso proud.

    Ginny, sitting a bit apart from the others, looks upshyly, then returns to the SMALL BLACK BOOK she'sscribbling in. Ron watches the envelope RIP ITSELF TOPIECES, then endures HOWLS of LAUGHTER from the otherHouse tables. Colin Creevey snaps a few photos. Harrylooks sympathetically at Ron.

    HARRYLook at it this way. How muchworse can things get?

    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 37A.


    Gilderoy Lockhart paces before the class. Hermione andthe girls hang on his every word, while Harry and Ron eyethe LARGE, COVERED CAGE RATTLING mysteriously on his desk.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTLet me introduce you to your newDefense Against the Dark ArtsTeacher. Me. Gilderoy Lockhart,Order of Merlin, Third Class,Honorary Member of the Dark ForceDefense League and five timeswinner of Witch Weekly's Most-Charming-Smile Award -- But Idon't talk about that. I didn'tget rid of the Bandon Banshee bysmiling at her!

    Lockhart awaits laughter. A few students smile weakly.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTI see you've all bought a completeset of my books. Well done. Ithought we'd start today with alittle quiz. Nothing to worryabout. Just to check how wellyou've read them, how much you'vetaken in...

    Lockhart begins to circulate papers. Harry and Ronexamine the questions. Ron WHISPERS to Harry.

    RONLook at these questions. They'reall about him.

    HARRY'What is Gilderoy Lockhart'sfavorite color?'

    RON'What is Gilderoy Lockhart'sgreatest achievement to date?'

    HARRY'When is Gilderoy Lockhart'sbirthday and what would his idealgift be?'

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTYou have thirty minutes. Start --now!

    As quills begin to dart across pages, we --




    Lockhart rifles through the completed exams.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTTut, tut. Hardly any of youremembered my favorite color islilac. But Miss Hermione Grangerknew that my secret ambition is torid the world of evil and marketmy own range of hair care potions.Good girl.

    Hermione beams. Lockhart's expression suddenly darkens.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTNow... be warned! It is my job toarm you against the foulestcreatures known to wizardkind!You may find yourself facing yourown worst fears in this room.Know only that no harm can befallyou whilst I am here...

    With a showman's flair, Lockhart turns slowly to the cage.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTI must ask you not to scream. Itmight provoke them.

    A pale Neville draws back. Harry and Ron lean forward.Lockhart lets the tension build, then WHIPS off thecover. Inside the cage are several electric blueCREATURES. Eight inches tall, with pointed faces andwings, they rattle the bars and pull bizarre faces at thestudents.

    SEAMUSCornish pixies?

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTFreshly caught Cornish pixies.

    Unable to control himself, Seamus SNORTS with laughter.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTLaugh if you will, Mr. Finnegan,but pixies can be devilishlytricky little blighters. Let'ssee what you make of them now!

    Lockhart flings open the cage. Instantly, the pixiesrocket about, spraying the students with ink bottles,BREAKING BEAKERS and shredding books. Two SEIZE Nevilleby the ears, lift him into the air, and begin to circlethe ceiling.



  • 42 CONTINUED: 42

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTCome on now, round them up, roundthem up. They're only pixies.

    (brandishing his wand)Peskipiski Pesternomi!

    The spell has absolutely no effect. A particularlyobnoxious pixie makes a face, seizes Lockhart's wand andtosses it out the window. Lockhart joins the stampede tothe door.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTI'll ask you three to just nip therest of them back into their cage.

    SLAMMING the door, he's gone. Harry, Ron and Hermionestand blinking. Ron swats a pixie gnawing his ear.

    RONWhat do we do now?

    HERMIONE(raising her wand)


    The pixies FREEZE IN MIDAIR. Neville falls, PLOPS ontoLockhart's desk, shaken but unhurt. He looks atHermione.

    NEVILLEWhy is it always me?

    42A OMITTED 42A


    Fresh from the pixies, Hermione, Ron, Harry and Nevillewalk. Hair askew. Robes shredded.

    RONCan you believe him?

    HERMIONEI'm sure Professor Lockhart justwanted to give us some hands-onexperience.

    HARRYHands on? Hermione, he didn'thave a clue what he was doing.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 40.

  • 42B CONTINUED: 42B

    HERMIONERubbish. Read his books. You'llsee all the amazing things he'sdone.

    RONHe says he's done.


    OMITTED 43&44


    The Gryffindor Quidditch team -- Harry, Fred, George,ALICIA SPINNET, KATIE BELL, and ANGELINA JOHNSON -- trailOliver Wood through the courtyard, toward the distantQuidditch pitch. Several students are outside, studying.

    WOODI spent the summer devising awhole new Quidditch program.We're going to train earlier,harder, and longer!

    (squinting)What the... I don't believe it!

    Crossing the courtyard from the other side are SEVEN BOYSin GREEN ROBES, also carrying broomsticks. At their leadis MARCUS FLINT, trollish Slytherin Captain. Ron,sitting at a table with Hermione, looks up.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 41.

  • 45 CONTINUED: 45

    RONUh-oh. I smell trouble.

    WOODClear out, Flint! I booked thepitch for Gryffindor today.

