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MENA's Business Who's Who: Succession, motivation and exceptional enterprise conduct strategies for women in business: H.H. Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, H.E. Sheikha Al-Zain Sabah Al-Naser Al-Sabah, H.E. Dr. Sheikha Aisha bin Faleh bint Nasser Al-Thani, Noor Sweid, Hala Fadel, Huda Al Lawati, Iman Ben Chaibah, Amy Cole, Deborah Nicodemus, Butheina Kazim, Sonia Weymuller, Ambareen Musa, Tanaz Dizadji, Sara Mohammadi, Nida Sumar, Amelia Gundersen-Herman, Nicola Cuoco, Christina Ganim, Loulou Khazen Baz Samantha Hamilton-Rushforth, Kristine Lasam, Yamna Naveed Khan, Shereen Salah Ahmed.


<ul><li><p> MAY 2016 | www.entrepreneur.coM/Me | uAe AeD20</p><p>9 7 7 2 3 1 1 5 4 1 0 0 8 &gt;</p><p>Is the app boom over? eIght meNa INvestors souNd off oN INvestmeNts aNd tech</p><p>WomenIN BUSINESS</p><p>MENAs busiNEss whos who </p><p>SucceSSion, motivation, and exceptional enterpriSe </p><p>conduct StrategieS for </p><p>H.H. SHeikHa Latifa bint MoHaMMed bin RaSHid aL MaktouM </p><p>Sara MohaMMadiNida SuMar</p><p>Nicola cuocoSaMaNtha haMiltoN-ruShforth</p><p>chriStiNa GaNiMloulou KhazeN Baz</p><p>KriStiNe laSaMShereeN Salah ahMed</p><p>Amy ColeDeborAh NiCoDemus </p><p>butheiNA KAzimsoNiA Weymuller </p><p>AmbAreeN musA tANAz DizADji</p><p>AmeliA GuNDerseN-hermAN yAmNA NAveeD KhAN </p><p> H.E. SHEikHa al-Zain SabaH al-naSEr al-SabaH </p><p>H.E. Dr. SHEikHa aiSHa bint FalEH bin naSSEr al-tHani</p><p>noor SwEiDHala FaDEl</p><p>HuDa al lawatiiman bEn CHaibaH</p></li><li><p>may 2016 EntrEprEnEur 3</p><p>CONTENTSmay 2016</p><p>22H.H. Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum </p><p>46 Huda Al Lawati, </p><p>the 2016 Achieving Women Forum </p><p>keynote speaker</p><p>Hala FadelHuda Al LawatiIman Ben ChaibahAmy ColeDeborah Nicodemus Butheina KazimSonia Weymuller Ambareen Musa Tanaz DizadjiSara MohammadiNida SumarAmelia Gundersen-HermanNicola CuocoChristina GanimLoulou Khazen BazSamantha Hamilton-RushforthKristine LasamYamna Naveed KhanShereen Salah Ahmed</p><p>76 TECH:SHINY#TamTalksTechGadgets and doodads that you mightve missed out on, sourced by a tech aficionado. Yes, its okay to want them all and no, its not our fault. </p><p>66 MOBILE TECH The investors viewpoint We asked eight Middle East investors to give us their views on whether startups in the app space still have a chance to make it.</p><p>H.H. Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum H.E. Sheikha Al-Zain Sabah Al-Naser Al-Sabah H.E. Dr. Sheikha Aisha bin Faleh bint Nasser Al-ThaniNoor Sweid</p><p>20INNOVATOR: REApINg THE REwARdSThe regions whos who Succession, motivation, and exceptional enterprise conduct strategies for women in business</p></li><li><p>BREITLING.COM</p><p>Breitling reinvents the connected watch fi rmly geared towards performance. Every inch an instrument of the future, </p><p>the Exospace B55 multifunction electronic chronograph pushes the boundaries of comfort, ergonomics and effi ciency. </p><p>The titanium case of this compendium of innovations houses an exclusive SuperQuartzTM caliber chronometer-certifi ed </p><p>by the COSC and featuring a range of original functions tailor-made for pilots and men of action. Welcome to the </p><p>world of precision, feats and high-tech sophistication. Welcome to the vanguard of instruments for professionals. </p><p>WELCOME TO OUR WORLD</p><p>CA108121_Exospace B55_406x273_Entrepreneur-English.indd Toutes les pages 29/04/2016 11:24</p></li><li><p>BREITLING.COM</p><p>Breitling reinvents the connected watch fi rmly geared towards performance. Every inch an instrument of the future, </p><p>the Exospace B55 multifunction electronic chronograph pushes the boundaries of comfort, ergonomics and effi ciency. </p><p>The titanium case of this compendium of innovations houses an exclusive SuperQuartzTM caliber chronometer-certifi ed </p><p>by the COSC and featuring a range of original functions tailor-made for pilots and men of action. Welcome to the </p><p>world of precision, feats and high-tech sophistication. Welcome to the vanguard of instruments for professionals. </p><p>WELCOME TO OUR WORLD</p><p>CA108121_Exospace B55_406x273_Entrepreneur-English.indd Toutes les pages 29/04/2016 11:24</p></li><li><p>EntrEprEnEur may 2016 6</p><p>CONTENTS MAY 2016</p><p>27Henri Asseily, Manager Partner, Leap Ventures</p><p>72Reed Hastings, </p><p>CEO and co-founder, </p><p>Netflix</p><p>69 Tammer Qaddumi, Founding Partner, VentureSouq</p><p>76 Lenovos new ThinkPad Yoga X1</p><p>90 MONEY:ASK THE MONEY gUYExit strategies for SMEs The importance of exit readiness and a well-designed sales process laid out for you by an industry pro. </p><p>87VC VIEwpOINTGet ready, get set, go! Five tips for entrepreneurs embarking on a Series A raise, by an entrepreneur who just closed his startups round. </p><p>64 pROStandardizing your expectations (successfully)Owais Dilawer discusses how entrepreneurs can effectively manage change in the workplace, no matter the size of the enterprise. </p><p>58 TREpONOMICS: MARKETINgMaking a shoestring budget work for your businessSix (cost effective) ways to develop a good online presence put forward by Anna-Liisa Goggs, the co-founder and COO of C3. </p><p>56SKILLSETThe winning formulaElie Khouri, CEO of Omnicom Media Group MENA, shares insights on creating the kind of company people love working for. </p><p>58MARKETINgIs your loyalty program ready for glocalization?Why should loyalty programs not also show appreciation of local needs, customs, and expectations? Brands must blend globally available flagship products and services with a carefully curated range of locally relevant items. 