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  • 1. Original Images.First draft cover: Final draft cover:This image is a long shot, this gets her whole This image is a mid shot it only captures half ofbody and establishes her location. It is eye level her body and also her face is hidden this createsso we can her whole body clearly.mystery, the shot is also eye level. I have chosen this image as my final one because it show continuity between my film trailer and magazine and poster.

2. Excluding elements.Final Front cover image:The second tool I used was the rubber tool,This is the original image for the final draft The first tool I used to cut out thethis was to make the image look like it had afront cover before it was edited, I plan tobackground was the quick selection tool,clean cut and didnt look messy, this gave itremove the background. this helps cut out big part of the imagesome professionalism. quickly.