    FLINTEasy, Wood. I've got a note.

    As Wood snatches the PARCHMENT from Flint's hand, Ron andHermione come up to join the others.

    WOOD'I, Professor Severus Snape, dohereby give the Slytherin teampermission to practice today,owing to the need to train theirnew Seeker.'

    (looking up)You've got a new Seeker? Who?

    A pasty-faced boy pushes to the front. It's... Malfoy.


    DRACOThat's right. And that's not allthat's new this year...

    As one, the seven Slytherins hold out seven brand-newGLEAMING BROOMSTICKS. The Gryffindors look stunned.

    RONThose are Nimbus Two ThousandOnes.

    FLINTA generous gift from Draco'sfather.

    DRACOThat's right, Weasley. You see,unlike some, my father can affordto buy the best.

    HERMIONEAt least no one on the Gryffindorteam had to buy their way in.They got in on pure talent.



  • 45 CONTINUED: (2) 45

    DRACONo one asked your opinion, youfilthy little Mudblood.

    Everyone reacts as if Malfoy has said something horrific-- everyone save Harry, who looks puzzled. Instantly,Fred and George fly for Draco's throat. Oliver Woodholds them back.

    WOODSave it for the match.

    RONYou'll pay for that one, Malfoy!

    (whips out his wand)Eat slugs!

    Ron points his cracked wand at Malfoy. PFFT! -- a BOLTof GREEN LIGHT scissors out the wrong end, hitting Ronhimself in the stomach. As he drops to the grass,Hermione runs to him

    HERMIONERon! Say something!

    Ron opens his mouth and... BELCHES. Hermione draws back,and watches a TRIO of SLUGS dribble out his mouth. TheSlytherins CROW with LAUGHTER. Angrily, Ron rises, onlyto BELCH again. Fascinated, Colin Creevey runs up withhis camera.

    COLINWow! Can you hold him still,Harry?!

    HARRYGet out of the way, Colin!

    (to Hermione)Let's take him to Hagrid. He'llknow what to do.

    46 INT. HAGRID'S HUT - DAY 46

    Hagrid rummages about, looking for something.

    HAGRIDGot jus' the thing. Set 'im downon that chair o'er there.

    As Ron sits, Hagrid pitches a BUCKET between his knees.Harry and Hermione glance up questioningly. Hagridshrugs.



  • 46 CONTINUED: 46

    HAGRIDBetter out than in. Who was hetryin' ter curse anyway?

    HARRYMalfoy. He called Hermione, well,I don't know exactly what itmeans...


    He called me a Mudblood.

    HAGRIDHe didn'!

    Harry looks confused. Hermione glances at him, thenaway, obviously pained by this.

    HERMIONEIt means dirty blood. Mudblood'sa really foul name for someone whowas Muggle-born. Someone withnon-magic parents. Someone...like me. It's not a term oneusually hears in civilizedconversation.

    HAGRIDYeh see, Harry. There are somewizards -- like Malfoy's family --who think they're better thaneveryone else 'cause they're whatpeople call pureblood.

    HARRYThat's horrible.

    RON(BELCHES forth a slug)

    It's disgusting!

    HAGRIDAn' it's codswallop ter boot.Dirty blood. There's 'ardly awizard today that's not half-bloodor less. If we 'adn't marriedMuggles we'd've died out long ago.Besides, they haven't invented aspell our Hermione can't do...

    (taking her shoulder)Don' you think on it, Hermione.Don' you think on it fer a minute.


  • 47&48

    OMITTED 47&48


    CAMERA PANS the walls of Lockhart's office, lined withFRAMED PHOTOGRAPHS of... Gilderoy Lockhart. Harry andLockhart work by candlelight at an ornate desk. Bleary-eyed, Harry addresses envelopes, while a cheery Lockhartputs his signature to the stack of GLOSSY PHOTOS bearinghis image.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTHarry, Harry, Harry... Can youpossibly imagine a better way toserve detention than by helping meanswer my fan mail?

    Harry forces a smile.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTFame's a fickle friend, Harry.Celebrity is as celebrity does.Remember that.

    Harry nods, glancing gloomily at the towering stack ofenvelopes that remain. Dipping his quill, he starts towrite, when... a CHILLY VOICE fills the room.

    VOICECome... come to me...


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 4/9/02 45/45A.

  • 49 CONTINUED: 49


    GILDEROY LOCKHARTI was saying, six solid months atthe top of the bestseller list!Broke all records!

    HARRYNo... not you, that... voice.


    HARRYThat... voice. Didn't you hearit?

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTWhat are you talking about, Harry?I think we're getting a bitdrowsy. Great Scott -- and nowonder -- look at the time! We'vebeen here nearly four hours!Dinner's nearly done! If youhurry you might make pudding.Spooky how the time flies whenone's having fun!



    Harry passes quickly through the lengthening shadows ofthe empty corridor, when...

    VOICEBlood... I smell blood...

    Harry stops cold, looking around for the source of thevoice.

    VOICELet me rip you... let me killyou...

