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ClearVoice is an unprecedented, leading-edge platform that provides a full-circle solution to content marketing. Home to the largest transparent searchable index of the world's top content producers, ClearVoice is powered by an intelligent search function that enables users to browse content creators and identify top influencers by topic. The ClearVoice platform empowers brand storytelling on an authentic, meaningful level.


  • 1. 3Everything the Google+ Community Needs to Know About ClearVoice

2. CoFounder & CoCEOJoe Griffin @joegriffin 3. , E ClearVoice is a Search Engine*7 for Digital Signatures 4. 0 Cleaxvoice m you a wmm Are you .Brand?no Contact Us 0.9Discover your voice 140,604 S '95 - 162,326 Au"C'S .45,961,431 5 "(:46 Bee- lvcexecWriting is your craft.How do you score? 6 6 1. Find your score.2. Claim your prole.3. Leverage your voice. 5. Proper authorship markup is critical: 8+. .;; ,.&>* 6. E] ClearVoice is a Portfolio 7. 3With more than 150,000 generated proles,Clearvoice is the biggest and most transparent View intothe "author graph on the web. 8. Why I wont be taking the Ice Bucket challenge607 90 25 'Gooqlov for Business PresentationThe The ol1Vvitter,and a bit cl Googleo in here too! How to Improve Your cooglcv tkigaqemcnl lnlogiaphicit Ways to Get More Followers [or Your Googleo Business PageTop 10 Tips on Using Humour in Marketing with Amy Harnson9 p 'mct1ape Selling.an interview with John JiintschDiscover Googlo Plus 9. 3Clearvoice is a beautiful way to showcase your work.And,you can take ownership of your profile. 10. , 3 ClearVoice is a NetworkingV Tool 11. 3Clearvoice makes it easy to nd inuencers who regularly create content,not just social media junkies. 12. ecleafvoice .oooiorinwkeiing H Anyoinvlriufl AryouaBnnd7 FAQ Contact UsAll Aut. ".o: s Site TopicMichael Brenner 9 an me.on s not at -9 ions:words . ..- nut stuns Q popuia;Topics Hood of Stmtogy Nnwscrod Formrir VP ol Mimrmmg and Consont Strategy OSAP Spoakor,Author and Btoggor O82BMK1G| nsrdor. """ ' . Aut. ho1IIopIacu&1-b1aInge2h"wIaw9 mi-nun-var-can un- 9'a'"d Search engine > _ biog post > .1 DrewI-! endnclrs. o.= o.. ..u. =.s mom- Social Media.Business and Enwonmental Addict - Contribining Wnter at lnc ,Forbes and Erttmpreneut. seuchrowtis > ohm! -nan war-u--we Iota-IuAI~b'boaIvu wu- - socialnotwolk > rewyotk > _ Neil Patel as ancos on 3 s ms.us no mix was win sun was me , m,, ,, ,, , I ll Imkindolubgdoa wacnmom I . Ann-or-nphuanvwvwwuinqnocc-vcnnoiaano-oi:van.. QFAQAmlldiclrilkanuicoo on.to!mama nun words -mraaruwoxPublished Ghos: wn: er|BIogger|6rammarChrc.Inc CEO y"s" Sm Wm? ClearVoice. com 13. El. ClearVoice is a Marketplace 14. 3We'll get more than 10,000 prole claims,and Assignment Desk signups this year. 15. ' ST Clearvoice Nathan VelayudhanSEO Ara ,5.at i= rc e: :er. Most Recent Articles0.1- Vim.vl1t. -4K . 2.4K, .4.rAre you a 'ir'iitei" Are you a Brand?FAQ Contact Us2) Popular Topics 16. 3That means we'll have an arsenal of awesome writers who get paid to write by our brand name clients. 17. 3The Assignment Desk (marketplace launches in mid-to-late October) 18. hDashboardAssignments ' Opportunities ' Messages . :Twitter Tips for Small Businesses:Ways to Get New Clients1 120Active Completed$5,030.00To Date 19. El; ClearVoice is a Platform 20. 3We're launching the Platform mid-to-late September to streamline content production for companines of all sizes. 21. Classic Book fate or Two 10 MIVMI B'1|'| vC'C8S(. 28 Toy Classic BooksA Gm-out;Sm-cIaca| arSoc1aThe Great transitionCODyhg"tl Law 8Common Gramma 22. 3Clearvoice is a Content Solution. 23. Make sure you create or claim a prole at ClearVoice. com.8+ f


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