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This portfolio contains examples of the print and digital work I did for assignments throughout my degree from 2013-2015. B Arts in Public Communication (Advertising)

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This portfolio contains examplesof the print and digital work I didfor assignments throughout my

degree from 2013-2015.

B Arts in Public Communication(Advertising)

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Creative Brief

Advertising Problem

Google holds majority of the search engine market share.

Advertising Objective

Increase Bing’s market share by persuading consumers to switch from Google to Bing.

Target Audience

Users of Google aged 15-55 who use its services to shop or search online. They like the

convenience of being able to shop and search from home, and may have a busy lifestyle.

They use the internet regularly, are familiar with its services, and may access it from more

than one device. This could include business people, stay at home mums, or students.


Bing is the honest search engine.

Key insight

Majority of consumers are unaware that some search engine results are paid ads.


Get real search results – without the ads.


Bing’s search engine is free of paid advertisements, giving users access to honest search

results when they shop or search online. Unlike Google, results are not ranked by bid price,

and thus search results are not distorted and consumers are able to access what they are

really looking for.

Execution: personality and tone

Bing is the new, honest search engine that cares about its users. It should have a friendly

image with emphasis on its youth – Bing is young and modern, it’s the latest search engine.

Obvious branding, such as a logo, should be highly visible to increase consumers’

awareness of the brand and make Bing ads easily distinguishable against other


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Our search results aren’t.


When you shop online it is more than likely that the top five results from your search are ads. Didn’t notice? That’s because these ads are designed to look just like real search results but they’re not. These ads are paid for by companies who want their products to be seen the most. The more they pay the higher on the search results they are. Not only is this practice unethical and sneaky, it also limits choice as only ads for products with the highest price are shown. Bing’s search results are completely ad free. Our shopping results are determined by which products are most relevant to your search—not on which advertisers paid the most to have their products listed. Now you can find what you’re really looking for.

100% search results. 0% ads.

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Creative Brief

Advertising Problem

eHarmony is seen as a serious dating site used by older people.

Advertising Objective

Reinvigorate eHarmony’s current image so that it appeals to a younger target audience.

Target Audience

Heterosexual males and females aged 25-30. They are singles, not looking for an

immediate serious relationship that could lead to marriage; more interested in the

excitement of going on dates and the process of getting to know someone. Enjoy social

activities like going to the pub for drinks, or attending music events.


eHarmony will find you better matches, for better dates.

Key insight

Unlike other dating sites, eHarmony does not have a search engine for their clients.


eHarmony matches are an exclusive list tailor-made for you.


eHarmony’s key point of differentiation to other dating sites is that is does not have a

search engine for its client database. Instead, eHarmony uses its algorithm to find the best

matches for their clients. This means that the client will receive an exclusive list of matches,

tailor-made for them. Not having search engine is a benefit as it saves clients from the

daunting, and often difficult, process of searching through hundreds of profiles. It also

means that clients are automatically matched with other singles that they are likely highly

compatible with.

Execution: personality and tone

In trying to appeal to a younger audience, eHarmony should have a friendly and relatable

personality; it can be used by everyone. eHarmony is your virtual wingman; it’s the best

friend that is looking out for you, and trying to find you the best potential dates. eHarmony

understands the excitement, nervousness, and awkwardness that can come with dating.

With this in mind, the tone of all media advertisements should be witty and fun.

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Creative Brief: Legacy

Advertising objective

To increase the number of young people who donate to the charity Legacy.

Target Audience

Young university students aged between 18-25 years old. They live with their parents to

save money, work part time to help cover university costs and save money for travelling

overseas during the holidays. The enjoy going out and socialising: having drinks at the bar,

going to music events, and shopping. Whilst they sympathise with the causes that charities

support, they do not actively seek out charities to donate to unless; 1) the cause the charity

is supporting has directly affected their lives, or 2) it is seen as socially cool or trendy to

donate to that specific charity.

