editing the front cover of my school based magazine

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Editing the front cover of my School Based Magazine Done by Eman Shah

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  1. 1. Editing the front cover of mySchool Based MagazineDone by Eman Shah
  2. 2. This is the front cover of myschool based magazine that Ihave made using Photoshop. Iwill now start to edit the frontcover, using some editingtechniques that I have learntusing on Photoshop.
  3. 3. As you can see here I haveclicked on Image which hasthen brought me to a dropdown menu where I cannow edit the photograph.
  4. 4. I have edited thebrightness and thecontrast of thephotograph. I turnedup the brightness andthe contrast becausewhen I took thephotograph theexposure seemedinaccurate and this canresult my photographbeing too dark or toolight.
  5. 5. I changed the vibrance on thephotograph because I wantedto adjust the saturation. I alsodid this because I wanted tomake sure that the girls skindoes not become oversaturated, as this cold affect thewhole photograph from beingdark.
  7. 7. This is the masthead of the front coverthat I have created. I chose to call themagazine SALTS ALERT because whenthe reader looks at it, it willautomatically make them think what isyet to come from the school. The outline of the masthead is a pink colour, Ichose to do this because it matches theschool lanyards.The website and the dateline isknown as the small print. I have putthe website there to make the readeraware of the Salts website, withoutthem actually having to read themagazine. The dateline is there toinform the reader what issue of themagazine it is.This is the slogan at the bottom. The slogan is in black and is bold which stands out. Theslogan is short which makes it unique and easy to remember, which also means it will lurethe audience to get their attention and allow them to remember the slogan for a longtime.The main image of themagazine are two sixthform girls. They aredressed smart and arewearing their lanyardswhich show they arestudents from theschool. Their gesturecode draws attention inwhich they are directlydoing their worktogether showing afriendly environment.This will entice theaudience and drawthem in.This is the main cover lineof the magazine whichsays Feel pride in YOURRESULTS. This cover lineuses direct mode ofaddress to grab theaudience and make themfeel as if the cover line istalking to thempersonally. This createsan enigma for the readerand encourages them toread the magazine.These are called the cover lines or the taglines which represent the main text on thecover they advertise the articles withinthe magazine to entice the reader. Thecover lines on this cover use interpellationto lure the audience and show them whatis to come.