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A document written by Facebook. This time they talk about the Facebook ecosystem and how to use it to communicate and interact with your fans, prospects, customers.


<ul><li>1.Best Practice GuideBest Practice GuideMarketing on Facebook1</li></ul><p>2. IntroductionThe Facebook ecosystemFive guiding principles Build a strategy that is social by design Create an authentic brand voice Make it interactive Nurture your relationships Keep learningFacebook by objective Foster product development and innovation Generate awareness Drive preference and differentiation Increase traffic and sales Build loyalty and deepen relationships Amplify recommendation and word of mouth Gain insightsHelpful Resources2 3. Best Practice GuideIntroductionAt Facebook, everything we do is about making the worldmore open and connected. This has a profound impact on theway people communicate and interact. We are continuallydeveloping authentic ways for people to connect with oneanother as well as with the businesses, brands and institutionsthey care about, both on Facebook and across the web.Facebook allows marketers to stay connected with peoplethroughout their day whether they are on their computers ormobile devices, at home or at work, watching TV or shoppingwith friends. This allows businesses to create rich socialexperiences, build lasting relationships and amplify the mostpowerful type of marketing word of mouth.Connecting with people is just the beginning. In the pagesthat follow, you will find best practices for reaching yourbusinesses objectives on Facebook.3 4. Best Practice GuideThe Facebook ecosystem1 Build 3 AmplifyThe first step is building your presence with aFacebook Every time someone interacts with your business, that actionPage. Pages allow you to create an identity for your business ingets published into theNews Feed, creating word of mouth.the social graph - the map of the connections among These organic stories are extremely effective at gettingpeople and the things they care about. If you others to engage and take action, and can behave physical store locations, link your Page IN SIshared with a much larger number of potentialwith aPlace.1 BUILD Gand current customers by using HTSFacebook Ads andSponsoredYou can use Social Plugins, theStories. Facebook Ads include the namesGraph API and Apps on Facebookof friends who have already connected toto create social experiences involving your business. Sponsored Stories enableyour products and online propertiesyou to increase the distribution of News2E3that are engaging and personalized. Feed stories about your business.NGAMAGPLFYE2 Engage Together, these tools give you theTS I GHINSCreating these Facebook touch pointsIeffectiveness of earned media, at theallows you to start building your fan base scale and predictability of paid media. Everyand engaging with your customers. campaign you run has a lasting impact via theFacebook Like Ads are the quickest way torelationships you build along the way. This is the newacquire fans.Publishing and engaging in conversations word of mouth and research has shown its twice as effectivewith your fans will allow you to deepen relationships and gain at driving results.valuable insights.4 5. Best Practice GuideFive guiding principles1 Social should be baked into everything you do, Facebook should be integrated with your Build a strategy that not added at the end of a campaign or done on broader marketing efforts and part of how you is social by design the sidereach your business objectives2 Create an authentic People on Facebook are clear and open about who they are - be the same by providing Facebook is an ideal place to bring your brand personality to life through an authentic and brand voice straightforward information about your business consistent voice3 People spend time on Facebook communicating Think about the aspects of your brand that are Make it interactive and sharing with others, so always engage ininherently social and create content that people two-way conversations will be excited to pass along4 Just like in the real world, building relationships Keep content fresh and easy to consume, use Nurture yourwith people on Facebook takes time andads to stay in touch, and reward people for their relationships requires a long-term investment loyalty through Deals and promotions5 Facebook allows you to get feedback from Use reporting tools to learn about your fans Keep learning people in real time, giving you the ability toand the content and products they find most iterate on the flyinteresting 5 6. Best Practice GuideFacebook by ObjectiveFoster product development and innovationGenerate awarenessDrive preference and differentiationIncrease traffic and salesBuild loyalty and deepen relationshipsAmplify recommendation and word of mouthGain insights6 7. Best Practice Guide &gt; Facebook by ObjectiveFoster product developmentand innovationBy combining OnStars virtualadvisor in-car telematicsservice with FacebooksGraphs API at the end of 2010, Facebook allows you to learn about your