editing the front cover of my school based

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Editing the front cover of my School Based Magazine Done by Eman Shah

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Editing the front cover of my School Based Magazine

Editing the front cover of my School Based MagazineDone by Eman Shah

This is the front cover of my school based magazine that I have made using Photoshop. I will now start to edit the front cover, using some editing techniques that I have learnt using on Photoshop.

As you can see here I have clicked on Image which has then brought me to a drop down menu where I can now edit the photograph.

I have edited the brightness and the contrast of the photograph. I turned up the brightness and the contrast because when I took the photograph the exposure seemed inaccurate and this can result my photograph being too dark or too light.

I changed the vibrance on the photograph because I wanted to adjust the saturation. I also did this because I wanted to make sure that the girls skin does not become over saturated, as this cold affect the whole photograph from being dark.



This is the masthead of the front cover that I have created. I chose to call the magazine SALTS ALERT because when the reader looks at it, it will automatically make them think what is yet to come from the school. The out line of the masthead is a pink colour, I chose to do this because it matches the school lanyards. The website and the dateline is known as the small print. I have put the website there to make the reader aware of the Salts website, without them actually having to read the magazine. The dateline is there to inform the reader what issue of the magazine it is. This is the slogan at the bottom. The slogan is in black and is bold which stands out. The slogan is short which makes it unique and easy to remember, which also means it will lure the audience to get their attention and allow them to remember the slogan for a long time. The main image of the magazine are two sixth form girls. They are dressed smart and are wearing their lanyards which show they are students from the school. Their gesture code draws attention in which they are directly doing their work together showing a friendly environment. This will entice the audience and draw them in.