    Harry steps to the wall, playing his fingers along thestone, then begins walk, slowly at first, then morequickly, as if following something, moving faster andfaster, rounding the corner and coming face to facewith... Hermione and Ron.



  • 49A CONTINUED: 49A


    HARRYDid you hear it?

    RONHear what?

    HARRYThat... voice.

    HERMIONEVoice? What voice?

    HARRY(eyes darting around)

    I heard it first in Lockhart'soffice and then again, just --

    VOICEKill... Time to kill...

    As Harry stiffens, Hermione and Ron study him curiously.

    HARRYIt's moving. I think it's goingto... kill.

    Harry runs off. Hermione and Ron exchange a glance,follow.


    OMITTED 50thru57


    Harry dashes madly, taking the steps three at a time. Hemakes the landing, rushes through the archway, and...


    ... sleds to a stop, listening: Nothing. Slowly, hepeers down. WATER is oozing over the stone floor,surrounding his shoes. His own REFLECTION appears and,behind it, undulating like a dream... WORDS. Ron andHermione come huffing up.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 47.

  • 59 CONTINUED: 59

    RONHarry, what are you doing?

    He points. SHIMMERING on the wall are the words he sawreflected in water.



    HERMIONE'The Chamber of Secrets has beenopened...?'

    RONWhat's that? Hanging underneath?

    HARRYThat's Filch's cat. Mrs. Norris.

    The cat hangs stiffly by her tail from a torch bracket,eyes open and blank. Harry's eyes shift to the adjacentWINDOW: near the topmost pane, SPIDERS scuttle up asilvery thread, fight to get through a crack in theglass.

    HERMIONELook at that. Have you ever seenspiders act like that? Ron...?

    RON(backing away)

    I... don't... like... spiders.

    Suddenly, the stairwell is alive with VOICES and, secondslater, dozens of students stream forth, CHATTERING...when they stop, seeing the wall and, standing before it,Harry, Ron and Hermione. A thudding SILENCE falls. ThenDraco pushes forward, eyes the wall, and grins nastily.

    DRACOEnemies of the heir, beware!You'll be next, Mudbloods!

    Draco's eyes find Hermione, just as Filch appears.

    FILCHWhat's going on here? Go on now!Make way...

    (stopping dead)Mrs. Norris!

    (rounding on Harry)You! You've murdered my cat!I'll kill you! I'll --


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 48.

  • 59 CONTINUED: (2) 59


    Dumbledore marches forward, trailed by a phalanx ofteachers. Seeing the wall, Dumbledore's face darkens.

    DUMBLEDOREEveryone will proceed to theirdormitories immediately.

    (to Harry, Ron, Hermione)

    Everyone except you three.

    As the corridor empties, Dumbledore steps to the walland, with extreme gentleness, removes Mrs. Norris.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTIt was definitely a curse thatkilled her -- probably theTransmogrifian Torture.Encountered it myself once, inOuagadougou. The full story's inmy autobiography...

    DUMBLEDOREShe's not dead, Argus. She's beenPetrified.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTPrecisely! So unlucky I wasn'tthere. I know the verycountercurse that could havespared her...

    DUMBLEDOREBut how she's been Petrified... Icannot say.

    FILCH(pointing at Harry)

    Ask him! It's him that's done it.You saw what he wrote on the wall!Besides, he knows I'm -- I'm aSquib.

    HARRYIt's not true, sir! I swear! Inever touched Mrs. Norris -- And Idon't even know what a Squib is.

    FILCHRubbish! He saw my Kwikspellletter!


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 49.

  • 59 CONTINUED: (3) 59

    SNAPEIf I might, Headmaster...

    The others turn, watch Snape separate from the shadows.

    SNAPEPerhaps Potter and his friendswere simply in the wrong place atthe wrong time...

    Harry and the others blink. Could Snape be defendingthem?

    SNAPEHowever, the circumstances aresuspicious. I, for one, don'trecall seeing Potter at dinner.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTI'm afraid that's my doing,Severus. You see, Harry washelping me answer my fan mail...

    As Snape's lip curls in disgust, Hermione leaps in.

    HERMIONEThat's why Ron and I went lookingfor him, Professor. We'd justfound him when Harry said...

    SNAPE(raising an eyebrow)

    Yes, Miss Granger?

    HARRYWhen I said I wasn't hungry. Wewere heading back to the CommonRoom and... found Mrs. Norris.

    Snape eyes Harry coldly, knowing he's lying. Harry looksaway... and finds Dumbledore studying him as well.

    DUMBLEDOREInnocent until proven guilty.

    FILCHMy cat has been Petrified! I wantto see some punishment!


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 50.

  • 59 CONTINUED: (4) 59

    DUMBLEDOREWe will be able to cure her,Argus. As I understand it, MadamSprout has a very healthy growthof Mandrakes. When they havematured, a potion will be madewhich will revive Mrs. Norris. Inthe meantime, I advise caution.To all.

    60 OMITTED 60


    Harry, Ron and Hermione walk down the corridor.

    RONA Squib's someone who's born intoa wizarding family but hasn't gotany powers of their own. It's whyFilch is trying to learn magicfrom a Kwikspell course. It'salso why he hates students somuch. He's bitter.