target audience and to understand their interests andGeneral Motors was the firstgenerate awarenesscar manufacturer to offer friends. For this reason, Facebook can be used to generate new product ideas and innovations. Ourdrivers the opportunity topost and listen to audio status platform tools allow you to build entirely new social product experiences like an online store thatupdates from the car througha simple push of a button. displays only your friends favorite products, or a car in which you can access your News Feed. YouChevrolet promoted the Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads Pages Places EventsSocial Plugins Graph API Apps on Facebook Dealsinnovative service in its Best can also enlist your Facebook community to help crowd-source your next product idea. First Date 2011 Super Bowltelevision commercial. OnStarproduct development &amp; innovationis rolling out the product by Introductory toolsAdvanced tools inviting customers to sign upfor the public beta test of theservice on its Facebook Page. Pages Facebook Ads Sponsored StoriesQuestions Events Graph API Apps on Facebook Social Pluginsdrive preference and differentiation 5 steps to foster product development and innovation 12345RBS Insurance enlisted its Run a creative Drive awareness of and Identify and refine your Build a social product Be present and activeFacebook community toPages Facebook AdsQuestionsSocial PluginsApps on Facebook Graph API campaign to solicitparticipation in the target audience with experience by usingon your Facebook Pagedetermine the features that input for your campaign by promotingCampaign Reporting the Graph API andthroughout the product should be included in a newincrease trafc and salesiPhone app for its Direct Line new productit across your marketing and Page InsightsSocial Plugins development cycleinsurance product. It drove a. Run a contest or event to channelsa. Optimize your Facebooka. Enable people to likea. Use publishing andpeople to a custom applicationon its Facebook Page, where itgather input on Facebooka. Run a Facebook Ads campaigns by testingindividual products and Facebook Questions to could present new concepts toby building an application campaign that includes which audiences are morecontent across the webget feedback, iterate and existing and new customers.to gather submissions StoriesFacebook Ads Sponsored Sponsored Stories for PlacesPagesresponsive to different Graph API with the Graph API Events Premiumgenerate future productApps on Facebook DealsThe result was over 600 unique App Used creativeSampling Adsand marketing ideas comments on app features b. Have the community voteb. Use Social Pluginsand product names.and provide incentives forbuild loyalty and deepen relationshipsb. Promote the campaignb. Use this information to like the Activity Feed,participationin your other marketingdirect future marketing Recommendations, channels such as TV, email,efforts Comments and Live Stream print or on your website to make experiences off ofFacebook social PagesSponsored Stories Facebook Ads Questions Social PluginsApps on Facebookamplify recommendation and word of mouth7 8. Best Practice Guide &gt; Facebook by ObjectiveGenerate awareness Once you have created a Facebook Page that allows your unique brand to shine, it is time to generate To build brand awareness ofits relatively new Green Works awareness of your Page, latest product, or current marketing effort. To do this, you can leveragecleaning products line, Cloroxran a Facebook Ads campaign Facebooks tremendous reach and targeting capabilities with Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories.to grow its fan base and drivetraffic to its website. The ads These products offer the benefits of earned at the scale and predictability of paid. Thats because they offered coupons and allowedpeople to vote on Green are shown with stories about friends who have already engaged with your business on Facebook. This Heroes in their community.The effort resulted in about is the new word of mouth and its twice as effective at driving awareness. 30,000 fans on the Green WorksPage and a 12 percent increasein awareness of the GreenWorks brand, according to agenerate awarenessNielsen study. Introductory toolsAdvanced tools Sponsored StoriesFacebook AdsPages Places Events Social PluginsGraph APIApps on FacebookDealsproduct development &amp; innovation 5 steps to generate awareness 123 45In the Spring of 2010, MarsCreate a Facebook Integrate Social Plugins Post interesting contentRun Sponsored Stories Use Facebooks uniqueChocolate North AmericaPagesFacebook Ads Sponsored Stories Questions EventsGraph API Apps on FacebookSocial PluginsAds campaign that and the Graph API, suchwith clear calls to to promote peoples reach and targetinglaunched M&amp;MS Pretzel.encourages people toas the Like Button,action that encourage actions from thecapabilities to optimize Mars used Facebook to seeddrive preference and differentiationawareness and demandtake an action that willinto your website andinteraction and sharing News Feed to the rightand iterate on