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Sharon McNary, Public Insight Analyst for KPCC, explains how you can create a DIY version of a Public Insight Network. Read more at


  • 1. Lightning-fast Guerilla tactics in crowdsourcing Sharon McNary Public Insight Journalist KPCC So Calif. Public Radio

2. Start with a Google Form

  • Search Google Forms for the how-to

3. Google Docs=>Create new=>Form 4. Write your questions

  • Always include sortable base questions: First name, Last name, e-mail address, city, zip, state, phone
  • Topic questions take various formats, multi-choice, radio button, checkbox, short or long text, etc.
  • Heres a stripped-down sample:

5. 6. Heres the real one on 7. Ask different types of non-leading questions, bias-free, seeking experiences. 8. Click submit, you get thanked, and the responses show up on a Google spreadsheet in your Google Docs. 9. Grab the link and shorten it( shown below) 10. Get your link out there

  • On your website in many places
  • Hyperlinked within related stories
  • In e-mails to relevant sources
  • Call-outs on radio, TV
  • To bloggers and gatekeepers who know the sources you want to know.
  • In-person outreach

11. Whats next?

  • Thank responders
  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Sift the material, store it, search it.
  • Identify your story
  • Report it out remember these are just anecdotal tips.

12. 13. 14. And on to the next story: 15. For more info:

  • [email_address]