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    IntroductionNaruto: d20 is a supplement for the Roleplaying Game d20 Modern published by Wizardsof the Coast. To be able to comprehend and use the game to its full extent, you shouldpurchase the d20 Modern Core Rulebook if you do not already own it. An alternativesolution would be to read the System Reference Document (SRD) which contains everyOGC portion of the rulebook, minus any artwork and flavor text shown in the originalproduct.

    The Naruto: d20 Guidebook contains in depth information about the Naruto world andits inhabitant, namely ninjas. It contains wealth of information about their differenttechniques, the famous "Chakra" and even the geography. With a proficient GameMaster, one could even recreate the whole Naruto series if he so wished!

    Chapter I: Basics of Naruto d20, as well as a small overview, will be covered here.

    Chakra is a source of energy found in every living being. It is essential in the use ofNinjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu techniques. Molding Chakra is a basic skill taught toapprentice ninja at a very young age at the Academy.

    Running out of Chakra: Most people have a very small amount of Chakra, and whenthat Chakra is used up, one simply cant perform a technique of any sort or do anythingelse for that matter. Once the Chakra pool is reduced to 0, one must succeed a Fortitudesave (DC 20) or be reduced to one tenth of his total hit points (or 1 hit point if currenttotal is below that) and become Exhausted. If the save is successful, the person stillbecomes Fatigued and his total hit points are halved. Once a characters Chakra pool hit

  • 0, it can only perform one attack action or move action and one free action per round. Acharacter who suffers Chakra damage once his Chakra Pool is reduced to 0 isautomatically reduced to -1 hit points and dying. Further Chakra damage is converted toHit Points damage.

    Detect Emotions: Some ability may grant a character the ability to sense a creature's moodand emotions. If a character is aware of a creature that is within 30 feet, he may make aSense Motive check (DC 20) to determine whether or not the creature is hostile. Targetsof this ability must have an Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma score of at least 1.

    See Chakra: Some ability may grant a character the ability to see Chakra. That means thecharacter is able to see threads of Chakra around him and react to it better than mostindividuals. A character that can See Chakra gains a +4 bonus to Genjutsu checks todetect a Genjutsu technique and a +4 bonus to Will save to disbelieve them.

    See Through Chakra: Even further than being able to See Chakra a character that can SeeThrough Chakra is automatically able to detect a Genjutsu effect and gains a +6 bonus toWill save to resist any sort of Genjutsu. Furthermore, a character that can see throughchakra is able to determine if a creature is a clone, real or summoned. If the creature is infact a clone, the character will instantly know if it can cause harm or alter the surrounding(such as a Kage Bunshin's real body). While he can recognize that a creature is a clone, hewill still be unable to make the difference between it and the original.

    Sense Chakra: Some characters are also able to sense Chakra. If a creature's Chakra Poolis greater than 10, the character will gain a +3 competence bonus to Spot check to locateany creature in a 30 feet radius. If a creature's Chakra Pool is greater than 30, a characterable to Sense Chakra gains an ability similar to Scent, which allows to him to detecthidden and invisible creatures, except that Sense Chakra functions as a sixth sense ratherthan using the sense of smell and works solely for creatures with full chakra pools. Heroiccharacters with at least 1 Chakra Pool can concentrate for a full-round and gain the abilityto Sense Chakra for 1d3 rounds. The character may also determine if a Chakra Pool isgreater, about equal or lower than his own if he spends a move-equivalent actionconcentrating. In addition, a character with the ability to Sense Chakra may make aWisdom check (DC 15) to instantly be aware when a technique is used within 30 feet ofhis location, though he will not be able to determine the source automatically. A characterwith the ability to Sense Chakra can also recognize specific Chakra Signatures as humansdo sight, providing he is well acquainted or at least familiar with the owner of saidsignature.

    Chakra Signature: Every creature has a Chakra Signature. Being able to identify itinstantly reveals the identity of the creature. Though one's Chakra Signature can bemodified, those with that ability are rare. Some techniques and ability rely on one'sChakra Signature to be used. One should note that technique that modify one'sappearance, such as Henge no Jutsu, will NOT modify one's Chakra Signature. Once acreature dies, its Chakra, along with its Chakra signature, disappears.

