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Winter 2014

The Truck on the Left is our current vehicle. The one on the right is the car that we had for about 6 months.

Christmas 2014

new, beautiful car for an older diesel engine truck. The truck has worked well. We have been able to travel to areas that we could not go to on a regular basis while we were renting a truck for transportation. Because of this vehicle we have been able to start a Bible Study in another location about 30 minutes from our house in the interior. Thanks to Lottie Moon we can use the truck to reach those in other locations away from our interior house.

We started off the year 2014 getting a new vehicle. We were really excited to get the new car so we could drive to the interior and not have to rent a truck every time. I (Charlotte) did not like riding in the back of the flat bed trucks every time we wanted to go in and out of the interior. But our excitement was short lived. Three months after we go the car we started having car problems. We have to drive through high water at times during the rainy season and this gasoline-powered engine could not take it. So our only option was to give up this

Brandhorst Family NewsletterThe Car


In July, Our family traveled to the Dominican Republic for a once in a lifetime meeting. All of the IMB Missionaries in the Americas got together for a meeting. We had plenty of time to enjoy the beach and family.

In March we had a team of Photographers come to see how we live in the interior. Here are a few of our favorite photos of our family. Visitors in the Interior

Thanks to our Home Church, FBC Shelbyville, we now have electrical wiring and a generator. We had an electrician come out to our house in the interior and run the electrical wires and breaker box. Many times throughout the year we loose our electricity from the power grid. Since we are so remote, the Electric Company does not always respond immediately. Having a generator saved a lot of meat and other food in our refrigerator.

We started our school year in August with only three in School. So far school is going well. We are doing school while we are at our house in the interior so we dont have to carry books back and forth.

Joel has continued to share Gods word with the children and adults that live near us. When our colleagues are not there, we lead the childrens program. We have a Bible Study on Sunday night, Thursday and Friday Nights. Every other Sunday night we drive about 30 minutes and have a Bible Study with a group of eager adults.

The end of the summer came a new change for our family. Rebekah left to go to college. She is attending Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.


If we had to give a theme to this year it would be death. We have seen more death in the last year than we have seen our entire life. The people that we live and work with still believe in the work of the witch doctors and shamans. They trust them when they say that they have cured an individual. They dont always seek medical attention when needed. We have had over 10 infants and babies die since September of this year. This year we have seen many children that are very ill being untreated because the families are seeking advice from their families and leaders in the community in place of medical professionals.

During 2015 please pray that God can break through the darkness of generations, putting their faith in witch doctors and family healers. Pray that they will come to have a personal relationship with God that heals. Pray that he can help them physically as well as spiritually.