freetown cholera atlas photos section photos: julien eyrard

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Freetown Cholera Atlas Photos Section Photos: Julien Eyrard Slide 2 Susannes Bay sea shore. Slide 3 Slide 4 Susannes Bay Solid waste on the sea shore. Scrap metal collection. Slide 5 Kroo Bay The solid waste on the beach. Slide 6 Susannes Bay The solid waste are used to gain polders on the sea. Slide 7 Susannes Bay Guma Valley Water Company tap stand. Slide 8 Susannes Bay Density of housing. Slide 9 Kroo Bay Guma Valley tap stand. Slide 10 Susannes Bay Water collection from a broken pipe. Slide 11 Coconut Farm Collective shower at the only spring of the area. Slide 12 Susannes Bay Collective shower. Slide 13 Kroo Bay Community based shower an d laundering area installed on a spring. Slide 14 King Tom The solid waste. Slide 15 Coconut Farm Cold Wata, the only water point of the section. Slide 16 Spring in Coconut Farm Slide 17 Water is Life Slide 18 A resource to preserve by any means: the Guma reservoir