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2. Introduction 3. A Flash animation or Flash cartoon It is an animatedfilm which is created using Adobe Flash or similaranimation software and often distributed in the .swffile format.The term Flash animation not only refersto the file format but to a certain kind ofand visual style which, in many circles, is seen assimplistic or unpolished. However, with dozens ofFlash animated television series, countless more Flashanimated television commercials, and award-winningonline shorts in circulation, Flash animation is enjoyinga renaissance. 4. In the late 1990s, when for most Internet users bandwidth was still at 56 kb/s,many Flashanimation artists employed limited animationor cutout animation when creating projectsintended for web distribution. This allowedartists to release shorts and interactiveexperiences well under 1 MB, which couldstream both audio and high-end animation.One example is the first episode of GodamnGeorge Liquor Program The released in 1999 rendered at only 628Kb. 5. Some hallmarks of poorly-produced Flash animationare jerky natural movements (seen inwalk-cycles and gestures), auto-tweened charactermovements, lip-sync without interpolation,and abrupt changes from front to profile view.Although Flash is able to integrate bitmapsand other raster-based art, as well as video,most Flash films are created using onlyvector-based drawings which often result in asomewhat clean graphic appearance. 6. Flash animations are typically distributed byway of the World Wide Web, in which casethey are often referred to as Internetcartoons, online cartoons, or webtoons Web Flash animations may be interactiveand are often created in a series. A Flashanimation is distinguished from a Webcomic,which is a comic strip distributed viathe Web, rather than an animated Flash animationis now taught in schools throughout the UK and canbe taken as a GCSE and O-level. 7. History 8. Developed by Macromedia, Flash (along with Macromedia's otherprograms) was acquired by software giant Adobe in April 2005,the newest version being Flash CS5. The first prominent use of the Flash animation format wasRen & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi. On October 15, 1997,launched The Goddamn George Liquor Program, the first cartoonseries produced specifically for the Internet.The series starredGeorge Liquor (a fictional character rumored to have endedKricfalusi's employment on Ren & Stimpy) and his dim-wittednephew Jimmy The Hapless Idiot Boy. Later, Kricfalusi producedmore animated projects with Flash including several onlineshorts for Icebox.com, television commercials, and a musicvideo. Soon after that, web cartoons began appearing on theinternet with much more regularity. 9. MadeBy Shweta Arya 10.


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