ericsson equipment rbs2000series for sale from used telecoms 10272654

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Ericsson for saleEricsson Equipment RBS2000Series for sale from Used TelecomsTelephone: +44 1273 391 291Email: carrier@usedtelecoms.comWebsite: www.usedtelecoms.comPart NumberDescriptionManufacturerBMG 701 013/2BIM Module (PT. of BMY 105058) RBS2000Ericsson1/BFL 119 71/3SUB-RACK,TRXD(RBS2000 series)Ericsson701/BYB 415/01Installation interfaceEricssonBFL 119106/1CDU-A (RBS2202) Combiner Unit GSM1800 for RBS2000 Siries includes RBS2202 and RBS2102EricssonBKC 901 06/009Battery Kit 200 AHEricssonBMY 201 237/6BFU-E Extension Kit - 800W BFU-EEricssonBMY 202 01/1ACCESSORIES FOR RBS2101EricssonBMY 202 02/1ACCESSORIESEricssonKRC 131 44/01ACU, FOR PCNEricssonKRF 101 01/01MULTICOUPLER RXDA CARD for RBS2000 SeriesEricssonKRF 101 01/03TXD for RBS2000 SeriesEricssonKRF 101 14/01RXDA, FOR PCNEricssonKRF 101 26/01FILTER COMBINER, FOR PCNEricssonKRF 101 27/01TXD, FOR PCNEricssonKRG 101 01/01TIMING MODULE for RBS2000 SeriesEricssonNCD 300 12/01OVP-PCM Module KitEricssonNTM 185 018/1INTERNAL CABLES FOR INSTALLATIONEricssonNTM 201 1249/2CABLE SET TRU-CDU FOR RBS2101EricssonNTM 201 1471/2CABLE SET FOR RBS2101EricssonNTM 201 1749/5CABLE SET FOR RBS2101-CDUEricssonNTM 201 1763/1CABLE SET CDU-A FOR RBS2101EricssonNTM 201 1772/1Extension cabinet cable set for RBS2102EricssonNTM 201 1772/2Extension cabinet cable set for RBS2102EricssonNTM 201 1772/3Extension cabinet cable set for RBS2102EricssonNTM 201 1772/4Extension cabinet cable set for RBS2102EricssonNTM 201 1780/2Extension cabinet cable set for RBS2202EricssonNTM 201 1781/1CABLE-SET MASTER CABINET (1ST SECTOR)EricssonNTM 201 1781/2CABLE-SET MASTER CABINET (3RD SECTOR)EricssonNTM 201 1781/3CABLE-SET MASTER CABINET (2ND SECTOR)EricssonNTM 201 1781/4CABLE-SET MASTER CABINET (2ND SECTOR)EricssonNTM 201 2069/3Cable Set 1x2 (3rd Sector)EricssonNTM 201 2071/1Cable Set Master (1st Sector)EricssonNTM 201 2071/2Cable Set Extension (3rd Sector)EricssonNTM 201 2071/3Cable Set Master (2nd Sector)EricssonNTM 201 2071/4Cable Set Extension (2nd Sector)EricssonNTM 503 712/1Over Voltage ProtectionEricssonRPM 513 368/2CABLE COMB-TRX(3,4) GSM TNC-MEricssonRPM 513 369/1CABLE RTX-FCOMB CONTROL RBS2000 SeriesEricssonRPM 513 409/1CABLE, 24V RTX-RTXPFEricssonRPM 513 424/2CABLE TXD-RTX1,-2,-3,-4 GSMEricssonRPM 518 962/1ENTERNAL CABLE 4 TRXEricsson

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