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<ul><li><p>Angel FundraisingPackA guide to how you can be an angel!</p></li><li><p>Thank you!Youve raised those much-needed funds to take us a step further along the way.You can get them to us in one of two ways:</p><p>Online</p><p>Go to and click on Donate. You can then donate by credit or debit card. If youre making an individual donation, PLEASE also Gift Aid it if you can.</p><p>If youre paying in on behalf of several people (if youve done a sponsored event, for example), please also send us your sponsorship form so we can collect the Gift Aid.Please send it to:</p><p>ASK Development TrustFirst Floor2-6 High StreetKingstonKT1 1EY</p><p>By post</p><p>Please dont send any cash through the post. Make cheques payable to ASK and post to:</p><p>ASK Development TrustFirst Floor2-6 High StreetKingstonKT1 1EY</p><p>And please remember to include a completed Gift Aid form.</p><p>Youre an angel Count your blessings </p><p>(and then send them to us!)</p><p> Charity 1146858</p></li><li><p>Tea parties and coee mornings are a great way for you and your friends to get together, catch up and raise funds at the same time.</p><p>And of course, it just has to be angel cake or devils food cake to eat! There are lots of great recipes on the web.</p><p>And how about making bigger batches, and having a cake sale? </p><p>Remember that donations can be Gift Aided, raising even more funds at no extra cost use one of the forms in this pack.</p><p>Be an angel and put the kettle on!</p></li><li><p>Nows the time to have friends and neighbours round for drinks and cheer and what better way to spread the goodwill than raise funds for ASK at the same time?</p><p>Or if youre a local business, you may want to treat your customers</p><p>We suggest an angelic Shirley Temple mocktail or a devilishly red Cosmopolitan and dont forget to hand round angels and devils on horseback.</p><p>Remember that donations can be Gift Aided, raising even more funds at no extra cost use one of the forms in this pack.</p><p>Be an angel its party time!</p><p> Charity 1146858</p></li><li><p>Whether its doing a fun run, getting on your bike, climbing a mountain or knitting for Britain, you can ask for sponsorship and know youre helping to build something wonderful.</p><p>Set up an online sponsorship page (we often use JustGiving) and email or Facebook all your contacts with the link.</p><p>And in the pack is a sponsorship form for the tried and trusted pen and paper method.</p><p>Remember that Gift Aid can add so much more!</p><p>Be an angel get sponsored!</p></li><li><p> Charity 1146858</p><p>You dont have to do anything just rst go to</p><p>Check to see if your favourite online retailer is listed, shop as usual, and then we get free money without you spending an extra penny.</p><p>Put the link on your desktop, list it as your favourite on the toolbar, make it your homepage anything so that you dont forget!</p><p>And spread the word maybe have a competition to see who can raise the most!</p><p>Be an angel when youre shopping online!</p></li><li><p>Initials Name Address Postcode Amount </p><p>Pledged ()Amount received Date received</p><p>Be an Angel... ...Sponsor form</p><p>Cheques should be made payable to ASK. Please send your completed form to ASK Development Trust, 1st floor, 2-6 High Street, Kingston KT11EY*In order for ASK to reclaim the tax you have paid on your donations, you must have paid in each tax year an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities or community amateur sports clubs you donate to will reclaim in that tax year.</p><p></p><p>Please tick here if you would like ASK to reclaim the tax you have paid on </p><p>this donation. Please read the details and declaration </p><p>below* </p></li><li><p>All Saints Kingston Development Trust, First Floor, 2-6 High Street, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 1EY</p><p></p><p>ASK is a registered charity No: 1146858ASK Development Trust is a company limitedby guarantee, registration number 7865024</p></li></ul>