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GOOGLE FORMS: Merging your google spreadsheet into a word document

GOOGLE FORMS: Merging your google spreadsheet into a word document.

Go to your gmail account and open your documents.

Click on the Form that you wanthopefully you have titled it in a way that you know which one you want.

The Form will open in a spreadsheet. This time there will be responses in it.

Click on File, Download as, Excel. You will be either open or save the file. Choose open in excel.

Once you have opened it in Excel, you will see your information in an Excel Spreadsheet.

If there is any of the items in the cells that have ######### or some other symbol blocking what should be there, double click on the line that separates that cell from the other cells and the information in the cell should then be legible.

Use Save as to a folder or location of your choosing.

Now you need to open a new word document.

Click on the tools tab, letters and mailings, mail merge.

Look at the sidebar to the right of the word document for instructions.

You are working on Letters

At the bottom of the right hand page are Steps 1-6.

Click next which will be Step 2.

Click on Use the current document. .upper right hand of page.

Click on next (select recipients) which will bring you to Step 3.

Click on browse about mid-way down on the right hand page.

Find the Excel sheet you saved and click Open

After the Excel sheet opens, click on the sheet you want and click OK

The next page will be Mail Merge Recipients. Select all, then click OK.

This will bring you to Step 4 of 6.

Click on More Items mid right hand page.

This will bring up an Insert Merge Field Dialog Block.

Click on NAME, then insert, then close. This will insert the word NAME in to your word document.

Hit enter to move your cursor to the next line.

Repeat this for all the field dialogs that you want in your word document.

Then Click Next: Preview your letters.

Then click Edit individual letters

A Merge to New Document Dialog box will appear.

Click on All, then OK

This will allow you to see all your documents without printing.

Each students document will be on its own page.



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