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Guerilla Marketing:. Low-Cost Actions and Resources to Promote Change. Identifying The Problem In Your Community. What needs to change? Create a goal How will you achieve this goal? Create objectives and strategies. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Guerilla Advocacy:</p> <p>Guerilla Marketing:Low-Cost Actions and Resources to Promote ChangeKansas Family Partnership is a non-Profit organization that provides education, training and advocacy to Kansas Communities regarding substance abuse prevention. As a non-profit, we love to find new ways to achieve our goal with out breaking the bank. Im going to share with you, strategies that will help engage your community, access FREE resources and events or organizations you can get involved with. All of these are Free or low-cost. 1What needs to change? Create a goal</p> <p>How will you achieve this goal?Create objectives and strategies</p> <p>Identifying The Problem In Your CommunityWhere to start? Step 1: ask yourself or your group what you want to focus on changing in your community. Creating a goal will help narrow your topic, and target your efforts. Next ask, how will you achieve this goal? Create objectives and strategies to help reach your goal. This will give you stepping stones along the way and help the group and other volunteers remain focused on the goal. 2The report shows current levels of adolescent substance use, delinquency, violence, as well as, risk and protective levels.</p> <p>Statistics can be a very useful tool when explaining to others why you want a change. Find the Communities That Care (CTC) survey at This report shows current levels of adolescent substance use, delinquency, violence, as well as, risk and protective levels for your county and it compares these levels to those of the states average. This assessment is undertaken annually by the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services/Addiction and Prevention Services and is used by state agencies, counties, schools and communities in Kansas to monitor the incidence and prevalence of adolescent problem behaviors and the environmental factors that put children at risk or protect them from developing those behaviors.3Engaging the CommunityThere is power in numbers!Find others who are passionate about your organization or community issue. </p> <p>Changing the community can be a lot of work for one person or one group. Team up with friends, family and community leaders who are passionate about the same issue. Asking a local leader such as a mayor or school principle to speak at a town hall meeting will encourage others to attend and raise awareness of the issue. Santa Fe Trail High School SADD Chapter partnered with the local police department to promote seat belt use. They asked the officers to spend one afternoon outside the local schools and check each driver and passenger to make sure they were buckled up. This was free for the SADD chapter and an eye opener to community drivers. The Community Wheel on the slide gives suggestions of other groups in town that could help your group make a positive impact on the community. 4FREE or low budget Available Resources</p> <p>If you are looking for FREE or low cost resources, KFP and Kansas in general, has a lot to offer.5RADAR CenterRegional Alcohol and Drug Awareness Resources</p> <p>RADAR stands for Regional Alcohol and Drug Awareness Resources. This Center provides free printed material like brochures and posters as well as videos to anyone in Kansas. Topics include Alcohol, Tobacco, Parenting tips, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Prescription Drug Abuse, Inhalants, Treatment, other drugs and more. There is material available mostly for High School and Parents but some appeal to elementary, middle school, college and older adults. Most of the material is in English and some of it is available in Spanish. Lots of teachers and community leaders will order materials to hand out during Red Ribbon week, at Town Hall meetings, at school assemblies, county fairs and other events. Go to, select the RADAR tab and search by topic or title. 6Regional Prevention Centers services: Information, Education, Technical assistance, Consultation, Referral </p> <p>Examples would include:Informational programs about risk-focused prevention How community members can become involved Community risk and resource assessments Assistance mobilizing community coalition</p> <p>Regional Prevention Centers offer: Information, Education, Technical assistance, Consultation, Referral Examples would include:Informational programs about risk-focused prevention How community members can become involved Community risk and resource assessments Assistance mobilizing community coalition</p> <p>If you need a presenter or any type of resource, contact your local RPC. They will help. 7Social MediaWhat message are you trying to send?</p> <p>Which platform(s) fit your goal?</p> <p>Which platform does your audience use?