everybody lies: troubleshooting sharepoint with house m.d. - spstc fall 2012

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  • 1. SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities Fall November 3, 2012 Everybody LiesTroubleshooting SharePoint with House M.D. John L. Ferringer
  • 2. About me Senior Manager, Sogeti My blog: http://www.MyCentralAdmin.com Twitter: @ferringer
  • 3. Who is Dr. Gregory House? A diagnostician An arrogant jerk A cynic An observer
  • 4. Whats House got to do with SharePoint? We often have to diagnose (troubleshoot) Dealing with SharePoint can make you a jerk (just kidding) Dealing with SharePoint will definitely make you a cynic The more you observe, the better you diagnose
  • 5. Does SharePoint make you feel like House?
  • 6. SharePoint is. Complex Vast in depth and breadth Made up of many subsystems Influenced by many outside factors Every farm and use case is unique Just like the human body
  • 7. How does House cure his patients? Understand the Issue Determine the Root Cause Finding a Cure Move ForwardWhy not do the same with SharePoint?
  • 8. Before we start, lets keep this in mind
  • 10. Identify the Problem You cant cure anything if you dont know whats wrong Interview the patient You also have to ask the right questions What is the error? How is it happening? Who is seeing the error? When does it occur? What else do we know about the error?
  • 11. SharePoint 2010s Correlation ID Your users may see it You may see it Its a GUID It is actually helpful
  • 12. Lets get REAL for a minute SharePoint 2010 farm 1 Web Server, 1 App Server, 1 SQL Server Visual Studio on the Web Server
  • 13. Review the Patient History What has the patient done to get here? What is their environment? What happened before the error? What was happening during the error? How was SharePoint performing? Do you have Change Management?
  • 14. Know Your Logs! They record whats going on Which logs? Windows Event, ULS, IIS Keep in mind other sources: SQL, DCs, etc Know your tools! ULS Viewer Log Parser PAL Just to name a few
  • 15. Why do we care about Change? You have to know what you have! How has it changed? When were they made?
  • 16. Back to Reality
  • 18. Rule Out the Obvious Understand what you know Every problem is unique But, someones probably seen it before So check your sources: Internal External: Google it! (with Bing!) But be careful
  • 19. Remember Know your sources Who wrote it? Are they credible? Read the entire post! Everything! All the comments too Was there a follow up post? Validate the information
  • 20. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice
  • 21. Talk to the team
  • 22. What Doesnt Fit?
  • 23. Its all about me, right? Remember the database errors? Here, have some SA rights No thank you.
  • 24. Get a Different Perspective
  • 25. In the Real World, who do I turn to?
  • 27. Review Possible Treatments Reproduce the issue Test it! Understand the treatment Always read the label
  • 28. Back to Johns problemTreatments: Sysadmin rights in the database Oh heck no! Local development environment Not possible Proper rights in the database Now were talking
  • 29. Fully Understand the Cause
  • 30. Fully Understand the Remedy
  • 32. Questions