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<p>Citec project</p> <p>Project Scope</p> <p>Strategy Guidelines for the FPI </p> <p>There are a number of tasks that need to be completed before the FPIs objectives can be achieved.</p> <p>At each worksite there is specific equipment which can only be used at that site. Other equipment may need to be obtained to complete a task.</p> <p>Teams working on the FPI project have been allocated tasks that they are accountable for their successful completion. (refer to the Business Plan) Each task has a specific work description (refer to Task Scope) for which the project manager and team leaders are accountable/responsible. Team members must act according to the guidelines as directed by manager/team leaders.</p> <p>How (process) the management team achieves its objectives, is to be managed by them and the what (content) is as outlined in the Business Plan and attached documents.</p> <p>Any infringement of site procedures or safety will incur a penalty for FPI ie: no physical work by any person for a period of four (4) minutes. (safety standards for each site will be indicated in the attached Task Scope).</p> <p>Whichever site incurs an infringement, all equipment must be returned to original position and the team conduct a team meeting. (focus of the meeting is to be on improving performance)</p> <p>Incurring a 4 minute no work penalty, must not be used to gain an advantage. The project will incur a $5,000 loss, for each infringement.</p> <p>Team leaders to conduct a meeting every 30 minutes.</p> <p>Purpose: to discuss progress to date and what will occur over the next 30 minutes. (duration of each meeting not to be longer than 5 minutes)</p> <p>Project Manager may call meetings at anytime, with any member/s of the project..</p> <p>It may be necessary to include the Project Owners in some meetings, to keep them up to date with the projects progress and early communication of any possible breaches to the guidelines, which may affect your profits.</p> <p>Throughout the project project owners will be observing the project teams performance and will provide individuals, teams and project with feedback. On occasions this feedback will have dollar initiatives attached a progress sheet will be kept as a record of performance.</p> <p>If the project is completed on time the FPI will receive a bonus of $250,000,</p> <p>No lashing, jumping, diving or throwing equipment at all times your actions must be safe and controlled.</p> <p>Any queries/clarification or knowledge/information is available from the project owners.</p> <p>The project owners may at any time intervene if breaches of the guidelines become an issue. </p> <p>Commencement/conclusion of the project, will be indicated by the project owner</p> <p>FPI Project Schedule</p> <p>Time/mins.306090120150180210240270300330</p> <p>TaskBonusPenalty</p> <p>Proj Briefg &amp; Strategy Mapping</p> <p>Chasm</p> <p>Elixir</p> <p>Amazons</p> <p>Meuse</p> <p>Pontoons</p> <p>$18000$25000</p> <p>Object Retreival$2000$5000</p> <p>F.F.T.</p> <p>Self support Bridge</p> <p>$4000$6000</p> <p>The Bolt Problem</p> <p>Puzzle</p> <p>25000$30000</p> <p>Completion in time frame250000?</p> <p>Task Scope 2.1</p> <p>THE CHASM </p> <p>Purpose:To be able to continue on working on the overall project.</p> <p>Equipment:Rope between the trees.</p> <p>Ropes:1x 20m</p> <p>some small ropes</p> <p>1 x small plank</p> <p>1x Karabiner</p> <p>Procedures &amp;</p> <p>Safety Regulations:</p> <p>Team members must start at the same commencement point.</p> <p>Only use the equipment provided.</p> <p>Equipment and team members must not fall into the Chasm, ie: to cross the chasm you must be off the ground between the two trees.</p> <p>If the equipment or team members fall into the Chasm, the entire team must return to the commencement point.</p> <p>If a team member wants to return to the commencement point, this must occur through the activity.</p> <p>Task Scope 2.2</p> <p>PONTOON/RAFT RIDE</p> <p>Purpose:To collect a piece of puzzle and return.</p> <p>Equipment</p> <p>Required:As shown to team.</p> <p>Pontoon pieces</p> <p>Raft pieces</p> <p>Procedure &amp; Safety regulations:</p> <p>The pontoons must remain in contact with a person or a raft at all times - loss of contact with a pontoon means the pontoon has floated away and is removed from the task.