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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Know Everything About Aviator Sunglasses</p> <p>Made By:Sunglass Outlet Website: www.sunglassoutlet.coPenny Lane Mall Unit 342 Rehoboth AvenueRehoboth Beach, DE 19971 USAAddress:</p> <p> What are Sunglasses?</p> <p>Sunglasses can be defined as a Protective Eyewear to prevent the Suns Rays and Glare from harming our Eyes.</p> <p>The Rise of Aviator Sunglasses</p> <p>Bausch &amp; Lomb in 1936 developed the Aviator Sunglasses for Pilots to protect their eyes from Glare. This was done in response to US Army Corps. The Aviator frame is made from metal and comprises of thin lenses which makes them light weight.</p> <p> What made Aviator Sunglasses Famous?The Tear Drop Design gives the Aviator Sunglasses the classic look, and they also have been worn by many famous personalities which made them even popular. </p> <p>Tom CruiseHunter S ThompsonDouglas MacArthur</p> <p> Aviator Sunglasses Turned UnisexualEarlier the Aviator Sunglasses were worn by Men but in the 1970s there were frames with a touch of Rhinestones, Spangles, and came in smaller lens size according to women face shape. Jennifer AnistonGloria SteinemKendall Jenner</p> <p> Sunglass Outlets Aviator CollectionSunglass Outlet USA has a collection of Aviator Sunglasses.Jennifer Aniston</p> <p> Contact Us</p> <p>The Sunglass OutletPenny Lane Mall Unit 342 Rehoboth AvenueRehoboth Beach, DE 19971 USAPhone: 302-227-3576Toll Free Number: 800-237-6876</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>The Sunglass Outlet</p>