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Solutions from Concept to Complete Part Gautam Group Since 1962 in Castings Manufacturers of Cast Iron, Ductile (SG) & Machined Components Iron Casting

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Page 1: Gautam Group

Solutions from Concept to Complete Part

Gautam Group

Since 1962 in Castings

Manufacturers of Cast Iron, Ductile (SG) & Machined Components

Iron Casting

Page 2: Gautam Group

About us

Since 1962 in Castings, Gautam Group has years of successful business behind them and with the company

thriving on challenge and innovation, it is more than ready to grab future opportunities. We have become one

of the leading foundries in Gujarat, India, by producing Cast Iron, Ductile (SG) Iron Casting & Machined

Components. We have a production capacity of 36000 Metric Tons per annum with our new expansion.

We are an ISO/TS 16949 certified company, supplying various parts like Housings, Front Axle Supports, 4WD

Drive Axle Parts, Counter Weights to Original Equipment Manufacturers in Tractor, Auto, & Engineering

industries. At Gautam, we ensure Value Addition and are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by

rendering best quality components through continuous improvement in its Quality Process together with

ethical business standards and integrity.


• A strong quality management system conforming to ISO/TS 16949 2009.

• Management's ability to motivate and harness the capabilities of its human resources.

• Develop and nurture a strong vendor base and its commitment to quality, cost, delivery and customer satisfaction.

• Speedy and first time right development of castings. Average lead-time for new product development is 4 weeks.

• Equipped with all the modern manufacturing and quality control facilities with in-house pattern development and machine shop.

Gautam Group is with you for in-depth support that can reduce development time, improve process efficiency and help you to improve product quality and performance standards.








through Competitive edge.

through team building and organisation development.

quality reforms.

through technology upgradation.

through skilful work force & customer satisfaction.

through corporate planning & management development programme.

Page 3: Gautam Group

Customer Advantage

We have CLEAR FOCUS GO Above & Beyond OUR TEAMto with

Panchratna Casting Commodity AWARD from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., "2013".

BEST SCM Performance AWARD from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., "2012".

Appreciation AWARD from VOLTAS LTD (KION GROUP) "2007".

Speed and Quality Award for New Development,"2013".

"We Value Our Partner"

Clear Focus

GO Above& Beyond

Our Team

First Time & Every Time



Work Dil Se...

(Front Weight, Wheel Weight& Counter Weight)

(Clutch Hsg., Hydraulic Hsg., Transmission Hsg. & Front Axle Support)

One Stop Casting Solutions

Small Castings to Big Castings(1 kg to 10,000 kg)

Raw Casting to Machined Components

Gray Cast Iron to Ductile (SG) Iron Parts(1 kg to 10,000 kg) (1 kg to 250 kg)

Delighted Partners

Page 4: Gautam Group

Induction Furnace

Cold Box

Shot Blasting

Molding Machine


Molding Line & Metal Pouring

Model Mould Box Size Moulds Production C/ hr apacity

S450 600 x 550 x 190 45 450MT (SG Iron)

A1300 1000 x 900 x 400/300 35 1350MT

A450 700 x 800 x 150/150 45 450MT

Hand Moulding 3000 x 2000 x 1000 2 500MT

Hand Moulding 400 x 300 x 100/100 20 250MT

Model Make Production Capacity

Furnace Inductotherm 4.5MT/Hr

Coke Fired Cupola 3.0MT/Hr

Sand Plant Disa 60MT/Hr

Mixture Disa 60MT/Hr

Sand Cooler Disa 60MT/Hr

Cold Box Span CBVP1000 1000 x 700mm (150kg)

Span CBVP600 600 x 450mm (40kg)

Span CBVP400 450 x 300mm (15kg)

Shell Core Shooter Susha 1518VTA 375 x 45

Susha 250 x 20

Shot Blasting Disa Wheelabrator VP500 hanger type 500kg

Patel hanger type 500kg

Sand Plant

We are equipped with Modern Foundry Machineries. Few important highlights are captured below:

Page 5: Gautam Group



Gautam Group has touched the frontiers of advanced testing withultramodern equipments that include Microscope, UTM, Spectrometer,CMM (Co-ordinate measuring m/c), Height, Master, Surface Roughness Tester etc.

Our Quality Policy

We at Gautam Group 'are not in competition with anybody but with ourselves, our goal is to beat our last performance.'

Gautam Group is committed to satisfy the customers' expectations by doing continual improvement in products, process & quality management system by involving motivated human resource of appropriate skills.

Quality Objectives

• Optimum response time to customer requirement.

• Reduction in in-house defects & rejection i.e. towards Zero Defect.

• 85% utilization of plant installed capacity OEE.

• Train the employees to enable them to improve their skills and knowledge to cope up the changing needs and better performance. "People feel proud to work in Gautam Group"

Make Model Table Size Travel Size


Makino A81 630 x 630 Ø950 x 1000

Makino A71 500 x 500 Ø800 x 900

BFW MaxPro H450E 400 x 400 Ø600 x 550

Jyoti HMC-560 630 x 630 Ø800 x 900


BFW (Twin Pallet) 2 nos. BMV60TC30 1000 x 500 1000 x 600

Jyoti (Twin Pallet) 640 600 x 400 600 x 400

Jyoti 850 1000 x 500 850 x 500

Jyoti 1260 1300 x 600 1200 x 600

Turning Center

AEC Mega Jobber Ø250 Chuck 600

Jyoti STC 200 Ø200 Chuck 500

Jyoti DX 200 Ø200 Chuck 500


BFW BVL 550 Ø400 chuck Ø400 x 750

We are equipped with the State-of-the-art Machining Facilities:

Page 6: Gautam Group

ProductsCast Iron (1kg to 30 kg)

Ductile (SG) Iron (1kg to 30 kg)

CI Housings (20kg to 150 kg)

Page 7: Gautam Group

Front Axle Supports C.I. & S.G. (from 20kg to 200kg)

Various Finished Weight Casting (1kg to 100kg)

Counter Weight Casting for Forklifts & Cranes (100kg to 10,000kg)

Page 8: Gautam Group

Corporate Office:11/12, Meckoni House, Ground Floor, 369 Bhandarkar Road, Matunga (E), Mumbai - 400 019, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Tel.: +91 22 2404 2754 / 2409 6297 • Telefax: +91 22 2403 2047 • Email: [email protected] • Web:

Plant 1:

Plot No. G-101,102,103,110,111,02,P3 & P14, Lodhika, GIDC, Kalawad Road, Metoda, P.O. Khirasara (RAN), Rajkot – 360 021. Gujarat INDIA. Tel./Fax: +91 2827-287225 / 287226 / 287509

Plant 2:

Old Gunjiwad, Near PTC, Behind Daylight Ceramics, Rajkot – 360 003. Gujarat, INDIA. Tel./Fax: +91 281-2385590

Gautam Technocast.

Gautam Casting Ind. Pvt. Ltd.

Our well wishers we Cater to

Automotive Industry Axle Manufacturers

Few Other Customers






Material Handling Equipment & CraneVarious Tractor Manufacturers


Since 1962 in Castings

Gautam Group