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Customer Relationship Management. If you are a startup or business looking to buy a CRM software for your business this slide share will help you out immensely. 1Click team has spent time analyzing customers and CRM softwares to come up with this. SalesForce, Zoho, Microsoft... no matter which CRM you are evaluating for your business this you will find this immensely useful in decision making. 1Click live video chat, the best video chat solution for businesses and startups. 1click lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website. Our chat widget allows you to start video conversations with your customers or clients within seconds. No add-on, no plugin, no extension, your customers are truly one click away from having an audio or video conversation with you. 1Click live video chat allows multipoint face-to-face chat without any software installations, and perform cross-platform video conferencing; so that you need not worry what OS the visitor is using. Your customer can connect with your customer service representatives from anywhere, any device. Our live chat widget enables video, audio, and text on any website or mobile app. Further, our Wordpress live chat plugin, Shopify live chat plugin, Joomla live chat plugin, Drupal live chat plugin, blog live chat plugin and other similar live chat plugin will enables video and audio calling abilities on any website. Providing a live video customer support has never been easier before. Our customer support tool let's you make your customer go WOW. With our SalesForce live chat plugin, Zoho live chat plugin, Jira live chat plugin, SugarCRM live chat plugin, and other similar live chat extensions you can start off every chat knowing whether there are any outstanding tickets, cases, or notes related to the customer. Similarly, you can create cases, notes or tickets for the customer anytime during the conversation. All the data on your 1Click live chat dashboard can be integrated with Salesforce, Zoho, Jira, SugarCRM or any other customer relationship management software you are using. We know very that customer engagement is a team activity. 1Click live video chat widget lets you seamlessly chat with or transfer conversations to other agents. Our live chat widget comes with website statistics, and chat analytics available at your fingertips all the time. We take security very seriously. Enjoy secure encrypted chats on your SSL (https) web pages. All the video chats, audio chats, and text chats are 128 bit AES encrypted. We are developer friendly. Extend and customize the behavior of the widget. Be unique, and get creative with our Javascript APIs. Powered, and constantly upgraded with the latest web technologies such as webRTC we enable real-time communication over web (read browser). webRTC live chat, we believe will be the future of communication. 1Click live chat software will help you increase customer sastisfaction and multiply online sales.


  • CRM Everything you need to know C-Customer R-Relationship M-Management
  • An enterprises best friend
  • That is what your support agent goes through everyday without a CRM software
  • In 1995, the acronym CRM was born. Some congratulate technology research company Gartner for this. Others believe Thomas Siebel is also a possible reason
  • Before CRM, data was stored using Productivity suite document E-mail systems Mobile phone data Paper note cards Rolodex entries Excel spreadsheets
  • And then a better idea lit, bright and shining
  • A software to Collect customer information Retain customer data Manage client relationships
  • CRM enables smooth inter-relationship building between customers and employees
  • A good CRM software enables: Storage of customer information Increase in efficiency of support team and sales reps Direct contact with customers from anywhere Better customer support and service Measure Customer satisfaction Discover new customers
  • Types of CRM Software
  • OPERATIONAL CRM SOFTWARE Operational CRM software enables businesses store the entire information about a customer at one place
  • ANALYTICAL CRM SOFTWARE Analytical CRM software allows for the analysis and systematic evaluation of customer data using business intelligence functions.
  • COLLABORATIVE CRM SOFTWARE This highly effective mode of communication is used for direct interaction with customers, including feedback and issue reporting.
  • But not every product is perfect
  • DRAWBACKS OF A CRM SOFTWARE CRM software dehumanizes sales there is no first-hand experience between employees and customers Some CRM software are not compatible with in-house management systems A time-consuming and difficult installation process Good CRM software create a hole in our wallets
  • Benefits of a CRM software
  • 0% satisfaction in the absence of a CRM software 100% satisfaction once incorporated with a CRM software Constant satisfaction in the presence of a CRM software CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GRAPH
  • Maybe CRM should be abbreviated as C-Compulsory R-Requisite M-Mandatory
  • - Success. Not Software Zoho CRM Close More Deals in Less Time Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deliver amazing customer experiences SugarCRM CRM software trusted by millions worldwide Insightly CRM - #1 Online Small Business CRM openCRX CRM The Professional Enterprise Class Open Source CRM Solution and so on.
  • Quick question for the day: What differentiates a good CRM software from the others?
  • Answer: It is the unique characteristics that differentiates the good apples from the bad ones
  • So, you come up with the idea to buy a CRM software
  • and you save as much money to buy that expensive CRM software
  • Six months down the line, you realize your software isnt good enough
  • You realize you have wasted your hard- earned money on a software not worth spending on
  • Here are some tips to look at before you buy that expensive CRM software
  • EASY AND SIMPLE INTGRATION Less number of Clicks, Better the CRM software
  • You shouldnt feel lost with your CRM software
  • CRM software should adapt to the growing demands of the company without employees having to update it
  • EASY TO USE, FLEXIBILITY AND CUSTOMIZABILITY Same software, Adapts different in each website
  • You should be able to easily customize the CRM software based on you website requirements and color palette
  • SIMPLIFY THE SALES PROCESS Happy employees along with satisfied customers
  • Your companys best friend, providing the right answers to the right people at the right time
  • DEVICE AND OS AGNOSTIC Apple, Linux, Blackberry, Android, Windows 8. It works on any device, any where.
  • But how do you integrate a CRM software to your process? Here are few points to think about before your system integrates with a CRM software
  • Think through the coding issues before integrating the CRM software
  • Advisable to participate in the live Demo Contact references mentioned in CRM software
  • WAIT!!!
  • But how safe is your CRM software? You wouldnt want your data to be lost, would you?
  • Here are the privacy policies that your CRM software should follow
  • ISO- 27001 Certification Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Computing Matrix US-EU Safe Harbor Framework US-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework
  • This is how some of the leading CRM softwares ensure safety of the data stored
  • MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM SOFTWARE Works based on the trusted SQL server technology Hack resistant software Data stored in separate regional data centres Natural disaster control, physical monitoring Secure network design and operations
  • SALESFORCE CRM SOFTWARE Data stored in separate data centres Data centres reflected from global data centres Connection requires 128-bit VERISIGN SSL certification & 2048-bit RSA public key Compliance with TRUSTes program requirements Collects IP addresses of visitors to track non- personal information
  • ZOHO CRM SOFTWARE Zoho CRM provides an enterprise-grade role-based security It controls the access rights of users working with the stored data It ensures 24*7*365 security, video monitoring and bullet resistant walls Ensures network security by detecting and preventing encryption and intrusion
  • So, make sure your CRM software has the ISO mark before you buy it
  • Now, that you have your secured CRM software
  • You can move on.
  • and customize your CRM software based on your website requirements and colour palette
  • To answer your question Why should you customize your CRM software
  • Creates a software that fits every need of your company. Nothing less, nothing more!!! Typical example that built a complete lead- generation system :
  • A CRM software that better integrates with your business operation WITH CUSTOMIZATIONWITHOUT CUSTOMIZATION CRM SoftwareCRM Software Business Operation Business Operation good integration bad integration
  • Ensure clutter-free and clean pages Keep only required information ad organize page layouts as per companys requirements
  • Build and manage your own applications