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Our telecom client wanted to advertise the new RECYCLED sim card, by printing POSTERS, LEAFLETS, and OUTDOOR PRINT ADS.....but doesn't that ruin the whole purpose of the campaign?In this presentation, my team and I gave him a set of solutions that included his requests and our recommendations.


  • 1. mobilyGoes Green CSR Campaign 20 Sep, 2010

2. Direction 1 3. A GreenerFootprintAs consumers, eachone of us is responsiblefor a certain emission ofCO2, or what is called acarbon footprint.But as a company withgreen objectives, mobilyplans to leave behindmore positive mark. 4. Direction 2 5. Our Logo(also Motto)Is BlueA play on words in theArabic Language.The Arabic word forlogo also meansmottoThus saying, we have ablue logo and a greenmotto. 6. The rest of the presentation was intended to convince mobily,That saving printing paper, and avoiding pollutants,in this campaigns production process, Will add a more ethical dimensionto their brand 7. But convincing them to practice what they preachWould be hypocrisy if we didnt do it ourselves. 8. We did the following to demonstrate going greenOn the clients own CRT projector 9. BLK SCRBlack saves 25% off this projectors power consumption 10. Walk The Talkmobilysinitiative to reduce paper consumption, and non degradablematerial has a deep ethical value.But how can we preach that in a print campaign, when..- Ink and publishing are major pollutants- And paper consumption contributes negatively to the quality of air webreath.The following concept not only answers the above perspectiveBut also responds to the clients request of using print media. 11. Outdoor Media:Printing half the amountof paper as a creativesolution will showsincerity in themessage, not tomention printing money. Less is More. Save paper 12. News Paper &MagazinePrinting half thenewspaper ad in Black& White reducespollutants from ink.Less is More. Reduce Ink Toxins 13. Actions speak louder than words, especially since mobily will soon launchGreen SIM Cards, made from low toxin recyclable material.Demonstrating going green to the public initiates the social act. Drivingpeople to choose greener products, and companies.