yourfor the new product bybe seen by their friendsmobile experiencesa. Applications on Facebookcolumn of their friendscampaignsdeveloping a custom Facebook screen application called the M&amp;Ms a. Keep ad destinationsa. This allows the actionscan be used to build viral a. Try different targeting Pretzel Vending Machine. Theon Facebookpeople take off of Facebookawareness campaigns a. Sponsored Stories for Apptechniques: Likes and application enabled 40,000 of to show up in the News Feed b. Promoteon Facebook or Interests, Friends of the brands fans to get a freeb. Encourage liking to buildAdsPages Facebook Questions Social PluginsApps launches Graph API Used allow you to amplify and be amplified through Connections and standardsample delivered to thempromotions with Deals or every time someone connections and make and allowed them to invite Sponsored Stories interacts with your appdemographic future campaigns moreincrease trafc and sales Events on Facebooktwo friends to also receive a effective b. To maximize message recall, free sample. As a result, Mars b. Sponsored Stories for Pagedistributed 120,000 samples toPosts can be used test different creative for its customers within 48 hours. c. Keep text simple, highlightto ensure your fans see each target groupspecial offers, tell usersyour postswhat to expect, have astrongAds to actionFacebook callSponsored StoriesPages Places EventsGraph APIPremiumApps on FacebookDealsSampling Adsbuild loyalty and deepen relationships8 9. Best Practice Guide &gt; Facebook by ObjectiveDrive preference and differentiationgenerate awareness Facebook is a great place to build preference and differentiation for your brand over competitors.In an effort to reinvigorate its brand among the 18- to 34-year-SponsoredFacebook, people discover your brand through trustedSocial Plugins On StoriesFacebook Ads Pages Places Eventsreferrals from APIGraph their friends. Then driveApps on Facebook Deals old audience, Shane Company launched a Facebook campaign preference by interacting with and rewarding your fans. Think of your Facebook Page as a key touchto re-engage with them and become more relevant. Itproduct development &amp; innovation point that you can leverage to bring your brand to life for your customers in real time.used Premium Poll Ads to invite people to nominate their favorite diamond shapes and vote for their favorite marriage proposal scenario. Shane also invited fans to tell Pages Facebook AdsSponsored StoriesQuestionsEvents Graph APIApps on FacebookSocial Pluginstheir own stories on its Page. This stimulated discussiondrive preference and differentiation and interaction between the Introductory toolsAdvanced toolsaudience and the brand in a fun way that reinforced the brand as your friend in the diamond business. Over 20,000 people responded to the polling Ads, reinvigorating the brand. Pages Facebook AdsQuestions Social Plugins Apps on FacebookGraph APIincrease trafc and sales 5 steps to drive preference and differentiation 12 3 45Understand what Define the gap betweenLaunch an integratedThink about how toCheck in withFacebook AdsSponsored Storiespeople currently thinkyour PagesPlaces current perception brand-building EventsGraph APIintegrate Premium Facebook into on Facebook customers toSampling Ads Apps your Dealsof your business andand your brandscampaign to drive your products, websiteunderstand whatbuild loyalty and deepen relationshipswhy they think it isdesired perception or preference andor mobile apps to makeis resonating andWhen adidas Originals launched its global, cross-unique and relevant point of differentiationdifferentiation them more personalwhether you have media campaign in early a. Listen to what people are a. Create a campaign that and uniquebeen successful2010, the leading apparel and footwear brand decidedsaying about your business supports your desired a. Use the Graph API to enable a. Monitor your Wall and to use its Facebook Page ason your Page and use perception across your people to shop based on use Page Insights to see a home base from which it Pages Sponsored StoriesFacebook Ads QuestionsSocial PluginsApps on FacebookQuestions to survey them typical channels (TV, print, what their friends like whats working could display and distribute radio, Facebook, etc.)all of its exciting new audio- b. Use Page Insights toamplify recommendation and word of mouth b. Use Social Plugins to createb. Run a Nielsen Brand Effects visual content and productunderstand what they areb. Create Facebook Ads anda social experience for study (where available)information. By creating highlyinterested inSponsored Stories with people engaging withto ask questions or runrelevant content, the company Friends of Connectionsbuilt a community of advocatesyour brandpolls to understand how who supported the brand and targeting to show people perceptions changed c. Use Apps on Facebook tohas seen a steady increase in how their friends have post-campaignOriginals store traffic.bring your brand to life on Apps on Facebook Sponsored Stories Facebook AdsPagesEvents already interacted...</p>