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The most important wine industry event in Poland. During last year’s fair Krakow hosted 173 producers, distributors and importers of wine from all over the world e.g. Austria, Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa,Spain and New Zealand.The last edition of the Fair was visited by almost 12, 000 professionals from the catering and winemaking industries.




    13th International Wine Trade Fair in Krakow

    The mostimportant

    wine industryevent in Poland



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    It is important that the ENOEXPO

    trade fair is continuallydeveloping. I can see this clearly

    when I compare this years editionto the previous one. I like your orga-nization and the fact that everything

    is always prepared down to the last detail.

    Beata Anna Zdyb, Vetrina Woska,


    The Polish wine market is growing rapidly as Poles are increasingly curiousabout new tastes. In fact 45% of Poles have declared that they drink wine, with a little over 3 litres a head consumed every year. This is much less than is drunk

    in the western European countries, where the equivalent figure is 25-40 litres.Poland therefore is a huge potential market but it still remains one of the Euro-pean countries with low wine consumption per capita. With 38 million resi-dents it is however an important partner for wine producers and distributors.Today Krakow is the only meeting place for the sector, with its ENOEXPOInternational Wine Trade Fair.

    Traditionally, this trade fair is organised alongside the HORECA 23rd Interna-tional Trade Fair of Hotel and Catering Equipment and the GASTROFOOD14th Food and Drinks for Catering Trade Fair. ENOEXPO provides a great

    opportunity to tease the taste buds of Polish consumers and find a distri-butor for your wine on the dynamically developing Polish market.

    We are happy to be here. We have exhibited with wines

    from Romania. We have managed to establish a lot of profitable contracts

    and we intend to come back to Poland. This is an excellent opportunity to reach

    restaurant and hotel owners.Our drinks are,after all, of the highest quality. An event such as ENOEXPO provides an opportunity for

    us to develop a distribution network for our wines across different countries.

    Daniel Zottu, Romanian Association

    of Sommeliers, Romania

  • ENOEXPO, Polands only professional wine-related event, raises its internationalprofile year on year. During last years fair Krakow hosted 173 producers, distribu-

    tors and importers of wine from all over the world e.g. Austria, Armenia, Bulgaria,Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia,South Africa,Spain and New Zealand.The last edition of the Fair was visited by almost

    12, 000 professionals from the catering and winemaking industries.

    Every year, celebrities of world winemaking visit the International WineTrade Fair ENOEXPO, such as the most famous of them, Michel

    Rolland with Jair Agopian, the famous British winemaker PatriciaAtkinson and Professor Philippo Pszczkowski-Tomaszewski, the leading figure in Chilean winemaking who is of Polish origin.In 2014, Victor Schoenfeld was the special guest of the ENOEXPO trade fair. Mr Schoenfeld is the chief wine-maker of the Golan Heights Winery and a co-creator of the global success of Israeli wines.

    This is an important event to me and I am happy with

    its regionalism, with the increasing numberof foreign exhibitors,especially

    from Eastern and Central Europe. This means that we can gradually

    build a portfolio of our own.

    Pawe Woniak, Krakow Slow Wines s.c.

    ENOEXPO is an excellent and very

    promising event.Your countryhas an enormous potential todevelop wine drinking culture,

    which is being promoted here, at the fair.

    Victor Schoenfeld, Golan Heights Winery

    International fame


  • As we are one of the most experienced players on the marketwe are able to guarantee the excellent, comprehensive pro-

    motion of your event among hotel and catering industryprofessionals. We work together with the most disting-

    uished journals and internet services, and also withvarious associations and organizations from Poland,

    Slovakia and Ukraine. Our advertising campaign issupported by intensive work, directly targeting thespecific groups of potential HoReCa clients.Most importantly, we distribute over 20,000invitations, sent by traditional post and innewsletter format to clients from our owndatabase.

    Excellent Promotion

    ENOEXPOis an event which is

    developing all the time.There are more and more people who

    are interested specifically in wine,which brings us more contracts, including those with restaurants,

    with which we are building long-term relations.

    Magdalena Kumierz, The Fine Food Group

    We participate in various international

    trade fairs, and Poland is definitely a prospective market for us. Weve

    come here because ENOEXPO pro-vides an excellent opportunity to finddistributors for our wine. We can also

    present the best wines we have.