    Hermione, who's only been half-listening -- as if tryingto unravel something in her mind -- speaks then.

    HERMIONEHarry. This voice. You said youheard it first in Lockhart'soffice?


    HERMIONEAnd did he hear it?

    HARRYHe said he didn't.

    RONMaybe he was lying.

    HERMIONEI hardly think someone withGilderoy Lockhart's credentialswould lie to one of his students,Ronald. Besides, if you recall,we didn't hear anything either.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 3/1/02 51.

  • 60A CONTINUED: 60A

    HARRYYou do believe me, don't you?

    HERMIONE'Course we do. It's just... it'sa bit weird, isn't it? You hearthis voice and then... Mrs. Norristurns up Petrified.

    HARRYI can't explain it -- it was...scary.

    (frowning)D'you think I should've told them!-- Dumbledore and the others, I mean.

    RONAre you mad!

    HERMIONENo, Harry. Even in the wizardingworld, hearing voices isn't a goodsign.

    61 OMITTED 61


    McGonagall stands before the class. Resting on the deskin front of each student, is a different animal.

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLToday, we will be turning animalsinto water goblets.

    She taps the bird in front of her, three times, with the tipof her wand. It transfigures into a beautiful crystal watergoblet.

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLNow, who would like to go first...Mr. Weasley?

    Ron nods. He TAPS his rat, Scabbers, who turns into agoblet with a tail.

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLYou must replace that wand, Mr.Weasley.

    Ron nods sheepishly, looks at his broken wand.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 3/14/02 52.

  • 62 CONTINUED: (A1) 62

    McGonagall sees Hermione's raised hand. Her untouchedanimal.

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLYes, Miss Granger?

    HERMIONEProfessor, I was wondering if youcould tell us about the Chamber ofSecrets?

    A HUSH falls over the class.

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLMy subject is Transfiguration,Miss Granger.

    HERMIONEYes, Professor. But there seemsto be very little written aboutthe Chamber of Secrets. For thoseof us with a personal interest inthe subject, that is...disturbing.

    Malfoy regards Hermione with chilly amusement.McGonagall considers Hermione's question for a longmoment, then nods.

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLVery well. You all know, ofcourse, that Hogwarts was foundedover a thousand years ago by thefour greatest witches and wizardsof the age:



    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 3/1/02 53.

  • 62 CONTINUED: 62

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALL (CONT'D)Godric Gryffindor, HelgaHufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, andSalazar Slytherin. Three of thefounders co-existed quiteharmoniously. One did not.

    RONThree glasses who?

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLSalazar Slytherin wished to bemore selective about the studentsadmitted to Hogwarts. He believedthat magical learning should bekept within all-magic families.In other words, purebloods.Unable to sway the others, hedecided to leave the school.

    (a beat)According to legend, Slytherin hadbuilt a hidden chamber in thiscastle, known as the Chamber ofSecrets. Shortly beforedeparting, he sealed it until thattime when his own true heirreturned to the school. The heiralone would be able to open theChamber of Secrets and unleash thehorror within, and by so doing,purge the school of all those who,in Slytherin's view, were unworthyto study magic.


    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLYes. Naturally, the school has beensearched many times for such achamber. It has never been found.

    HERMIONEProfessor, what exactly doeslegend tell us lies within theChamber?

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLThe Chamber is said to be home tosomething which the heir of Slytherinalone can control. It is said to behome... to a monster.

    Ron's eyes shift. Malfoy sits calmly, smiling tohimself.


  • 63 INT. CORRIDOR - DAY 63

    Harry, Hermione, and Ron thread their way through theteeming corridor. Up ahead, Malfoy walks with Crabbe andGoyle.

    ROND'you think it's true? D'youthink there really is a Chamber ofSecrets?

    HERMIONEYes. Couldn't you tell:McGonagall's worried. All theteachers are.

    HARRYBut if there really is a Chamberof Secrets, and it's really beenopened, that means...

    HERMIONEThe Heir of Slytherin has returnedto Hogwarts. The question is, whois it?

    RON(in mock puzzlement)

    Let's think. Who do we know whothinks Muggle-borns are scum.

    HERMIONE(eyeing Malfoy ahead)

    If you're talking about him --

    RONOf course! You heard him:'You'll be next, Mudbloods'!

    HERMIONEI heard him. But Malfoy? TheHeir of Slytherin?

    HARRYMaybe Ron's right, Hermione. Imean, look at his family. Thewhole lot of them have been inSlytherin for centuries.

    RONCrabbe and Goyle must know. Maybewe could trick them intotelling...


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 55.

  • 63 CONTINUED: 63

    HERMIONENo. Even they aren't that thick.But there might be another way.Mind you, it would be difficult.Not to mention we'd be breakingabout fifty school rules. And itwould be dangerous. Verydangerous.

    RONWhen do we start?

    64 INT. LIBRARY - NIGHT 64

    In a dark nook, Harry, Ron and Hermione huddle round abook entitled Moste Potente Potions. The spotted pagesare littered with DISTURBING ILLUSTRATIONS.