</p> <p>Social Media is great because it is FREE marketing! You can communicate, coordinate and plan with your group big or small. Gain followers who want to receive more information and follow others you can get information from, like Kansas Family Partnership. </p> <p>Twitter: follow others with a similar interest or passion for the same issue. Theyll offer links to updated news, resources, ideas etc. and you can share your stuff too. Facebook: create a group to coordinate, plan and update followers for a particular topic or interest for quick community organization. Example: prom committee, SADD Chapter, Red Ribbon Campaign, Sports team, youth group, etc. Pages are good for a long term branding for an organization like a School, church, local business. Youtube: create quick pod cast videos and link them to your Facebook. Get involved with video competitions and earn some money for your organization. Host one of your own!8Events &amp; TrainingsKansas Youth Leadership Summit - August 1-3Red Ribbon Training April 27SADD Conference April 28Family Day 4th Monday in SeptemberRed Ribbon Week October 23-31</p> <p>Get ideas, network with other Kansas youth and enhance leadership skillsThere are many events offered to Kansas Youth through the RPC network and through Kansas Family Partnership. SADD Conference is April 28, also at the Holiday Inn Holidome in Topeka. Awards are given for Activity of the year, Chapter of the year and advisor of the year. Groups create an action plan, participate in games and listen to motivational speakers like Bill Cordes. Groups interested in starting a chapter could qualify for funding through the Topeka Community Foundation Grant. Other events offered by KFP include Family Day, A day to eat dinner with your family (which is the fourth Sunday in September) and Red Ribbon Week which is October 23-31. The picture shown is from KYLS 2009 when the participants were playing a popular game called spaghetti head. Each of these events train youth how to be good leaders and encourage drug-free behavior. 9Kansas Youth Leadership SummitAugust 1-3Rock Springs Center, Junction City, KSMeals includedCreate an Action PlanListen to inspirational speakersNetwork with other youth from across the stateWork with your team throughout the year to make a difference in your communityThe Kansas Youth Leadership Summit is offered through KFP and is provided by Kansas Department of Transportation . This summit is for High School students Freshman Junior and is held at Rock Springs Center in Junction City, KS. Sessions and presenters at this summit focus on educating participants about the dangers of underage drinking and encouraging the use of safety belts. Each team or group who attends, will be given time to create an action plan which they will implement in their community. 10Red Ribbon TrainingApril 27Holiday Inn Holidome, Topeka, KSOpen to Middle School, High School and Adult SponsorsTeam Building Activities Finding Solutions &amp; Solving the ProblemsRed Ribbon Award CriteriaHow to Plan a Successful Town Hall Meeting </p> <p> Red Ribbon Training is hosted by Kansas Family Partnership and is scheduled for April 27, 2010 at the Holiday Inn Holidome in Topeka, KS. This event trains high school, middle school and adult sponsors strategies to host a successful Red Ribbon Campaign. </p> <p>11Kansas SADD ConferenceApril 28Holiday Inn Holidome, Topeka, KSOpen to Middle School, High School and Adult SponsorsBill CordesHow to start a successful chapterCreate an action plan12Family Day4th Monday in September September 27, 2010Research by CASA at Columbia University consistently finds that the more often children eat dinner with their families, the less likely they are to smoke, drink or use drugs.</p> <p>13Positive ChargeApril 26-30Tagline: Empowering Youth to Live a Healthy LifeGoal: To raise awareness among Kansas youth that most teens dont drink underage, use tobacco or other drugs. Objective: Present positive messages to Kansas youthStrategy 1: Facebook: Its DRUG-FREE WEEK on Facebook! Did you know that statistics show MOST Kansas youth DONT use drugs or drink underage?? Post this status on your wall and write a message to tell your friends why you choose to be drug-free! Become a Fan of @Kansas Family Partnership and share your message on their wall too!Strategy 2: T-shirtsStrategy 3: YoutubeStrategy 4: Twitter</p> <p>April 26-30 a new campaign created by the Kansas SADD Student Leadership Council will launch. Positive charge is a week-long campaign created to combat the stereotype that everyone is doing it. This is a Facebook campaign and every High School youth is encouraged to post a message on the KFP Facebook Page wall and their personal profile, stating why they choose to be free of Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs. The SLC is using the KFP Facebook Page, Twitter, Youtube account, Email, snail mail to promote and launch this campaign. Another campaign which is low cost and uses easy to access resources is sobriety rocks which heather will talk more about.</p> <p>The data shows that in the last 30 days, of Kansas students surveyed, 90 percent haven't smoked a cigarette, 73 percent have not drunk alcohol, 99 percent didn't use methamphetamines, 92 percent didn't smoke marijuana, and 95 percent didn't use inhalants. </p> <p>14(785) 266-6161 or 800-206-7231 Thank you</p>