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JORGE RIBEIRO 16/04/2009

JORGE RIBEIRO 16/04/2009Formal OrdersPreliminary:1) Weather: Higher 55 lower 39. It may rain a little.2) Personel:

Tl Jorge E3

2IC Teemu E5

PPO Chris E2

DRV of V1 Vlad E4

DRV of V2 Scott E1Ground:Map with the area where we are suppose to operate, Dolphin Shopping Centre and Cafe Shore.

The red saqure on the mapa shows the location of the Dolphin Shopping Centre.

The Cafe Shore ColumbiaDue to timings and security inside the Dolphin Shopping Centre it was not possible to provide more information. Situation:

Eenemy forces: 1)The A.L.F. Animal Liberation Front is carrying out active targeting and surveillance of Bravo 1.

2) Media News of the Screws media group are interested in obtaining an off the cuff interview with Bravo 1.

Friendly Forces:1) Poole Police StationCivic Centre, Poole, BH15 2SE

01202 222222

Dorset Police

1 Canford Heath RdPoole, BH17

01202 696262

Dorset Police

Continental Freight Ferry TerminalNew Harbour Rd, Poole, BH15 4AJ

01202 222222

Mission: The mission is to escort Bravo 1 from Apolo to Columbia. And at Columbia escort Bravo 1 where he will spend approximately 1-2 hours. Once Bravo 1 has finished we will escort Bravo 1 from Columbia to Zero Base safe.Execution:We will leave Columbia when Bravo 1 will be ready and take Bravo 1 to Apollo by the route i provided. However we will be at Columbia at 11:30am where we will escort Bravo 1 approximately 1-2 hours and then escort Bravo 1 from Columbia to Zero Base.

Phase 1Brief Bravo 2 Embus Bravo 2 at Columbia in Victor 1. Phase 2

Escort Bravo 2 from embus point to Columbia using BLUE route.BLUE ROUTE FROM CAFE SHORE, 10-14 Banks Road, Sandbanks, Poole Dorset, BH13 7QB TO Dolphin Shopping Centre, 110 Dolphin Centre, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1SZ.

Primary Route: BLUE ROUTE

After embussing the principle in the car (from the side of the road or from the carpark) turn right to Banks Road (B3369)

1.Head northeast on B3369/Banks Rd toward Banks Rd

Continue to follow B3369

Go through 1 roundabout


2.Continue on A35/Sandbanks Rd


3.Slight left at A350/Sandbanks Rd

Continue to follow A350

Go through 1 roundabout


4.Enter The George Roundabout


Turn left and follow the signs to Shopping Centre car park inside the building.

Drive to the gates of the carpark, press button and get a ticket. Drive to the any levels of the car park building (5 levels, from A to E), ground floor shopping is easiest to access from level B. It took 3minutes 30 seconds from the car park entrance to the actual place the SAP parked the car.

Total: 13:30minutes / 4.1 miles

NOTE: There is a very narrow space on Sandbank Road half a mile from conjunction to A350. It is a tunnel with railroad going above it. There is virtually no possibility for two cars to go through it at the same time.

Phase 3Debus point (south entrance)Bravo 2 and escort him during his visit to Apollo. V1 and V2 will park as close as possible from the embus point.

Debus point you can see the door and the steps leading to the shops.

Phase 4

The TL call Victor 1 and/or Victor 2 get ready to embus at the same place where Bravo 1 debused.Phase 5Escort Bravo 2 from Columbia to Zero base using YELLOW route.


Route Back:


1.Head west on A350/Towngate Bridge


2.At the roundabout, take the 4th exit and stay on A350/Towngate Bridge heading to Bournemouth/Parkstone/A35


3.At The George Roundabout, take the 1st exit onto B3093/Wimborne Rd

Go through 1 roundabout


4.Slight left at Wimborne Rd


5.At A349, take the 3rd exit onto A349/Waterloo Rd

Continue to follow A349

Go through 1 roundabout


6.At the roundabout, exit onto A349/Gravel Hill

Continue to follow Gravel Hill


7.Continue on A341/Oakley Hill

Continue to follow A341

Go through 1 roundabout


8.At Merley Roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto A31

Go through 1 roundabout


9.Turn left at Uddens Dr

0.3mi8.4mi about 22 minsActions on:Attack on principal: Call 999, return to Zero base or local police station.

