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  • 1. TURN YOUR GOOGLE SPREADSHEETINTO A CUSTOM APIFull stack PaaS for web APIshttp://apispark.comSeptember 16, 2014

2. PRESENTERENTREPRENEUR AND WEB API EXPERTJrme LOUVEL CEO of Restlet 12 years of experience in software (EU and US) Restlet Framework creator (2005) JAX-RS 1.0 expert in JCP (JSR-311) Contributor to RESTful Web Services (OReilly) Co-author of Restlet in Action (Manning)Contact jlouvel@restlet.com Twitter : @jlouvel Blog : blog.restlet.com 3. AGENDA1) Overview of APISpark (3)2) Demo of the Google Spreadsheet wrapper (27) Sign in to APISpark Prepare the Google Spreadsheet Create the Data Store wrapper Export the Custom Web API3) Questions (5) 4. WEB API PROJECTTYPICAL LIFE CYCLE1) Do It Yourself (DIY)long, technical, expensive but highly flexible2) Platform as a Service (PaaS)integrated, fast, cost effective 5. APISPARK CLOUD PLATFORMAVAILABLE IN PUBLIC BETA Web IDEUse, develop and manage your APIs HostingRun your APIs and their backends CatalogReference & Promote your APIsWed love to hear what you think! Email us at support@apispark.com to share your feedback. 6. REEXPOSING A SPREADSHEETHTTP HTTPCustomAPIEntityStoreGoogleSpreadsheet 7. GOOGLE SPREADSHEET WRAPPERFEATURES Work in both read and write modes your data always stays in sync Your data can be updated directly in the Google Spreadsheet via the Custom Web API Additional security layer your main Google password isnt exposed you control who has access to the custom API 8. WHERE IS SPARKY COMPETITIONSparky is flying to API Strat in Chicago and is sending some pictures along the way.Every week, participate in our new #WhereisSparky challenge.How to play Retrieve photo of the week from the Sparky API Find Sparky Retrieve words list Compose sentence describing where Sparky is located Submit a POST request with your answerThis weeks prize Custom Big Jambox speakersWorth $299More info http://pages.restlet.com/whereissparky 9. SOCIAL LOGIN 10. YOUR DASHBOARD 11. 1. ENTITY STORE CREATION 12. ENABLE 2-STEPS AUTHENTICATION !ON YOURGOOGLE ACCOUNT 13. 2. TEST YOUR GOOGLE CREDENTIALS 14. 3. SPREADSHEET - WORDS 15. 3. SPREADSHEET - ANSWERS 16. 3. SPREADSHEET - RESULTS 17. 3. SPREADSHEET - CORRECTION 18. MAPPING TABLEGoogle Docs APISparkSpread sheet Entity StoreWork sheet * Entity *Column * Entity property *First row Entity property namesNext rows Entity instances 19. 4. IMPORT A SPREADSHEET 20. 5. ADD ENTITIES 21. 6. ENTITY STORE 22. 7. FILE STORE 23. 8. API 24. 8. API 25. 8. API 26. 9. DEPLOY AND CONSUME 27. SUMMARY3 mins recap videoLike this feature?Give it a go with our simple tutorial: APISpark.com > Docs > Tutorials 28. KEEP IN TOUCH!Leading web API platformhttp://restlet.comhttp://blog.restlet.comTwitter: @jlouveljlouvel@restlet.com


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