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1. Urbis (Used image) This image wasnt my own but I edited it to add my own slight touch to it. First of all I cropped the image as it had a black outline around it and I didnt like it so I got rid of it. Then I selected the sky to enhance it as it was dull and I wanted it to be brighter. I used the selection tool and tried my hardest to get it a precise as possible! I slightly turned the offset down and turned the Gamma Correction up as this enhanced the darker parts of the sky. I then turned the Vibrance to 100% and turned the saturation up to make the colour more brighter but when the saturation gets too high it can really ruin a picture and make it not look professional. So I kept it to a minimum to get it to look great. It made the sky look more blue and thats what I wanted. Before After 2. Media City (own image) This was the picture with most of the improvements on. It was originally a panorama shot so I cropped it so it was a nice shape and showed exactly what I wanted it to. I then put a fake sky in as the sky was horrendously angry and mad the picture look so drab and horrible. I put the sky into the project with the original image turned the opacity down of it so I could see the sky line then ribbed away at the sky that I didnt need. When it was complete I edited the properties so that it wasnt really dark. I wanted it to look more natural so turned it down. I turned the offset quite high in order to get the image to look more natural it made the blue not as bright and vibrant. Slightly adjusted the exposure as well. Before After