holepatchers @hack4good 0.6 krakow, poland, 2014

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HolePatchers is a project which won Hack4Good 0.6 edition in Krakow, Poland. HolePatcher helps keep roads in our cities smooth. All you need to do is run the app while driving and information about places with holes will be automatically published - our goal is that all drivers and respective services to be informed.


  • 1. present

2. PROBLEMto solve 3. Roads and TransportationAuthority has asked uswhether we have any ideahow to solve it? 4. 48h 5. 1. Application 6. 1. Application2. Technology 7. 1. Application2. Technology3. Visualization 8. 1. Application2. Technology3. Visualization4. CommunityAllows toreport holes evenwhile walking(manualreports) Easy to use,does notrequireregistrationImprovesthe qualityof life!!!Betterinfrastructure,eco-friendly,hole-free cities 9. TeamStaszek Marcin BartekFilip Wadek Ania 10. Statistics1913 lines of code32 slices of pizza42 drank coffees44 hours of sleep233 holes we fell into while testing!


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