Key Insight

Young people do not actively seek out charities to donate to.


Help repair the families broken by war.


By donating to Legacy, consumers are directly helping provide the services needed to help

those families who have been affected by war, whether it is a serviceman who was maimed

or a family who lost a father. These services will help the family overcome the difficult

obstacles they face, so that they may continue on with their lives.

Desired Consumer Response

We want consumers to feel happy because they are contributing positively to the world by

being generous and helping those in need. We want them to connect with Legacy in a way

that makes them realise it is an important and worthwhile cause to help their fellow

Australian families.

Brand Personality

We want Legacy to be seen as the caregiver; it is there for families in their time of need and

stays with them all throughout their lives. Legacy is like a second family.

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Your Legacy is what you

leave behind. Sadly, for

many fallen Australian

soldiers like David this

includes his family.

These families are young,

left behind, and struggle to

deal with their devastating

loss. They need support to

get through one of the

most difficult periods of

their lives – the loss of a

loved one.

This can be extremely dif-

ficult on their own. Thank-

fully, Legacy is there to

support them and ensure

that these families are

looked after.

Financial Hardship

Many of these families

experience financial hard-

ship, now relying on a sin-

gle parent to support the

entire family. Legacy pro-

vides assistance by provid-

ing financial aid to help

ease the cost and burden of

raising a family on a single


We also provide families

with domestic assistance,

employment preparation,

transport, home mainte-

nance, and childcare. The

services help make it eas-

ier for families adjust.


Legacy supports the edu-

cation of the young chil-

dren in these families. We

give grants, scholarships,

and mentorships. This en-

sures that the childrens’

education is not hindered.

Give them to opportunity

to reach their career goals.

Tutor programs for both

adults and children

Children’s development

One of the most important

things is that these chil-

dren enjoy their childhood.

Kids should grow up hav-

ing fun. Therefore, Legacy

helps provide a number of

adventure activities such

rock climbing, laser tag,

and canoeing. We yearly

holiday camps to make the

children feel special.

They also meet other kids

who have lost a family

member. Create bonds

with Legacy.

Donate now

Legacy is a charity that

strives to protect fallen

Australian soldiers’ Leg-

acy – their families. In

every way possible, we try

to help heal these families.

These services are given to

these families for a life-

time. Our government

funding is no where near

enough to achieve all this

and we rely heavily on

donations from the public.

Support your Aussie sol-

diers and families – please

donate now.

David met Sarah when he was 20. They fell in love and got

married when he was 21. When he turned 22, Sarah gave

birth to a beautiful baby girl they named Leah. David never

got to 24...


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Creative Brief: Barnardos Australia

Advertising Problem

Barnardos Australia’s domestic violence services are not well known throughout the community in


Advertising Objective

To increase the Auburn community’s awareness about Barnardos Australia’s domestic violence

services so that women who need help know where to seek it.

Target Audience

Women of all ages who are either in a relationship or part of a family where domestic violence is an

issue. It is likely that they come from a cultural background where the man is seen as the head of the

family and therefore they are hesitant to seek help. They do not discuss the issue with family or

friends as it is seen as shameful. Some may want to get help but due to the sensitive nature of the

issue are unsure of where to go as they do not want friends or family to be involved.


Barnardos Australia have all the services needed to support victims of domestic violence.

Key insight

Domestic violence is a sensitive issue so victims do not want to publicly seek help.


We are here for you.


Barnardos Australia’s Auburn Centre provides a number of services to victims of domestic violence

to support them and their families, including: temporary and permanent housing, legal advice,

childcare, job search, language classes, therapy etc.

Execution: personality and tone

The advertisements will be displayed on the back of cubicle doors in womens bathrooms. As these

posters will only be seen my women, and in a private place with no onlookers, it is permissible for

the tone to be more confronting to encourage victims to seek the help they need. It is also discrete

way for women to seek help without the knowledge of their abusers.

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