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    eagles view | april 25, 2013

    volume 3 | issue 7

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    Our mission for the 2012-2013 school year is to create a quality magazine that informs our readers as well as provide a professional journalism experience for all members involved. The Eagles View is a public forum of student expression.

    food & life


    [04]CUPCAKE CRITIQUERachael explores the best and worst of cupcakes.

    student life[06] A PICTURE TELLS 1,000 WORDSA look into the new social media fad, photo apps.[07] NOT YOUR AVERAGE HOUSE PET

    a&e[08] KANSAS CITY MUSICA guide to KCs music fesvials.[09] TOP NEXTLIX PICKS

    opinion[18] AP/DUAL CREDIT

    Hear more from the minds of EVs sassy duo.

    [19] STAFF EDA battle between two challenging courses.

    EICS COLUMNSThe staff s view on the school changes next year.


    BUMMING ITMaster the art of dressing classy yet comfortable.

    spotlightLUCY ASCENSCIO

    A look into the life of senior Lucy.

    PERFECT PASTELSLearn how to include pastels in your spring wardrobe.





    Become familiar with candy sushi.

    See what unusual pets some Northies have.

    05 06

    Say that one five-times fast.


    Check out the details on next years big school changes.[12]

  • editors-in-chiefSavana MorrisonKelsea Graham

    online editorShelby Grego

    ads managerMark Oyler

    adviserJennifer Higgins

    Joe Perez

    Cortney Snyder

    Rachael Wigand

    Katelynn Downeyphotographers

    Joe PerezDavid Roelofsz

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    sports[22] GIRLS SOCCERCheck out the girls soccer season so far.[23] KC BASEBALLA winning season for the Royals? Impossible.

    on the cover>>Eagles View gets a look at the Blueprint for the next buidling phase of Liberty North, among the many changes happening following the next school year.

    12 07

  • thecupcaketestWritten by: Rachael Wigand | Photos by: Joe Perez

    This red velvet cupcake was everything that a cupcake should be. It was moist, the frosting complimented it perfectly, and it was just fun to eat. Considering the fact that red velvet is my favorite, Im probably a little biased, but I definitely recommend getting this cupcake. My Rating: 4

    While the decorations were adorable, the cupcake itself didnt do it for me. The peanut butter was overpowering and made the whole cupcake taste dry. It was probably my least favorite of the bunch. My Rating: 2

    This cupcake was one of the more dry ones, and the frosting was overwhelming. There were globs of it everywhere and it was too much for the cupcake itself.My Rating: 3

    This cupcake was really moist and the frosting was amazing. The sprinkles were a cute touch, and there wasnt too much frosting, like some cupcakes seem to have. My Rating: 4

    I hate raspberry. But this cupcake definitely changed any opinion after I had one bite. It was perfectly rich, and the raspberry was balanced with the chocolate so that neither flavor was overpowering. My Rating: 5

    Chocolate Raspberry

    Red Velvet

    Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate

    Vanilla Cream Cheese

    Chocolate Vanilla

    food & life>>

    eagles view | page 4

    Cupcakes generously donated by 3 Girls Cupcakes

  • Hostess Sushi, now a sacred delight due to the closing Hostess, is a soft cake that depicts the physical appearance of sushi. Through the process of wrapping Fruit Roll-Up snacks around Twinkies, in which dried fruit and fruit snacks are stuffed into the creamy filling, the meal may be consumed.

    Oreo Mint Cocoa sounds to be the most bearable treat of all the treats provided. It has simplicity of ingredients that make it easier to make at home. With some Oreo Cookies, milk, chocolate syrup, and peppermint extract, you can create a delicious warm beverage that beats the traditional chocolate milk or hot cocoa. Bon appetite.

    The Big Stupid Smore is a Little Debbie marsh that truly packs as many calories as possible in a single bite. Chocolate chip cookie dough, Little Debbie Marshmallow Supremes, traditional marshmallows, many chocolate bars, and chocolate sauce is all combined to create this giant, mouth savoring, smore which appears as a volcanic chocolate heaven.

