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  • Embed A Google SpreadsheetForm data will update dynamically.Eric Cole March, 2009

  • Spreadsheet When you create a Google form a spreadsheet is automatically generated. As data is submitted from the form it will automatically fill the spreadsheet.Spreadsheets, like forms, can be embedded in HTML pages.The Spreadsheets can be set to update dynamically.

  • Select SHARE from the spreadsheet. Then Share with the world. SAVE to exit.

  • From the SHARE menu, select Publish as a web page.

  • Select Publish now.

  • Put a check in the box to automatically re-publish if you want automatic updates. Choose More Publishing Options.Notice you can also Subscribe to the spreadsheet with RSS

  • Drop downFor embed.

  • Choose Get URL then copy the full URL.

  • Paste the URL into the HTML Source Code..

  • The spreadsheet data will update automatically.


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