</p> <p>Only pontoons are allowed to touch the surface of the water. No equipment or people ( pontoons excluded ) can touch the ground. </p> <p>( safety infringement )</p> <p>Task Scope 2.3</p> <p>THE ELIXIR OF LIFE</p> <p>or put more simply - BILLY IN THE CIRCLEThe Elixir of Life is at your fingertips. It seems as though all the good things in life are always out of touch; but be aware in reaching out, dont put your foot in the Mire!!</p> <p>Purpose:Gain the Elixir of Life and a piece of puzzle.</p> <p>NB:By placing a hand in the Elixir of Life (also in the centre of circle), one is able to walk on the Mire and survive. (immunity is only 5 seconds)</p> <p>By touching the Elixir of Life, this does not give you immunity to other work sites.</p> <p>Equipment</p> <p>Required:Billycan (with elixir) x 1</p> <p>Rope (20m)x 1</p> <p>Rope (8m)x 1</p> <p>Procedure &amp; Safety Regulations:</p> <p>If any of the Elixir is spilt, the billy is returned to the centre of the circle.</p> <p>No one can step inside the circle or the same circumstances as above apply.</p> <p>If any equipment is dropped within the circle, equipment is retrieved and placed outside the circle as before.</p> <p>Task Scope 2.4SELF SUPPORTING BRIDGEPurpose:To retrieve a piece of puzzle.</p> <p>Equipment</p> <p>Required:Planks (equal length)x4</p> <p>Rope (8m)</p> <p>x1</p> <p>Procedure &amp; Safety Regulations:</p> <p>The ends of the bridge must be resting on top the designated banks.</p> <p>When constructed, the bridge must be entirely freestanding, that is, nobody should be needed to hold any part.</p> <p>No props are allowed between the banks.(ie. no extra materials are permitted at all).</p> <p>Only one person, at a time is to be on the bridge.</p> <p>If any equipment used, falls into the river you must return to the bank and start again.</p> <p>No one is permitted to step over the banks and touch the river.</p> <p>NB: Take care of falling material and crushed fingers when dismantling the bridge.</p> <p>Task Scope 2.5</p> <p>OBJECT RETRIEVAL</p> <p>Purpose:To retrieve a puzzle piece.</p> <p>Equipment</p> <p>Required:Poles (3m length)</p> <p>x2</p> <p>Tapes</p> <p>x3</p> <p>Karabiners</p> <p>x3</p> <p>Rope (20m)</p> <p>x1</p> <p>Rope (8m)</p> <p>x3</p> <p>Procedure &amp; Safety Regulations:</p> <p>No one can step inside the circle.</p> <p>If puzzle piece is dropped, it is returned to the centre.</p> <p>If any equipment is dropped within the circle, equipment is retrieved and placed outside the circle as before.</p> <p>Task Scope 2.6</p> <p>A PUZZLING SITUATION</p> <p>Purpose:To choose how much the Project earns</p> <p>There are a number of solutions to be puzzled out. Each solution will gain money for the Project. </p> <p>There is a copy of each puzzle to be completed attached with how much that puzzle is worth to the Project.</p> <p>Task Scope 2.7</p> <p>THE BOLT PROBLEM</p> <p>Purpose:To gain a puzzle piece and $10,000.</p> <p>Equipment</p> <p>Required:Large scale model</p> <p>x1</p> <p>Small scale model</p> <p>x1</p> <p>Procedure &amp; Safety Regulations:</p> <p>Two models (one large/one small) must be used to complete the task. The same solution must work on both models.</p> <p>No bolt can be touching the ground.</p> <p>Only support for all 9 bolts must be the head of the upright bolt.</p> <p>The solution must work for both the small and large versions. </p> <p>No other materials can be used to achieve this task.</p> <p>Equipment needed to complete your task is the 9 bolts and the upright bolt.</p> <p>Task 2.8</p> <p>THE MEUSE</p> <p>Purpose:To retrieve a puzzle piece.</p> <p>Equipment</p> <p>Required:Islands</p> <p>x7</p> <p>Planks</p> <p>x2 (same size)</p> <p>Rope (8m)</p> <p>x1</p> <p>Procedure &amp; Safety Regulations:</p> <p>Teams people must cross the radioactive swamp &amp; return.</p> <p>People must start at the same commencement point.</p> <p>Equipment or company people must not come in contact with the swamp - stay on high ground ie. wooden stools.</p> <p>If equipment or company people touch the swamp, all people and equipment must return to the commencement point.</p> <p>If people wish to return to the commencement point, this must occur via the structure created.