    Salome Saakadze, Chateau Mukhrani,





    owners of cafes, pubs, bars

    specialist shops

    distribution networks and retail chains

    producers, distributors and importers of wine


    members of wine tasting clubs

    Industry clients visitingthe ENOEXPO:

  • Promotionaloffer

    To enhance the effectsof marketing and stand out

    among the competition, as well as attract potential clients, the organisers

    have also launched a winemaking compe-tition which will accompany ENOEXPO.

    The fact that the competition is held a monthbefore the fair provides for additional adver-tising opportunities well in advance of the event. Winners will be presented with the competition medals during ENOEXPO,

    and the awarded wines will be presented at the fair.


    The aim of this competition is to select the best wines in specific categories, and

    award them with ENOEXPO 2015 TRADEFAIR MEDALS. The competition can be

    entered by producers and importers of wine,independently of whether they exhibit atENOEXPO 2015 or not. Participants can

    enter the wines which are well known and available in Poland, and those that they are planning to introduce

    in the Polish market.

    Reserve a stand and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LOWER PRICES!

    Promotional rates for exhibition space only apply until July 31st, 2015:

    -stands with an area of 6 sq. m with additional equipment have a promotional rate

    from 2210 PLN (circa 550 Euros)

  • EXPO Krakow

    The 13th edition of ENOEXPO will take place at the International Exhibition CentreEXPO Krakow. Targi w Krakowie company is its sole owner and operator. EXPOKrakow is the most advanced and largest venue in the southern Poland. Spaciousand multifunctional Centre, designed according to the largest trends, guarantees the highest level of organised events.This modern complex, with a surface area

    of 13,000 sq. m, comprises two halls of 5,000 and 4,000 sq. m, a number ofair-conditioned, modular seminar rooms of various size, meeting roomsand a large lobby. The halls are open plans, without any dividing walls or supporting poles, which allows for an optimal use of space. A con-

    venient location helps ensure unobstructed access by both public and private vehicles, to be serviced by more

    than 700 parking spaces.

    World class exhibition centre

    advertising in the digital signage system

    advertising poles and flags in front of the EXPO Krakow building

    advertising banners on the fence around the building

    large-format advertising net on the facade of the EXPO Krakow building


    The new forms of advertising at EXPO Krakow duringthe ENOEXPO trade fair:

  • Targi w Krakowie Ltd. is a company which has been active in the trade fair and congress organisation market for almost20 years, being the largest company of its type in the south of Poland and one of the leaders in the Polish market.Some of the most important cyclical events in Poland feature in our calendar such as KRAKDENTInternational Dental Fair, HORECA International Trade Fair ofHotel and Catering Equipment, EUROTOOL Interna-tional Trade Fair of Machine Tools, Tools, Devicesand Equipment for Material Processing,KRAKOWBOOK FAIR, KOMPOZYT-EXPOComposite Technology and Machinesfor the Production of Composite Mate-rials, ENOEXPO International Wine Fair.Targi w Krakowie Ltd. is a member ofthe UFI Global Association of the Ex-hibition Industry, which associatesthe leading organisers of trade fairsand owners of trade show grounds.Membership of the UFI is not onlyvery prestigious but also a guaranteeof the highest quality of event organi-sation.

    Targi w Krakowie -where reliabilitymeets experience

    Krakow is the second biggest city in Poland. It is the administrative centre of theMaopolska Region, as well as a trans-regional scientific, economic and culturalcentre a real magnet not only for entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and people ofcultural distinction, but also tourists. Krakow is visited by over 10 million tourists eachyear, so the largest base of HoReCa sector is located in Krakow. The economic significance of Krakow is strengthened by the demographic capacities ofthe region there are ca. 9 million people living within 100 km radius from the city. This ensuresa strong potential market. Another advantage consists in the fact that 66 percent of the population isat working age. Excellent transport infrastructure A-4 motorway; CORRIDOR III, the main transit route from Western Europeto Ukraine; Krakow Airport Balice, the second largest airport in Poland servicing over 3 million passengers every year, and the nearbyKatowice Airport situated only 60 km away from Krakow.



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