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  • 1. Dolphins I am going to tell you about dolphins. I picked dolphins because I like dolphins but I dont know much about them. So I will learn something too.

2. Habitat Dolphins live in oceans. They are found all around the world. 3. Physical Description Dolphins are usually smaller then whales. They are usually 4 to 30 feet long. They weigh between 100 to 20,ooo pounds. All dolphins have a smooth, rubbery skin. They also have a thick layer of fat called blubber. 4. Diet Dolphins are carnivores . They eat fish and squids. 5. Behavior Most dolphins live in large groups. Members of the group communicate using various whistles and clicks. Many dolphin groups work together to catch fish. Scientists think that dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on earth. 6. Interesting Facts Dolphins often catch prey in groups. They may surround a school of fish with bubbles, using the bubbles as a net to trap the fish. 7. Summary I liked telling you about dolphins. I really like dolphins. I want to ride one some day. I learned a lot! 8. Sources