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<ol><li> 1. Executive Education: Your launch pad to new opportunities Executive education is a program recommended for individuals working in executive and managerial roles. Since the spectrum of responsibilities of a managerial/executive post is diversified across a list of aspects like accounting, finance, negotiation, strategy making and more. To acquire the competency, executive education is a must for these professionals. The basic aim of Management courses in executive education revolves around sharpening a specific aspect of a manager. However, some executive education programs are designed to provide an extensive training so that these professionals can quickly and efficiently adapt to the challenging aspects of a multifunctional role. According to management training information there are two types of executive education programs, open enrolment and custom executive training programs. Open enrolment is offered to everyone eligible to apply, whereas custom programs are specifically meant for companies and organizations. Executive training is generally provided on the campus of business schools. But, programs with shorter format usually take place at resorts and conference centres. Some providers - particularly those offering programs all over the globe, with the help of international partnerships offer these programs in one or more different locations. You can pursue a business management course like executive MBA program on your own or under the sponsorship of the organization you are working in. On completion of the program, the executives are required to return to their respective firms to implement the skills learned by them in their work field. Generally, employers prefer to invest in training their employees with management courses in executive education so that they contribute to the development of their organization. For those who are unable to find any sponsors can enrol in the program through loans, scholarships and other sources </li><li> 2. willing to provide financial aid. There is also an option that you can pursue it through distance education facilities. If you are exhausted and confused after the executive program search process, counselling forums can do great job for you. In a reliable counsellor forum, you can get guided by the professional education consultants on choosing the right school of management, have the list of potential executive education programs and about the effectiveness of a program just by posting your queries. Its true that the internet has been highly beneficial for students. But the enormous amount of knowledge, the overwhelming quantity of information may haze out your ideas. You may struggle around with questions like which information is worthy? Which sources to rely on? Thus, a good counsellor forum can help you sort out things in a jiffy. </li></ol>