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<ul><li> 1. Dolphins are the most intelligent of animals and Japan is slaughtering them.<br /></li> <li> 2. </li> <li> 3. What are DOLPHINS?<br />Mammals <br />A small gregarious and highly intelligent<br />toothed whale that typically has a beaklike snout and a curved fin on the back<br />Entertainers<br /></li> <li> 4. Scientist says: Dolphin should be treated as non-human person<br />Dolphins can communicate, transmitting and receiving much more complex information than other animals.<br />dolphin has to consciously make a decision to take a breath each and every time.<br />Dolphins are very smart creatures. <br />They are fast learners, and can generalize about subject, just like pigs can.<br /> Dolphins sometimes have been described as being as intelligent as a two year old human child<br /></li> <li> 5. FACT 1<br />Noises<br />Dolphin communicate by sonar and sound <br />They can see right through a persons by using sonar<br />When fishermen creates sounds with their motors/propellers, banging their ship rails, honking horns etc., dolphins will swim away from the noises <br /></li> <li> 6. FACT 2<br />Japan is the number one largest fish market in the world. <br /></li> <li> 7. Dolphins compete for its food source.<br /></li> <li> 8. JAPANs EXCUSE<br /></li> <li> 9. Truth be told to the public. (Dolphin meat sold as high premium meat)<br /></li> <li> 10. FACT 3<br />Dolphin meat has the highest level of mercury<br /></li> <li> 11. MERCURY POISON<br /></li> <li> 12. The truth Behind at the Cove<br /></li> <li> 13. FACT 4<br />Once Behind the Cove<br />the fishermen kill the dolphins.<br />slashing their throats with knives or stabbing them with spears.<br />The water turns red with their blood.<br />and the air fills with their screams<br /></li> <li> 14. FACT 5<br /></li> <li> 15. Stop the Dolphin Slaughtering<br /></li> <li> 16. You can make a difference <br /></li> <li> 17. Final Presentation Created By Mai Yang<br />English Composition 1021<br />Teacher: Gordon Pueschner<br /><br />Every vote Counts<br /><br />THE END<br /></li> </ul>