    Written by Joseph Perez | Photos by Joseph Perez


    eagles view | page 5

    food & life >>

    live,laugh &Get a chuckle out of the foods you eat with these strange recipes

    oreo mint cocoa

    candy sushi

    Check out healthy alternatives for cookies, cakes and more!

    SCANHEREhttps://www.ealgesviewonline.comOr go to:


    turning the tastes

    big stupid smore

  • >> student life

    eagles view | page 6

    We all have Facebook, and have sent texts messages before. Now there is a newer, easier, and faster way to communicate with friends. Instagram has made a run for the crown in the social media world, taking the place of Facebook. I like Instagram because it is pictures and you can puts words with it too. Its cool because you can follow anyone you want like, celebrities and your friends and you can see what people are up to, sophomore Alayna Powell said. Instagram has streamlined what Facebook set out to do. The easier to use and picture based software has grabbed the attention of most high schoolers, and celebrities, allowing everybody to keep in touch. There are, like most social medias, things that people dislike about it. It annoys me when you see the same people constantly posting pictures. I feel like they are spending way too much time on Instagram, senior Josh Koch said.

    Instagram holds the same faults as Facebook does with the like button. It seems that some people spend to much time posting pictures on Instagram. There is another social media sensation sweeping the nation, Snapchat. Thanks to Snapchat, texting is not the only way to communicate with someone. I Snapchat about every day. I like it because its funny and goofy. Its kind of like texting but with pictures, which I like a lot better, senior Hallie Sallee said Snapchat is not just about sending a quick message. It is a safe way to send goofy or embarrassing pictures to people, and not worry about others seeing them. I also like to spend really bad pictures to people because they can only see them for a certain amount of seconds, sophomore Kaitlin Engel said. Snapchat is a fun way to keep in touch during the day. Instagram is an easy way to document your day. Both of these social medias are catching on quickly, and people just cannot stop taking pictures.


    Written by Alex Kampman

    fixget your picturePicture apps have taken over social media

    picture app users60%


    not users

    Snapchat vs. Instagram

    48%Snapchat 52%Instagram

    Instagram users postone timetwo timesthree timesfour times



    r wee


    25 members of the Eagles View staff were surveyed about their usage of picture applications




  • student life
  • a&e>>

    eagles view | page 8

    the festivities havecommenced

    Art and music bringing people together, streets packed with various artists working on displays, or a packed outdoor theatre filled with screaming fans going from stage to stage. Art and Music captivates a large audience from the Liberty area year round. Theres an art show down at Zona Rosa, and any artist can come and display their work, junior Ariel Kuznia said. The Zona Rosa Arts Festival is an art show that occurs on September 13 through the 15 this year and it features national and regional artists displaying their work for the public eye. The Zona Rosa Arts Festival is an annual event but there are art shows that occur monthly such as First Fridays down in Westport. Down in Westport theres something called First Fridays and its where all the artists gather and they can bring music or bring art and its a very fun environment, sophomore Isabelle Brown said. On the first Friday of each month, the Crossroads Community of Kansas City opens the doors of its galleries, studios, and restaurants to showcase artists from around the area and all over the nation. On the music side of entertainment, every year there is a large outdoor concert in Bonner Springs called Warped Tour, which hosts bands from all over who are there to entertain thousands of screaming, moshing fans. I like concerts like Warped Tour because its a fun experience unlike other concerts because you move around and get to meet the band members and hang out all day with people that like the same stuff as you. The best part is the crowds, mosh pits, and crowd surfing, junior Caroline Reeder said. Other local events that students may want to check out are Liberty Arts Squared, which is an art show that happens annually down on the square featuring many local artists. This year the dates are May 31 from 4pm-9pm and June 1 from 9am-6pm. Also, Liberty North has its own art show featuring the work of the many a