Casualties: if its an emergency call 999 if not try to treat with our med kits and then go to Poole general Hospital.

Breakdown: -if Victor 1 transfer Bravo 1 to Victor 2 and return Zero Base. -if Victor 2 then TL get into Victor 1 and return to Zero Base.

Checkpoints: Blue 1 East Dorset Sailing Club on Shore Road (B3369)

Blue 2 Junction of Sandbanks Road and Parkstone Road

Yellow 1 Wimborne Road A35/ Waterloo A349Yellow 2 Darbys CornerYellow 3 A341/A31RV's:

Blue 3 - White Cliff Road Parking Football field (B3369)Yellow 4 Pool Grammar SchoolIf there is a problem with blue route then we have th secondary route from Apollo to Columbia Green Route.

Secondary Route: GREEN ROUTE

From embus point, continue on B3369 for 1.2miles

Turn right to Haven Road B3065

Drive forward 0.7miles

Take 2nd exit on Roundabout to B065

Drive straight in The Avenue for 1.3 miles

Take 3rd exit (A35) towards Poole

Drive on Poole Road for 0.8 miles

Take 1st exit on roundabout to A35, Bournemouth Road

Drive forward 1.5 miles on A35

Turn left to Park Road

Turn right to Sandbanks Road

Turn left to Parkstone Road, A350

pass thourgh one roundabout

At George Roundabout follow the signs to the carpark on the southeast corner of the Dolphin Shopping Center.

Car park entrance procedures are the same as in primary route.RED ROUTE

If there is a problem with yellow route then we have the red route from Columbia to Zero Base RED ROUTE

.Head west on A350/Towngate Bridge0.2mi

2.At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto A350/Holes Bay Rd

Continue to follow A350

Go through 1 roundabout1.6mi

3.At Holes Bay North Roundabout, take the 1st exit onto A35 heading to Upton/A350/Blandford/Dorchester/Wareham/Hamworthy1.6mi

4.Take the A350 exit toward Hamworthy0.2mi

5.At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto A350/Blandford Rd N

Continue to follow A3503.6mi

6.At Roundhouse Roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto A31

Go through 3 roundabouts7.2mi

7.Turn left at Uddens Dr

14.7mi about 23 mins


Summary of Execution:Victor 1 and Victor 2 remember when mobile we move as a convoy. During the debus at Columbia E1 and E4 are going to park V1 and V2, since we dont know if tere will be places outside and in case you have to park them in the underground parking make sure you can use your mobiles without any restrictions. If not possible E1 stays with V1 and V2 and E4 find a place where he can receive a call from the other team. Once i get inside Apollo i will personnaly check coms. When inside the Columbia use escalator and stairs rather than lifts, they are very crowdy and we have no control.Service Support:1) Dress: smart casual.

2) Make that vehicles are fuelled, they have break down kit, med kit and documents. 3) I provide the maps, street plans, layout of the dolphin shopping centre and route card.4) Satnav

5) Camera

6) Book

7) ID, driving licence and SIA card.

) Support Elements:

Poole General Hospital

Poole HospitalLongfleet Road, BH15 2JB, UK

01202 665511

Command and signals:Chain of command and call signs: Jorge E3 TL

Teemu E4 2IC

Chris E2 PPO

Scott E1 DRV

Vlad E5 DRV

Principals VHL Victor 1PES VHL Victor 2

Columbia Shore Cafe

Apollo Dolphin Sopping Centre

Zero Base - Redbridge Manor & Ops centre

Bravo 1 - Prncipal

Communications: mobile phones and radios, spare batteries, Channel 2.

Radios will be used only by V1 and V2. Unless we have an unexpected situation.Coordinating Instructions:Team phone numbers:

Jorge - 07747175893

Teemu 07990663352

Chris - 07899862868

Scott - 07786561276

Vlad 07733336945

Oscar 2 - 07927996552Oscar 3 07704495862


Police: 01202222222 Incident number I 16/410

Other emergencies : 999A & E : 01202704167REDMANOR - 01202870010

Team medical information:

Scott O Pos/KNA

Chris O Neg/ No PCN

Jorge A POS/ Sulfamides


Vlad O Pos/KNA