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Editing of front page image

After Looking through the photos I had taken, I had decided this would be the portrait I would use on the front cover of my magazine. This is as it is of the best quality, has good framing and effectively uses blocking with the guitar over the face. However this photo was not perfect and needed to be adjusted.

Adjusting Ear Colour

The first problem was that from the use of backlighting it had made the subjects ears appear unnaturally orange/red(over exposed). To solve this I brought down the saturation and lightness of the affected area after selecting it with the magnetic lasso tool.

Cutting Out Subject

Next I began to remove the blue background that the image was shot against. I used a combination of the magic wand ,magnetic lasso and polygonal lasso tools. I selected the appropriate blue sections and deleted them leaving an opaque background that is very useful to work with

Creating Background

I then took the original un-edited image to be used to create a grey background. I didnt feel that the original blue background would be suitable. Firstly I put the image into black and white. I then turned down the brightness, saturation and lightness. Then I brought up the contrast a little bit.

Applying Subject to Background

I then pasted the cut out version into a new layer on top of the grey background to create the final look. I also blended the two image together using the eraser tool set to a low flow and opacity. I feel that this new image is much more suitable for the front cover of a music magazine after these adjustments