    HERMIONEHere it is: 'The PolyjuicePotion. Properly brewed, thePolyjuice Potion allows thedrinker to transform himselftemporarily into the physical formof another...'

    RONYou mean, Harry and I drink someof this stuff and we turn intoCrabbe and Goyle?


    RONWicked! Malfoy'll tell us anything!

    HERMIONEExactly. But it's tricky. I'venever seen a more complicatedpotion. Lacewing flies, leeches,fluxweed. And, of course, we'llneed a bit of whoever we want tochange into too.

    RONHang on now. I'm drinking nothingwith Crabbe's toenails in it.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 56.

  • 64 CONTINUED: 64

    HARRYHow long will it take to make?

    HERMIONEA month.

    HARRYA month? But if Malfoy is theheir of Slytherin... he couldattack half the Muggle-borns inthe school by then.

    HERMIONEYou didn't have to tell me that.


    We join the Quidditch match in mid-game. The CROWDROARS, watching as Slytherin Chasers, bent low over theirnew brooms, jet past the overmatched Gryffindors.

    HAGRIDGallopin' Gorgons! Slytherin'sflyin' like they got dragon firein their brooms...

    Ron fumes, looking as though he takes Slytherin'sdominance personally. Taking Hagrid's GIANT BINOCULARS,he trains them on the FACULTY BOX -- where Lucius Malfoysits next to Snape.

    Harry circles high above the pitch, searching for theGolden Snitch. Suddenly, Malfoy streaks by overhead.

    DRACOAll right there, Scarhead?

    Harry turns, eyes Malfoy malevolently. Behind him, aBLUDGER drops INTO FRAME, begins to streak toward hishead.


    Harry wheels and at the last possible moment, slips theWHISTLING Bludger. CRACK! George swoops down, BATS itaway. Harry turns, watches it soar away, then blinks:the Bludger turns, streaks right back at him. Harry JETSOFF.



  • 65 CONTINUED: 65

    HAGRID(from the stands)

    Blimey, Harry's got 'imself aRogue Bludger!

    RONRogue Bludger?

    HAGRIDLook fer yerself! It's bin'tampered with!

    Harry executes a series of zigs, zags, loops and rolls,trying to shake the Bludger, but the Bludger isrelentless.

    Ron instinctively draws his wand, begins to point ittoward Harry and the Bludger, when... Hermione's handintercedes. She glances knowingly at his fractured wand.

    HERMIONEYou're joking, right? Besides,even with a proper wand, it's toorisky. You could hit Harry.

    As Harry frantically dips and dives, Malfoy cruises by.

    DRACOTraining for the ballet, Potter?

    Harry glances at Malfoy's sneering face. BUZZING inchesabove Malfoy's left ear is... the GOLDEN SNITCH. HarryCHARGES. Malfoy GULPS, swings clear, and watches Harryrocket past.

    As Harry chases the plummeting Snitch, Malfoy FOLLOWS INHOT PURSUIT. They RACE DOWNWARD, trailing the HISSINGSNITCH deep into the TRENCH circling the pitch. Shoulderto shoulder, they RACE MADLY, driving and dodging thewooden support beams that crisscross their path.Directly behind them, the Bludger FOLLOWS, SHATTERING theBEAMS as it dogs Harry.

    Malfoy KICKS Harry, forcing him to the edge of thetrench. Harry BRUSHES the wall, battling for control.Malfoy turns, SNICKERS, then looks back... and findshimself heading smack into a wooden beam. Panicked, hetries to pull up. Too late. Broom meets beam and Malfoyspirals out of the trench and -- THWUMP! -- flat on hisback in the middle of the pitch.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 3/1/02 58.

  • 65 CONTINUED: (1A) 65

    Harry continues on, CLOSING on the Snitch, fingertipsonly inches from catching it... when... the Rogue BludgerSMASHES INTO Harry's arm.

    Harry cries out, steadies himself and with a brilliant,acrobatic move, SNATCHES the Snitch out of the air withhis good hand. Unable to control his broom with hisshattered arm, he hits the pitch with a SICKENING THUD.

    Wincing, Harry rolls onto his shoulders, SQUINTS UP: aBLACK DOT -- growing rapidly LARGER -- is plummeting fromthe sky, directly toward him. It's... the rogue Bludger.Instantly, Harry spins away, grimacing in agony, as theBludger...

    ... hits the ground like a SLEDGE HAMMER, violentlyTATTOOING the pitch again and again, only inches fromHarry. Calmly, Hermione strides forth, points her wand.

    HERMIONEFinite Incantatem!

    The Bludger hangs briefly in the air. Slowly ceasesspinning. Drops heavily to the pitch. Harry exhales,relieved, only to recall the searing pain in his arm. AsCONCERNED FACES swim above him, one particular facepushes through the others:

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTNot to worry, Harry. I'll fixthat arm of yours straight away.

    HARRYNo... no... not you.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 3/1/02 58A.

  • 65 CONTINUED: (3) 65

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTPoor boy doesn't know what he'ssaying. This won't hurt a bit...