</p> <p>The rope can be used to raise and lower planks; not to lash planks together.</p> <p>Task 2.9</p> <p>FORCE FIELD TUNNEL</p> <p>Purpose:For teams, 1 &amp; 4, to obtain a piece of puzzle.</p> <p>Equipment</p> <p>Required:Boxes (green)</p> <p>x2</p> <p>Planks (length 2.7m)</p> <p>x2</p> <p>Galvanised pole (length 2.7m)x1</p> <p>Billy can (with water)</p> <p>x1</p> <p>Block of wood</p> <p>x1</p> <p>Procedure &amp; Safety Regulations:</p> <p>Strength is not necessary.</p> <p>Equipment can pass back and forth through the tunnel.</p> <p>Team members, however, cant return through a window, ie: you can lean through the window, but once feet pass through, you are committed and cannot return.</p> <p>The tunnel is the only way through the Force Fields ( touching the Force Field means the team returns to the start).</p> <p>Equipment touching the Force Field means all equipment returns to the start.</p> <p>All equipment used must be taken to the other side and stacked as it was found at the start; no other persons/team are allowed to assist with the final procedure in the activity.</p> <p>The only way you can leave your work area is through the Force Field via the windows. (ie: once the team and equipment has reached the other side).</p> <p>Task 2.10</p> <p>AMAZONS</p> <p>Purpose:To retrieve a piece of puzzle.</p> <p>Equipment </p> <p>Required:Can be found on the peninsula and mainland.</p> <p>Planks:</p> <p>x 1</p> <p>Ropes:</p> <p>x 1 x20m</p> <p>x 2x8m</p> <p>x 1 looped</p> <p>Stick:</p> <p>x 1</p> <p>Pole:</p> <p>x 1</p> <p>Billycan</p> <p>x 1</p> <p>Procedures &amp;</p> <p>Safety Regulations:</p> <p>Only the equipment mentioned can be to retrieve the billy.</p> <p>If the equipment or any FPI team member touches the ocean, a safety penalty will be incurred.</p> <p>You do not need to use great strength.</p> <p>Task 2.11</p> <p>SMITHSONIAN BRIDGE</p> <p>Purpose:Using the equipment available the team must get themselves and the equipment, to the opposite side.</p> <p>Equipment Required:</p> <p>Planks (large) x 2</p> <p>Plank (small) x 1</p> <p>Rope x 1</p> <p>Islands x 7</p> <p>Procedures &amp;Safety Regulations</p> <p>Passage can only be made by walking across planks no jumping, diving or carrying.</p> <p>Anyone falling/stepping off plank/s and the entire team must return to the start. (equipment must also return to start)</p> <p>All participants must start from the same departure point.</p> <p>Planks/rope must not come into contact with the ground or any surface other than the islands(stools). (Failure to do this means entire team and equipment must return to the starting point)</p> <p>Feedback Sheet</p> <p>FPI Project</p> <p>Credits TeamDebits Team</p> <p>TaskIndividual PerformanceProcessSafetyTimeProcessSafetyTime</p> <p>The Chasm</p> <p>Elixir of Life</p> <p>Amazons</p> <p>Force Field </p> <p>Totals</p> <p>Sub totals</p> <p>Total</p> <p>Feedback Sheet</p> <p>FPI Project</p> <p>Credits TeamDebits Team</p> <p>TaskIndividual PerformanceProcessSafetyTimeProcessSafetyTime</p> <p>Self S. Bridge</p> <p>Meuse</p> <p>Pontoons</p> <p>Object Retr.</p> <p>Totals</p> <p>Sub totals</p> <p>Total</p> <p>Feedback Sheet</p> <p>FPI Project</p> <p>Credits TeamDebits Team</p> <p>TaskIndividual PerformanceProcessSafetyTimeProcessSafetyTime</p> <p>Bolt Problem</p> <p>Puzzling Situ.</p> <p>Totals</p> <p>Sub totals</p> <p>Totals</p> <p>Project Owners</p> <p>FPI Project</p> <p>Manager</p> <p>$45,000</p> <p>Team Leader A</p> <p>Team 4</p> <p>Team Leader D</p> <p>Team Leader C</p> <p>Team 3</p> <p>Team 2</p> <p>Team 1</p> <p>Team Leader B</p> <p>$25,000</p> <p>$35,000</p> <p>$40,000</p> <p>$20,000</p> <p>Our team did this project </p> <p>Our team did this project </p> <p>Our team did this project</p> <p>Our team did this project. </p> <p>Done by different team. Do not worry about it. </p> <p>Done by different team. Do not worry about it. leave it. </p> <p>Our team did this project.</p> <p>This was the first project that we did. We succussed in it. </p> <p>All team member did it. </p> <p>This was the forth project that we did which is the last one. We succussed in it. </p> <p>These are done here. </p> <p>Our team did this project. </p> <p>This is the third project that we did. And we succussed. </p> <p>We did this project. </p> <p>This is the second project that we did. We succussed in it. </p>