81 ESQUIRE gUYThe Esquire Guy on the art of how to get out of doing anythingRoss McCammon is the master of not giving in- here he shares his tips on firmly avoiding doing things you dont want to do. </p><p>96ECOSYSTEMImmediacy trumps loyaltyIf you want to compete with the bigger players, your business cant just play the were local card. </p><p>14 EdITORS NOTEBy Fida Z. Chaaban</p></li><li><p>EntrEprEnEur may 2016 8</p><p>RENEGADE-?ENTREPRENEUR-203x273.pdf 1 3/28/16 3:03 PM</p><p>CONTENTS MAY 2016</p><p>Amy Cole, Head of Brand Development, EMEA, Instagram36</p><p>EntrEprEnEur may 2016 8</p><p>78CULTURE: TRAppINgSTrep gear The executive selection for the entrepreneur on your list that has everything. Okay, maybe for a little self-reward as well. </p><p>60 LIFE Winning the warMark Sephton explores eight ways entrepreneurs can master negative internal dialogue and come out winning. </p><p>83 LIFEThe difference between pros and amateurs Olympian and entrepreneur James Clear explains how to maintain your focus when you get bored working toward goals. </p><p>94Q&amp;ACodebreaker Startup ShortPoint, founded by Sami AlSayyed, Anas Nakawa, Sergii Shekhovtsov and Ala Albatayneh, makes website revamps a cinch. </p><p>72TECH:THE FIXCompetition, VPNs and the future of streamingNetflix CEO Reed Hastings talks about the on-demand platforms entry in the MENA region, and what hes planning for the future. </p><p>Amy Cole, Head of Brand Development, EMEA, Instagram36</p></li><li><p>RENEGADE-?ENTREPRENEUR-203x273.pdf 1 3/28/16 3:03 PM</p></li><li><p>EntrEprEnEur may 2016 12</p><p>SUBSCRIBEContact subscriptions@bncpublishing.net to receive </p><p>Entrepreneur Middle East every issue</p><p>EDITOR IN CHIEF Fida Z. 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No part of this magazine may be reproduced or </p><p>transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission of the publisher. </p><p>www.entrepreneur.com/meACCESS FRESH CONTENT dAILY ON OUR wEBSITE!</p><p>MIDDLE EAST</p><p>Printed by Raidy Emirates Printing Group LLCwww.raidy.com</p><p>EntMagazineME</p><p>@EntMagazineME @Fida</p><p>Entrepreneur-me </p><p>EntrepreneurMiddleEast</p><p>EntMagazineME</p><p>EntMagazineME</p><p>EntMagazineME</p><p>MIDDLE EAST</p><p>Images used in Entrepreneur Middle East are credited when necessary. Attributed use of copyrighted images with permission. All images not credited otherwise Shutterstock.</p><p>Lama AtayaAbdulla BarakjiMartin BraddockAmal ChaabanJames ClearOwais DilawerAnna-Liisa GoggsAmelia Gundersen-HermanAshish JosephElie Khouri Malak Al-HabibBarry Lalanne</p><p>Suhail Al-MasriRoss McCammonRani NasrSoukaina RachidiNick RegoMay RostomAdib Samara Tareq Samara Mohammed Al-SadiqKhalil Shadid Erika Widen</p><p>CONTRIBUTING WRITERS </p><p>In addition to our print edition, were bringing you all sorts of industry news on our web mediums. Joining us online means getting relevant business and startup content in real-time, so youre hearing about the latest developments as soon as we do. Were looking forward to interacting with our readers on all of our social media and web platforms- like any thriving business, were looking to give and take. #TrepTalkME is already happening on all of our digi platforms, and all good conversations go both ways. See you on the web!</p></li><li><p>SUBSCRIBE</p><p>EntMagazineME</p><p>@EntMagazineME @Fida</p><p>Entrepreneur-me </p><p>EntrepreneurMiddleEast</p><p>EntMagazineME</p><p>EntMagazineME</p><p>EntMagazineME</p></li><li><p>EntrEprEnEur may 2016 14</p><p>EDITORS NOTE</p><p>Fida Z. ChaabanEditor in Chief</p><p> @fidaeditor@bncpublishing.net</p><p>Reality check to the umpteenth degRee How I learned to stop wHInIng and start doIng (from one of our #entmewomen)</p><p>You might have noticed the lineup of hyper successful women in this edition. </p><p>You might have also noticed that they all have dual or triple or even quadruple sets of professional obligations, some voluntary and some not, not to mention having personal lives and relationships to maintain. Most of these women are far more overextended than myself, and yet almost all of them have a better grasp on work-life balance. I am constantly shoving my personal life by the wayside, neglecting my health, and in general, making excuses for not being capable enough to schedule breaks. </p><p>This edition, we have some of the regions biggest achievers, and all of them </p><p>come across more calm and more stable than I do when you encounter them in real life (I promise). From H.H. Sheikha Latifa bint Mo-hammed bin Rashid Al Mak-toum, during our interview at Dubai Culture offices, I learned that its okay to stop trying to execute perfection, and instead try to execute at a level that can be consid-ered great. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I needed to hear it. I also learned that while Her Highness is a self-professed workaholic, she slowly schooled herself to stop taking work home. This served two purposes; firstly, she was able to give herself more creative thinking time -terribly important in her sector and position as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dubai Culture &amp; Arts Authority- and sec-</p><p>ondly, she was able to give herself that switched-off space to maintain a good balance between professional obliga-tions (of which there are many, as you can imagine), and her personal life and ambitions. </p><p>I think that my conversation with Sheikha Latifa also proved how irresponsible I have been- yes, I do man-age a huge brand very responsibly, but I failed at some-thing that is abso-lutely integral for a successful well-rounded person: maintaining balance. Tipping my scales in favor of irresponsibility included ev-erything from cancelling my twice-weekly yoga classes to scheduling myself in for 10:30 p.m. mentoring ses-sions, phone calls, and meet-ings, to not eating all day due to pressing to-do lists. There is much more to being successful than running a company smoothly- theres also a measure of how good you are at staying in charge of your own life outside of the professional sphere. I am </p><p>not good at staying in charge of my own life, but after this edition goes to print, I will be- and if that means not working after 7:00 p.m., then so be it. </p></li><li><p>Fida Z. ChaabanEditor in Chief</p><p> @fidaeditor@bncpublishing.net</p><p>Traditional Swedish glass blowing andeach unique Orrefors crystal gearshiftcutting techniques are used to createlever. 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Launched by the Swedish Tourist Association, the hotline is in commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the country abolishing censor-ship and passing a law to guarantee freedom of the press in 1766. The association seeks to spark peoples curiosity about Sweden, calling out Swedish residents to participate by registering as an ambassador and down-loading an app (available on both iOS and Android) to receive international calls from all over the globe. If youre iffy about privacy, the website states that conversations may be recorded for security reasons, although calls and phone numbers are anonymous and never shared. How does it work? Outside callers who dial the Swedish number will be transferred through a switchboard and will be randomly connected to a Swede who has volunteered to be a cultural ambassador via the hotline. Some countries such as United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, USA, Brazil, Germany, France, Netherlands, Finland and Norway will have the privilege to call Sweden at the cost of a local phone call, while other international calls will be charged depending on the telco. Since launching on April 6, as </p><p>of May 2, the service had received more than 125,514 calls, amounting to 90 days and 10 hours with 31% of the calls originating from the U.S., followed by the U.K. with 9%. Not long after the announcement, a reporter from The Verge tried it and commented it was a way to get a better sense of Sweden. What are you waiting for? Call the Swedish number yourself at +46 771 793 336. www.theswedishnumber.com </p><p>Sensing an imminent growth explosion in Southeast Asias e-commerce industry, The Abraaj Group has been busy ramping up its portfolio </p><p>in the last two months, investing in the regions e-commerce and related sectors. While Abraaj led a US$150 million funding in Indian e-grocery startup Bigbasket in March, the Group anchored a $30 million round of fund-raising in Singapore-based Ninja Van, a tech enabled logistics provider in coun-tries including Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia in April. The Group did not divulge its share of the total funding in both deals but said that it is a leading investor in both investments alongside other existing and new investors. The two deals take Abraajs Southeast Asia portfolio up to 28 companies.</p><p>The Southeast Asia e-commerce sector is estimated to double in the next four years, with total e-commerce parcel delivery estimated to grow in line with the sector. Last-mile logistics, which is the backbone of e-commerce, remains a bottleneck, and Ninja Van is well-positioned to enhance the e-com-merce experience for customers and businesses, Omar Lodhi, Partner and Head of Asia, The Abraaj Group,...</p></li></ul>