    Lockhart TWIRLS his WAND, Harry braces himself, and...nothing. He blinks, looks up: the faces -- which nowinclude Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid -- look horror-stricken.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTAh. Yes. Well, that cansometimes happen. The point is,the bones are no longer broken.

    HAGRIDBrok'n? He doesn't 'ave any bonesat all!

    Harry looks: his arm looks like an empty rubber glove.


    A dazed Malfoy slumps out with Crabbe and Goyle. Ron,standing by Harry's bed with Hermione, grins, thenwatches MADAM POMFREY pour out a STEAMING BEAKERFUL OFLIQUID from a bottle of SKELE-GRO. A group ofGryffindors, including some of his teammates, standnearby.

    MADAM POMFREYHe should have been broughtstraight to me! I can mend bonesin a heartbeat -- but growing themback --

    HERMIONEYou will be able to, won't you?

    MADAM POMFREYI'll be able to, certainly, but itwill be painful. You're in for arough night, Potter. Regrowingbones is nasty business.

    Harry takes the steaming cup and drinks. Grimaces.

    MADAM POMFREYWell, what did you expect --pumpkin juice?

    FLASH! Harry blinks, sees Colin Creevey standing there.



  • 66 CONTINUED: 66

    COLINThat was brilliant today, Harry!Brilliant!

    MADAM POMFREYOut! All of you! This boy's gotthirty-three bones to regrow!


    Harry fidgets in the darkness, half-asleep, then... hiseyelids flutter slowly open...


    From the shadows that cling to the ceiling... to thelattice-work of moonlight that burns softly on the wallsaround him...


    He SENSES something... a presence... when...

    Five BANDAGED FINGERS ENTER FRAME, begin to SPONGE hisbrow. Harry bolts upright, finds...


    DOBBYHarry Potter came back to school.Dobby warned him. Harry Pottershould have listened to Dobby.Harry Potter should have gone backhome when he missed the train.

    HARRY(pushing the sponge away)

    It was you! You stopped thebarrier from letting Ron and methrough!

    DOBBYIndeed yes, sir. Dobby hid andwatched for Harry Potter andsealed the gateway.

    HARRYYou nearly got Ron and meexpelled!


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 3/1/02 60.

  • 67 CONTINUED: (A1) 67

    DOBBYAt least you would be away fromhere. Harry Potter must go home!Dobby thought his Bludger would beenough to make Harry Potter see --

    HARRYYour Bludger? You made thatBludger chase after me?


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 3/1/02 60A.

  • 67 CONTINUED: 67

    DOBBYDobby feels most aggrieved, sir.

    (waggling his fingers)Dobby had to iron his hands...

    HARRYYou'd better clear off before mybones come back, Dobby, or I mightstrangle you!

    DOBBY(smiling weakly)

    Dobby is used to death threats,sir. Dobby gets them five times aday at home.

    HARRYI don't suppose you could tell mewhy you're trying to kill me?

    DOBBYNot kill you, sir, never kill you!Dobby remembers how it was beforeHarry Potter triumphed over He WhoMust Not Be Named. We house elveswere treated like vermin, sir. Ofcourse, Dobby is still treatedlike vermin...

    Dobby HONKS his nose on the filthy pillowcase he wears.

    HARRYWhy do you wear that thing, Dobby?

    DOBBYThis, sir? 'Tis a mark of thehouse elf's enslavement. Dobbycan only be freed if his masterpresents him with clothes. Thefamily is careful not to passDobby so much as a sock, sir, forthen he would be free to leavetheir house forever.

    Dobby's ears QUIVER, detecting... FOOTSTEPS. HeWHISPERS.

    DOBBYTerrible things are about tohappen at Hogwarts! Harry Pottermust not stay here now thathistory is to repeat itself!



  • 67 CONTINUED: (2) 67

    HARRYRepeat itself? You mean, this hashappened before?

    Dobby seizes the Skele-Gro, BEATS himself about the head.

    HARRYTell me, Dobby? When did thishappen before? Who's doing itnow?

    DOBBYDobby cannot say, sir. Dobby onlywants Harry Potter to be safe.

    HARRYNo, Dobby! Tell me! Who is it?

    CRACK! Dobby is gone. SHADOWS flicker beyond theCURTAIN encircling Harry's bed. Harry slumps down...peers through a slit in the curtains. Dumbledore, in anightcap, and McGonagall, in a tartan robe, heave a SMALLSTATUE onto an empty bed. Seconds later, Madam Pomfreybustles in.

    MADAM POMFREYWhat's happened?

    DUMBLEDOREThere's been another attack.

    Madam Pomfrey GASPS. It is not a statue lying there. Itis Colin Creevey, CAMERA still clutched to his eye.

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLPerhaps he managed to get apicture of his attacker...

    Dumbledore opens the camera. A JET OF STEAM HISSESforth.

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLWhat does this mean, Albus?

    DUMBLEDOREIt means our students are in greatdanger, Minerva. Mr. Creevey wasfortunate. If not for this...

    (holding up the camera)He would surely be dead.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 62.

  • 67 CONTINUED: (3) 67

    PROFESSOR McGONAGALLWhat sould I tell the staff,Albus?

