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Greater Expectations

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An overview of the Greater Expectations project given at Futurelab's research insights day, April 29th 2010 in London. Kieron Kirkland, Futurelab


  • 1. Greater Expectations

2. Greater Expectations
3 year R & D project funded by Becta
Support young peoples aspirations and entitlements for their lives and learning, incorporating the enabling role that digital technologies play in achieving this
Stimulate learner led activities, learner voice, greater motivation for and engagement in learning and more choice within the system
3. Some context ...
Childrens rights: UNCRC
National policy initiatives: Childrens Act , Every Child Matters, the Childrens Plan, Parent and Pupil guarantees
Education framework: National Curriculum, personalised education & learner voice
IT initiatives: Harnessing Technology strategy, digital literacy
4. What did it aim to do?
Identify core principles relating to young peoples expectations, entitlements and aspirations and examine how digital technologies can help put them into practice
Develop and promote free resource,guidance and support for young people, teachers, parents and childrens professionals to put principles into practice
5. The big ambition ...
6. The resource: the big ambition
7. Quick Thoughts...
What issues / questions come to mind when supporting young people to engage in rights?
What thoughts around the relationship between raising aspirations and engaging with rights /entitlements?
Difference between rights and entitlements?
8. Process
Desk research
Analysis of policies, charters,
rights to develop principles
Consultation with
Feedback on principles
Field work in schools
Initial resource design
9. Field Work in Schools
Children and young people at primary school, secondary school and college
Primarily learners who may not find formal education engaging or succeed in school
Interactive workshops to inform the content, shape and function of the resource
10. Field work findings
Importance of young peoples voice
Importance of autonomyand relationships, support and community for young people
Young people have high comfort and interest levels withtechnology but various range of use
Range of ambitions, interests and aspirations for all young people but these can sit alongside dissatisfaction with school and the feeling that they cant change things
Resource should have clear link to recognised policies and working frameworks
11. Developing the resource what do we know?
Free to use and accessible
Audiences young people and supportive adults
Account for individuality and interests (e.g., personalisable, use familiar platforms)
Engaging and relevant in language and look
May require online and offline resources
Should be developed through a participative process
12. Quick Thoughts
In developing a resource, what would you see as the risks and issues facing it?
What would you draw on to make it effective, technically or otherwise...
13. A possible journey:
Young peoples own interests and experiences
Participation and Voice
Areas for comment or interaction
Resources and tools
Case studies / showcases
Supported by policies, initiatives, charters, rights and entitlements
14. What will it do?
Chosen and collected from what is out there already ...
and created?
Greater Expectations resource
15. Work and learning opportunities
Play and Recreation
Staying safe
Identity, Respect,Equality
Friendships, relationships
and support
Creativity and Arts
and Voice
Health and
Well Being
Community and environment
16. GuruBot
Personalised character that can be on a web site or other places like Facebook/Bebo profile
Supports and prompts you to search results come from set of content (video, information, links) related to young people.
Possible interaction with site (e.g., recommend to a friend, comment)
17. Guru Bot

  • Wider user testing unenthusiastic

18. Chat assisted search not satisfactory way to get content 19. Technology not there yet 20. Search function required by funders 21. Budget