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Full Moon Events SA is looking to offer a truly unique and vibrant experience to its clients including fire acts, eye popping decor, a unique exclusive drinking bucket, the highest quality sound available and the best local and International artists the electronic dance music culture has to offer.

THE FIRST FULL MOON The First Full Moon had a vibe that few parties can relate to, the event attracted over 800 people to a venue with a maximum capacity of 500 , unfortunatly we could only allow 600 guests due to size restriction. Casbahs bar made their all time record turnover. The success of the event, given the fact that this was our first attempt, is a direct result of the vibe we attempted to create, our relations with individuals in the psy-trance community and our knowledge and experience of these type of events. Tickets were sold at R60 presold and R90 at the gate.

THE FULL MOON FESTIVAL Our Second event was called The Full Moon Festival and took place at the respected Klein Libertas Theater in Stellenbosch on the 4th of August 2012. This venue catered for a much larger crowd and hosted over 1 200 guests. The Festival Incorporated fire dancing shows, food stalls as well as both an indoor and outdoor stage and dance floor. The venue has ample space indoors and catered for the rain outdoors with a massive 20m by 12m Monster energy drink stretch tent. The Klein Libertas bar equalled their all time record for bar sales and were sold out of various types of liquor by 12pm.

The Full Moon Festival boasted two alternative dance floors, one being outdoors and the other one being indoors, this added to the festival theme which we are trying to carry. The line-ups for the two stages were as follows:

Saros Stage - Outdoors

17h00 - 18h00 - Jubilee18h00 - 19h00 - ADHD19h00 - 20h00 - Kid Filth20h00 - 21h00 - Silver Jack Signal21h00 - 22h00 - Depsypill

Galactic Stage - Indoors

18h00 - 19h30 Psytoplasm 19h30 - 21h00 - Silo21h00 - 22h00 - Bruce22h00 - 23h00 - Commercial Hippies (LIVE)23h00 - 01h00 - Deliriant vs Mad Piper (LIVE)01h00 - 02h00 - Rubix Qube (LIVE)

The Dark Moon Festival 2013

The Dark Moon 15 May 2013Featuring German International Tickets (Timecode/Mechanik)

Artwork Done By Roxy Barlow DesignFlyerPoster

The Dark Moon Events Details The Dark Moon was our season opening event for 2013 and took place at Opskop, a large club venue 10 minutes drive outside of Stellenbosch. Having a lot more experience the Dark Moon was a smooth running event but also our first event Featuring an International Artist Tickets from Timecode Records which we flew down from Germany exclusively for the event.

Eclipse June 22 2013

Eclipse took place at The Side show in Cape Town, one of the most popular and largest night clubs in the Cape Town Nightlife scene with space to accomodate as many as 1400 guestsThe big reason for the excitement of the event was due to Exaile, our world famous International Isreali artists for the event , as well as the fact that we have grown our reputation to be able to host an event of this calibre.

Poster Designs for Eclipse

The Full Moon FestivalJuly 25th Klein Libertas TheatreFeaturing Lost & Found, Rubix Qube, Broken Toy, Technicolor and many more




Full Moon SAs Facebook page has followers from countries all over the world including United Kingdom , New Zealand, Namibia, India ,United States of America , Israel , Australia , Mexico , Denmark , Bahrain , Greece , Netherlands , Belgium , Kenya , Serbia , Germany , Canada , Montenegro.

MARKETING Primary medium of communication with target audience is done via Facebook due to the ease of accessibility and popularity of this social network amongst these individuals. The Full Moon Events SA page on Facebook has over 1553 likes

Traditional media will include the distribution of 10 000 flyers in and around Cape Town including Stellenbosch , via the Monster Energy Drink promotional team and our own flyer distributing team.

In addition to this MatieFM will run weekly mentions of our events on their gig guide during the build up to our events.We also have a twitter account as a medium of advertising with over 578 follower's.

Previous Promotional PartnersMonster Energy drinks

Camel Cigarettes

Pure Filth Sound Events

Pumped Industries

Contact InfoEmail :sa.fullmoon@yahoo.co.za schalkk@yahoo.com

Schalk Kruger - 0842008458

Facebook : Full Moon Events South AfricaTwitter : @FullMoon _SA


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