    DUMBLEDORETell them the truth. Tell themHogwarts is no longer safe. Tellthem it's as we feared. TheChamber of Secrets is indeed openagain.

    68 OMITTED 68


    We PAN SLOWLY FROM the defiled wall to the bathroom door.

    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 62A.


    A gloomy place. Cracked mirrors. Chipped sinks.Guttering candles. Harry and Ron huddle over a SMALL,BUBBLING CAULDRON, as Hermione adds STRANGE INGREDIENTS.

    HERMIONEAgain? You mean, the Chamber ofSecrets has been opened before?

    RONOf course! Don't you see? LuciusMalfoy must've opened it when hewas at school here, and now he'stold Draco how to do it.

    HERMIONEMaybe. We'll have to wait for thePolyjuice Potion to know for sure.

    RONEnlighten me. Why are webrewing this potion in broaddaylight, in the middle of agirls' lavatory? Don't you thinkwe'll get caught?

    HERMIONENever. No one over comes in here.


    HERMIONEMoaning Myrtle.

    RONWho's Moaning Myrtle?


    MOANING MYRTLEI'm Moaning Myrtle. I wouldn'texpect you to know me. Whowould ever talk about fat, ugly,miserable, moping, moaningMyrtle?

    Myrtle SOBS LOUDLY, DIVES head first into the toilet.

    HERMIONEShe's a little sensitive.


  • 70 INT. GREAT HALL - DAY 70

    NOTICE-BOARD: DUELING CLUB! First Meeting Tonight. AGOLDEN STAGE has been erected. Lockhart struts atop it.Harry, Ron, Hermione and good number of other studentswatch.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTGather round! Gather round! Caneveryone see me? Can you all hearme? Excellent. In light of thedark events of recent weeks,Professor Dumbledore has grantedme permission to start this littleDueling Club, to train you all upin case you ever need to defendyourselves as I myself have doneon countless occasions -- for fulldetails, see my published works.

    The boy next to Harry, JUSTIN-FINCH FLETCHLEY, turns tohim.

    JUSTIN FINCH-FLETCHLEYThat Lockhart's something, isn'the? Awfully brave chap.

    (offering his hand)Justin Finch-Fletchley.Hufflepuff.

    HARRYNice to meet you. I'm --

    JUSTIN FINCH-FLETCHLEYI know who you are. We all do.Even us Muggle-borns.

    Justin grins agreeably, looks back to the stage, whereProfessor Snape has joined Lockhart.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTLet me introduce my assistantProfessor Snape. He hassportingly agreed to help me witha short demonstration. Now Idon't want any of you youngstersto worry. You'll still have yourPotions Master when I'm throughwith him, never fear!

    RONWhat's the fun in that?

    Lockhart and Snape face each other and bow. They turn,walk ten paces, then... SPIN... wands poised like swords.



  • 70 CONTINUED: 70

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTAs you can see, we are holding ourwands in the accepted combativeposition. On the count of three,we will cast our first spells.Neither of us will be aiming tokill, of course.

    HARRY(eyeing Snape)

    I wouldn't bet on that.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTOne-two-three --


    A dazzling flash of SCARLET LIGHT bursts forth and BLASTSLockhart off his feet and into the wall behind.

    HERMIONEDo you think he's all right?

    HARRY/RONWho cares?

    GILDEROY LOCKHART(rising unsteadily)

    Well, there you have it. That wasa Disarming Charm. As you see,I've lost my wand.

    GILDEROY LOCKHART(as Hermione returns it)

    Ah, thank you, Miss Granger. Yes,an excellent idea to show themthat, Professor Snape, but if youdon't mind my saying so, it wasvery obvious what you were aboutto do. If I had wanted to stopyou it would have been only tooeasy...

    SNAPEPerhaps it would be prudent tofirst teach the students to blockunfriendly spells, Professor.


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 65.

  • 70 CONTINUED: (2) 70

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTAn excellent suggestion, ProfessorSnape. Let's have a volunteerpair. Potter, Weasley, how aboutyou?

    SNAPEWeasley's wand causes devastationwith the simplest spells. We'llbe sending Potter to the hospitalwing in a matchbox. Might Isuggest someone from my own house.Malfoy, perhaps.

    Malfoy and Harry eye each other malevolently as they taketheir places onstage. Grudgingly, they bow to eachother.

    DRACOScared, Potter?

    HARRYYou wish.

    They turn, walk ten paces, then WHIRL, wands poised.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTWands at the ready! When I countto three, cast your charms todisarm your opponent -- only todisarm. We don't want anyaccidents. One, two --

    Malfoy FIRES early, knocking Harry off his feet with aBLAST of WHITE LIGHT. He jumps up, points his wand.


    A jet of SILVER LIGHT hits Malfoy dead in the stomach.He doubles up, WHEEZING.

    GILDEROY LOCKHARTI said disarm only!


    To Harry's horror, the tip of Malfoy's wand EXPLODES anda LONG BLACK SNAKE SLITHERS forth. Snape smiles withamusement.



  • 70 CONTINUED: (3) 70

    SNAPEDon't move, Potter. I'll get ridof it for you.


