hair, nails, infections

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Hair, Nails, Infections. Do Now. 3 in 3 3 things from last class in 3 minutes Homework Review. Homework. Answer questions from the text book Pages and number to be determined. Where does hair come from?. Produced by a hair follicle Daughter cells are created and pushed away Die - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Hair, Nails, Infections

Hair, Nails, InfectionsDo Now3 in 33 things from last class in 3 minutesHomework ReviewHomeworkAnswer questions from the text bookPages and number to be determinedWhere does hair come from?Produced by a hair follicleDaughter cells are created and pushed awayDieDue to death, almost entirely proteinFunctionMinor protective functionsGuard against bumpsKeeps sweat out of eyesShields eyesKeeps foreign particles out of respiratory tractNailModification of the epidermisComparable to a hoof or claw of other animalsTransparent/colorlessPink color is from large blood supplyBlue color signifies lack of blood supplyInfectionsAthletes footItchy, red, peeling between toesFungus

InfectionsBoilsInflammation of the hair follicleBacterial infectionForm of staph infection

InfectionsCold Sore (fever blisters)Itch and stingHerpes Simplex infectionRemains dormant until activated by emotional upset, fever or UV radiation

InfectionsContact DermatitisItching, redness and swelling of skinCaused by an exposure to chemicals

InfectionsImpetigoPink, water filled lesionsDevelop to yellow crustCaused by highly contagious staph infection

InfectionsPsoriasisChronicOverproduction of skin cellsRed lesionsCover with dry, silvery scalesBelieved to be caused by bodys own immune system attacking a persons tissuesTriggered by trauma, stress or infection

InfectionsMethicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus(MRSA)Resistant to most antibioticsOpen wounds or sores that become infected

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HomeworkAnswer questions from the bookPages and numbers to be determined