  • Extreme Speeds: Some ability may grant the character extremely high speed. There aremany levels of said speeds, some well beyond what normal human eyes can see. Astandard creature has a speed of Rank 0, and some ability may increase that ranking by acertain number, such as the X Kyuu Sokuryoku techniques. A creature suffers a -2 penaltyto Spot checks per rank above his after 0 and -4 per rank above his after 5, though someability may lessen or nullify that penalty. Speed Rank bonuses do not stack. Whenchanging ranks, simply use the bonuses given by the new rank. There are 10 speed ranks;beyond that, a creature gains no additional benefit. Speed Ranks from 1 to 9 can beachieved through techniques or other such method, but a character cannot attain SpeedRank 10 without a special ability or feat. Multiple non-permanent Speed Rank increasedo not stack.

    An encumbered character suffers a -1 penalty to his speed ranks, and an heavilyencumbered character -2, though the speed rank cannot go lower than 0. That means thata +3 Speed Rank increase to a heavily encumbered character with no natural orpermanent speed rank would become a Rank 1 speed instead of Rank 3.

    Kawarimi Defense: A Kawarimi defense means that a creature cannot avoid thecharacter's attack using Bakuretsu Kawarimi no Jutsu, Denkousekka Kaihi, HijouKawarimi no Jutsu or Kawarimi no Jutsu unless it moves at a speed rank equal to thespecified entry.

    Rank 0: This speed rank provide no bonus whatsover and is simply regular humanspeed. Every creature start at Speed Rank 0 and very few ever permanently advance.

    Rank 1: Achieving this speed rank increases the character's base movement speed by 10feet. In addition, the character gains a +2 bonus to Jump checks, Reflex saves and dodgebonus to Defense, as well as a +1 bonus to attack rolls while moving at Rank 1 speed.

    Rank 2: This speed ranks grant a 15 feet movement increase, a +3 bonus to Jumpchecks, Reflex saves and dodge bonus to Defense, as well as a +2 bonus to attack rolls.

    Rank 3: Upon reaching the third speed rank, the character gains a 20 feet movementincrease, +4 bonus to Jump checks, Reflex saves, dodge bonus to Defense, a +3 bonus toattack rolls and ranged attacks made against the user suffer a 5% miss chance.

    Rank 4: The fourth speed ranks grants the character a 25 feet movement increase, a +5bonus to Jump checks, Reflex saves, dodge bonus to Defense and a +4 bonus to attackrolls. In addition, ranged attacks made against the character suffer a 10% miss chance,and he gains a kawarimi defense 1.

    Rank 5: This speed rank is at the very limit of human sight, bordering on godly speeds.The character gains a +6 bonus to Jump checks, Reflex saves, dodge bonus to Defenseand a +5 bonus to attack rolls. His base movement speed increases by 30 feet, he gains a15% concealment bonus against ranged attacks and he gains a kawarimi defense 2.

  • Rank 6: Beyond the fifth speed rank, a character enters the realm of surnatural speedsdefying the laws of gravity. Such speed are impossible to achieve by human standards,and make it almost impossible to spot by the untrained eye. The character gains a +7bonus to Jump checks, Reflex saves, dodge bonus to Defense and a +6 bonus to attackrolls. His kawarimi defense increases to 4, his concealment bonus against ranged attacksto 20% and his movement speed by 40 feets. In addition, the character gains an additionalattack per round while making a full-attack action, at his highest attack bonus, but with a-5 penalty.

    Rank 7: Farther in the realm of impossible speeds, the character gains a +8 bonus toJump checks, Reflex saves, dodge bonus to Defense and a +6 bonus to attack rolls, aswell as a 45 feet movement increase. He also gains an additional attack per round at hishighest attack bonus while making a full attack action, a 20% concealment bonus againstranged attacks and his kawarimi defense increases to 4.

    Rank 8: The character gains a +9 bonus to Jump checks, Reflex saves, dodge bonus toDefense and a +7 bonus to attack rolls. His base movement speed increases to 50 feet,kawarimi defense to 5 and he gains a 20% concealment bonus against ranged attacks and5% against melee attacks.

    Rank 9: The character moving at speed rank 9 gains a +9 bonus to Jump checks, Reflexsaves, dodge bonus to Defense and a +8 bonus to attack rolls. His base movement speedincreases to 60 feet, kawarimi defense to 6 and he gains a 20% concealment bonusagainst ranged attacks and 10% against melee attacks.