    Lockhart flicks his wand. BANG! The SNAKE flies intothe air, HISSES in rage, and slithers straight towardsJustin Finch-Fletchley. As students SCREAM, Harry --oddly calm -- approaches the snake. It rises, fangsexposed, poised to strike Justin.

    HARRY(in Parseltongue)

    Leave him!

    The snake looks into Harry's eyes, then turns for Justin.

    HARRY(in Parseltongue)


    The snake hovers a moment more, then -- miraculously --slumps to the floor. Harry blinks, as if coming out of atrance, grins curiously at the snake, and offers his handto Justin.

    JUSTIN-FINCH-FLETCHLEYWhat are you playing at?

    Terrified, Justin backs away. Confused, Harry eyes thefaces around him. Malfoy looks shocked. Seamus andNeville's eyes glitter with fear. Ginny bolts the room.Snape waves his wand and the snake VANISHES in PUFF OFBLACK SMOKE, then regards Harry with a look that is bothshrewd and calculating.

    RON(taking Harry's arm)

    Come on. Move. Now.


    Ron and Hermione usher Harry inside. Harry glances up,sees Ginny Weasley staring down at him from the top ofthe stairs. As their eyes meet, she turns for the girls'dormitory.

    RONYou're a Parselmouth! Why didn'tyou tell us?



  • 71 CONTINUED: 71

    HARRYI'm a what?

    HERMIONEYou can talk to snakes.

    HARRYI know. I mean, I accidentallyset a python on my cousin Dudleyat the zoo once. But so what? Ibet loads of people here can doit.

    HERMIONENo. They can't. It's not a verycommon gift, Harry. This is bad.

    HARRYWhat's bad? If I hadn't told thatsnake not to attack Justin --

    RONOh, that's what you said to it.

    HARRYYou were there! You heard me!

    RONI heard you speaking Parseltongue.Snake language.

    HARRYI spoke a different language? ButI didn't realize -- how can Ispeak a language without knowing Ican?

    HERMIONEI don't know, Harry. But itsounded like you were egging thesnake on or something. It was...creepy.

    As Gryffindors stream into the room, they eye Harrywarily. Even Seamus, Neville, and Dean Thomas walk bywithout a word.

    HERMIONEHarry, listen out me. There's areason the symbol of Slytherinhouse is a serpent. SalazarSlytherin was a Parselmouth. Hecould talk to snakes too.



  • 71 CONTINUED: (2) 71

    RONExactly. And now the wholeschool's going to think you're hisgreat-great-great grandson orsomething.

    HARRYBut I'm not. I... can't be.

    HERMIONEHe lived a thousand years ago.For all we know... you could be.


    A heavy snow falls. Harry sits atop one of the toweringhills facing Hogwarts. Hedwig sits beside him.

    HARRYWho am I, Hedwig? What am I?

    73 INT. LIBRARY - NIGHT 73

    The trio study. Harry, burdened by dark thoughts, looksup at Ron.

    He smiles at Harry, then, seconds later, Hermione doesthe same -- something forced about it all. Unable tobear it, Harry gathers his books, gets up from the table.

    As Harry walks, students glance up, meet his gaze, thenlook away. Even MADAM PINCE eyes him from her desk.Ginny Weasley, tired and pale, scribbles furiously in aSMALL BLACK BOOK.

    Harry exits, walks into the hallway and pauses. Frominside a room, the VOICES of a group of Hufflepuffs canbe heard.

    ERNIESo, anyway, I told Justin to hideup in our dormitory. I mean tosay, if Potter's marked him downas his next victim, it's best hekeep a low profile for a while.

    HANNAHBut why would he want to attackJustin?



  • 73 CONTINUED: 73

    ERNIEJustin let it slip to Potter thathe was Muggle-born.

    HANNAHAnd you definitely think Potter'sthe Heir of Slytherin?

    ERNIEHannah, he's a Parselmouth.Everyone knows that's the mark ofa dark wizard. Have you everheard of a decent one who couldtalk to snakes? They calledSlytherin himself Serpent-tongue.

    (whispering darkly)Remember what was written on thewall: Enemies of the Heir Beware.Potter had some sort of run-inwith Filch. Next thing we know,Filch's cat's attacked. Thatfirst-year Creevey's been annoyingPotter. Then Creevey's attacked.

    HANNAHHe always seems so nice, though.And, after all, he is the one whomade You Know Who disappear.

    ERNIEThat's probably why You Know Whowanted to kill him in the firstplace. Didn't want another DarkLord competing with him.

    Harry doesn't need to hear anymore. He slips quietlyaway.


    MUTTERING, Harry storms straight into Hagrid, whostands covered in snow, a DEAD ROOSTER dangling fromhis hand.

    HAGRIDAll righ', Harry?

    HARRYHagrid... what're you doinghere?


    THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS - Rev. 1/28/02 70.

  • 74 CONTINUED: 74

    HAGRID(holding up the rooster)

    Second one killed this term.Reckon it's either foxes or aBlood-Suckin' Bugbear. NeedDumbledore's permission ter put acharm round the hen-coop. Yehsure yeh're all righ', Harry? Yehlook all hot an' bother