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Reaping Community Rewards By MeMe Smith and Juan Sandoval 1 Slide 2 2 Slide 3 Schuyler Community and Demographics 3 Slide 4 4 Slide 5 Hispanic/Latino Community 5 Slide 6 The Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP) of the Center for Rural Affairs is committed to strengthening rural communities through small, self-employed business development. 6 Slide 7 REAP Facts Started in 1990 Has provided over $11,000,000 in Loans to Nebraska Small businesses Assisted small businesses leveraging over $15,000,000 in additional loans 7 Slide 8 8 Slide 9 REAP Some of the trainings developed by REAP include: Business Plan Basics QuickBooks Marketing E-Commerce Computer Basics Microsoft Office Basic Bookkeeping Customer Service 9 Slide 10 Promotion Local Brochures Webpage Facebook Chamber Newsletter City Council Meetings Newspaper article Cargill Learning Center ESL Classes 10 Slide 11 Classes 11 Slide 12 Computer Basics Computer Basics is a 12 hour curriculum that was designed to provide assistance to small business owners who have no previous experience working with computers. 12 Slide 13 Microsoft Office The Microsoft Office Training has been created to provide tools for small business owners. From creating a document in word to starting an excel spreadsheet to track mileage or inventory, the 12 hour course is an excellent tool to increase knowledge about Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. 13 Slide 14 Business Plan Basics 14 Slide 15 Evaluations Great Class My business knowledge increase dramatically after class Would like to take other courses about customer service, marketing plan and short term and long term planning Learned how to prevent Identity Theft and creating an e-mail account The course is excellent. I learned how to use a computer 15 Slide 16 Community Impact 16 Slide 17 Challenges 17 Slide 18 Other Results 18 Slide 19 New Directions 19 Slide 20 Reaping More Community Rewards 20 Slide 21 Contact Information MeMe Smith Schuyler Public Library 1123 A Street Schuyler, NE 68661-1929 402-352-2221 Fax 402-352-5377 Juan Sandoval Latino Business Center Director- Northeast Region at REAP 902 N Victory Rd, Norfolk, NE 68701 402-371-7786 mobile 402-371-7786 fax 21